Household 6 Photography

I was happily living in my own little world of “Point and Shoot” photography until April, 2009.  When I stumbled onto… yup you guessed it… The Pioneer Woman’s Website. . .

Initially drawn by her Cinnamon Rolls post, I curiously clicked on her Photography link.
Her straightforward/common language explanations had me hypnotized!

So, in August of 2009, my husband bought me a Nikon D60 with an 18-55mm lens.
Photoshop Elements 7 was purchased about a week later…

As you can see, I am a TOTAL ROOKIE when it comes to Photography. . .
but I am eager to learn. . . so much I can almost TASTE it. . .

Unfortunately not everything written about photography
is easy to understand for the TOTAL ROOKIE beginner.

For example. . .  I read my camera’s manual. . .

Cover.  to.  Cover.

(YES I’m a dork like that)

but I felt even MORE confused . . .    and kinda NAUSEOUS. . .

So I hopped on Amazon and bough “Nikon D60 for Dummies” by Julie Adair King.
(which helped explain A LOT about my camera with GREAT pictures and examples).

And I started looking for “Photography” tabs, links, labels, tags. . .

and I started reading them. . .

and bookmarking them. . .

and talking about them at the dinner table. . .

and my husband’s eyes started to glaze over…

So, I thought I’d share them with you!

Photography – A running list of specific articles that this total rookie understood.
Digital Media part 1 by  My 3 Boybarians
Digital Media part 2 by My 3 Boybarians
Digital Media part 3 by My 3 Boybarians

Abandoning the Auto Setting by 5 Minutes for Mom
Eye of the beholder by My 3 Boybarians

What the heck is an Apeture – by The Pioneer Woman
Apeture Explained – by Better in Bulk
What the heck is Shutter Speed – by The Pioneer Woman
Shutter Speed Explained by Better in Bulk
What is White Balance – by 5 Minutes for Mom
The ISO Setting – by The Pioneer Woman
ISO Explained by Better in Bulk
Exposure Explained – by Better in Bulk

Photoshop Elements – Where to begin – by 5 Minutes for Mom
How to Install Actions by Texas Chics
Photoshop Elements Actions – by Pioneer Woman

Websites – Here is my ever growing list of  places I have learned things from!

Coffee Shop – Lots of great tutorials and freebies at this website!
MCP Actions – Amazing website – check out her resources page!
Pioneer Woman –  Seriously — I think she needs to start an affiliate program for me! LOL
Texas Chicks Blogs and Pics – Lots of great tutorials and freebies at this website!

And just for fun — this is something I just HAVE to learn how to make – custom Camera Strap Covers Tutorials!