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Extra Long 28" Microwaveable Neck Pain Relief Heat Wrap, Clay Bead Stress Relief Heating Pad for Neck and Shoulders | Reusable Heating Pad for Headache Relief | Warm Compress Hot Pad Migraine Relief

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Extra Long 28

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Weight: 2.20462262 Pounds

  • 100% PEACE OF MIND REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE to last long, soothe, and satisfy. If your heat pack fails to perform as expected, we will replace your heat pad for free.
  • DESIGNED AND CREATED BY A PRACTICING U.S. MEDICAL DOCTOR with 38 years experience treating patients with stress, muscle aches, cramps, stiffness and pains of all types. You can feel confident using Dr. Jeff's hands free neck heating pad for cramps and pain to treat all your soreness, whether from stress, overexertion, arthritis, or surgery. Use your microwavable heating pad as a back heating pad and weighted heating pad or menstrual heating pad.
  • FLEXIBLE WITH NO LEAKY MESS. Unlike gel packs, this spa quality neck warmer easily molds and forms to all joints and body parts. Dr. Jeff's Clay Beads Neck Wrap is the longest plush neck heater you can buy. It is long enough to warm and treat lumbar pain, abdominal cramps, sciatica, pinched nerve pain and more. The outer sleeve of the neck soother is comfy and removable for easy washing, reusable and built to last. If you want moist heat therapy, you can dampen the plush cover after heating.
  • HYPOALLERGENIC UNSCENTED NATURAL CLAY BEADS WON'T MOLD OR MILDEW like a rice bag or other neck warmers with flax, wheat, buckwheat hulls, herbs, beans, cherry pits or other grains. If you're allergic, this heated neck pad has no fragrance. It is perfect if you do not want your neck pain relief products to have perfumes or aroma. If you do want aromatherapy from your thermal neck wraps, add a few drops of your favorite herbal oil, such as lavender, to the plush cover after warming it.
  • FEEL BETTER FAST with your Microwaveable Reusable Flexible Hot, Moist and Cooling Neck Pillow for Sore Muscles, Cramps, Aches and Pain. Over 2 pounds of clay beads with 27 inches of soft plush can be warmed or cooled for fast relief of neck relief, muscle pain relief, tension, migraines, menstrual pain, and stress. Some people enjoy using these weighted wraps as neck pillows while traveling, while others relax at home in bed after a tough day using the weighted warmth as a stress relief remedy.

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