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Eisen Aain 2 Pack Transport Chain with 3/8" Clevis Hooks NACM Standard Grade 70,3/8"x10', Heavy Duty Binding Chain.

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Eisen Aain 2 Pack Transport Chain with 3/8

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  • NACM: Meets NACM Specifications
  • Material: Material:Alloy Steel,If you are looking for a chain to provide a light, yet strong chain for binding, tie-downs, towing and construction use, G70 chain is what you are looking for.
  • Capacity: The working tension is 6,600 lbs, and the breaking tension is 4 times of the working tension, 26.400 lbs.
  • Hook: 4 pc.3/8' Clevis grab hook, The grade 70 Transportt chains can be welded either electric or gas process, and every link is proof tested and passed.
  • Chain: 2 pc. G70 trailer chain; 3/8 inch x 10 ft long, Our 3/8" G70 transport chain is specifically designed for cargo securement. Also known as transport chain and grade 70, it averages a 20% higher load rating than High Test chain G43. This increased strength per pound of chain saves weight and allows for easier handling and storage

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