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D-Line TV Cord Cover Black, 39" One-Piece Half Round Cable Raceway, Desk Cable Management Solution, Decorative Cable Concealer - 2" (W) x 1" (H) x 39" Length

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D-Line TV Cord Cover Black, 39

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Height: 0.9842519675 Inches

Length: 39.3700787 Inches

Width: 1.968503935 Inches

Weight: 0.5 Pounds

  • Each pack includes: 1x D-Line 2" (W) x 1" (H) x 39" Half Round Black Cord Hider Length. Single piece 39" raceway lengths avoid the need for bulky connectors to join multiple lengths, ensuring a neat appearance is always maintained!
  • To cover cords around a variety of popular angles, compatible D-Line wire cover accessory multipacks are also available. Design of D-Line Clip-Over bends & tees forgives any imprecise cuts or measurements, while Smooth-Fit connectors & end caps internal shoulders fit securely under lengths, leaving a smooth-flush finish. One-piece design of D-Line half round cable raceway, avoids need to cut lid & base separately.
  • D-Line Black TV Cord Covers are popular for hiding wires on dark surfaces or to hide cords coming from wall mounted TVs, with the black cord hider blending with black TVs, alternatively color contrasts can create a striking visual feature!
  • All D-Line cord organizer solutions have been designed easy-to-install, no prior DIY or electrical know-how is required to install. D-Line Raceway is produced from high grade pvc, cable hider lengths can be easily cut to size (if required). Each D-Line cord cover length is supplied with strong self-adhesive backing, simply peel and stick D-Line cable raceway to a smooth clean surface, open hinged lid & snap shut utilizing patented click-lock lid.
  • D-Line Black Cable Raceway 2" (W) x 1" (H), half round cord cover blends with décor, providing a neat solution to hide cords on walls. Popular wire hiders for TV on wall, with the larger D-Line Cord Cover providing capacity to hide multiple AV cables, one-piece design with hinged lid gives easy cable access... great when appliances are upgraded. Can also be used as a desk cable organizer, managing cords around computer workstations, with shock absorbing hinge being gentle on impact.

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