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ContraGel Green Contraceptive Gel 60ml

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ContraGel Green Contraceptive Gel 60ml

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Height: 1.2 Inches

Length: 6.4 Inches

Width: 1.4 Inches

  • Contragel is a sperm barrier that does the same job as a spermicide without the harmful side effects!
  • Contragel Green contains no synthetic or artificial ingredients and is completely chemical free!
  • ContraGel is the safe, effective and healthy contraceptive gel* for use with diaphragms, condoms and cervical caps. It is a vegan alternative to spermicide, in a large 60ml tube. It is the ideal gel for your body plus your diaphragm or cervical cap - natural and safe. Contragel Green is even compatible with YES Organic lubricants and French Letter vegan condoms.
  • ContraGel Green Contraceptive Gel 60ml

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