LEVOIT Air Purifier Review

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We had been looking for an air filter to help out with our youngest son's extensive environmental allergies. But how do you tell if a filter is really working? Is it going to be that dramatic a difference in his allergies? Or is a better day just a better day because of the outside pollen count?
As it turns out, it wasn't my son who helped me realize what all this awesome little unit was doing - it was my dog!

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Let me explain

We received the Levoit air purifier and actually set it up at my grandmother's house - she is 98 and has asthma, so we thought we would try it out there and see if she noticed a difference since she is there all day.
There wasn't any assembly - just take it out and plug it in. We stationed it just behind her recliner. We flipped it on and sat and watched. It does make noise...but it's a consistent noise and becomes just part of the background - honestly she doesn't hear very well so it wasn't an issue for her and for the rest of us that visit her regularly weren't bothered by it either, but if you are sensitive to noise, even white noise, you should be aware. It is by no means noisy or distracting. We also noticed that slight ozone smell when we first turned it on, but that smell was gone within a few hours.

Where does the dog come in you ask? A few days later, we were back for a visit and I brought our cockapoo puppy.
This dog has the best sense of smell of any dog I've ever owned - she knows when I buy a new eye shadow because of the "new smell" I have about me and insists on smelling my eyes to acquaint herself with it. She started to run down the hall to see my grandmother and stopped dead in her tracks... she could hear the TV in the room at the end of the hall, but she wouldn't step foot into the hallway. She stood up on her back feet and sniffed for the longest time... just sniffed the air. We couldn't figure out what she was doing until she heard the noise of my grandma setting down a glass in her room...and she barked. It finally occurred to us that she knew someone was down there, but it was not my grandmother because she couldn't smell her!
My granny isn't stinky...don't get me wrong....but it didn't smell like her. She totally checked her out from head to toe when we took her in the room, and low and behold, granny was there. But she couldn't smell her from down the hall!

This is how I decided this air purifier was coming home with us! Well, it ended up not coming home with us in the end, because my grandmother loved the lovely side effect of cool air from the unit during our hot dry summer! We'll see how she does when the temps start to drop.

The Gist

If you are looking for meticulous data on what it can remove from the air, I can't help you there - I'm sure that you can get all of that information from their site , but I'm a firm believer that if it can remove the smell of a grandma from the air, then imagine what all else it is removing! We'll be purchasing one for our house soon!

household6diva awards the LEVOIT Air Purifier 6 (out of 6).

Last Updated on 1/9/2020

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