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FridaBaby Mom Perineal Comfort Donut Cushion

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FridaBaby Mom Perineal Comfort Donut Cushion

Current price: 39.99 USD

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Height: 8.75 Inches

Length: 3.75 Inches

Width: 6 Inches

  • COMPACT PORTABLE Design discreetly goes wherever you go one less pain in the butt
  • TWIST FOLD GO Pillow auto inflates in 30 seconds no batteries or blowing required
  • PRO TIP: When using for the first time, your new cushion might need some extra air. Just blow into the valve to fill it all the way
  • INCLUDES 1 Cushion 1 Reusable Cold Pack 1 Machinewashable Cover
  • TWO SIDED Donut side to relieve pressure cold therapy side to reduce pain and swelling
  • VERY COOL Reusable contoured cold pack to cool sore perineal areas
  • DONUT WORRY Open donut space reduces pressure while sitting

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