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Rock Band 4 USB Microphone

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Rock Band 4 USB Microphone

Current price: 26.44 USD

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Height: 2.52 Inches

Length: 11.73 Inches

Width: 4.09 Inches

  • Extra-Long USB Cable: Measuring 15 feet (4.6 meters), a lengthy cord gives you plenty of space to move around and pump up the audience
  • Creates Vocal Harmonies: Great as a secondary mic to add another vocalist to your band
  • Detects Loud and Quiet Singers: From shouts to whispers, the mic's wide dynamic range hears all types of singing during your Rock Band set
  • Accurate Voice Reproduction: Ignite the crowd with this Rock Band 4 microphone boasting a high Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) that faithfully reproduces the sound of your voice
  • Distortion-Free Vocals: Upgraded frequency response helps ensure your voice is heard with utmost clarity while singing in Rock Band 4

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