Household 6 Military Life

Here are some stories and photos you may enjoy reading about our Adventures with Military life

Oh! and in case you want the bottom line first…
–   We have been married 7 years.
–   We have 3 beautiful children.
–   They were born 22 months and 22 months apart.
–   No we didn’t plan it that way
–   We have moved 4 times.
–   No we didn’t plan that either.
–   Seth has been in Iraq 38 months since the day we met.

and now he’s just returned from a 10 month deployment to Afghanistan

First, could you please read my post about OPSEC, PERSEC, and internet safety
These are things we all need to think about and politely encourage one another on.

Moments from our Story…
The night we met – at a Civil War Ball
Love letters from Iraq – and the one that started it all
First night in our first house – a classic newlywed moving picture
Anniversary #1 and why we have 2
Anniversary #2 and 2009 in review

Moments as a Military Spouse
Celebrating Birthdays – sometimes we don’t celebrate ON the day
Coffee Makes it all Better – the sisterhood of Military Wives
Coping with loss – Military Memorial Services don’t get easier with time
Military Masquerade Ball – meet Autumn and Jack Frost
Modern Rosie the Riveter Moment – sometimes ya just gotta fix it yourself
Passing on your groceries – Moving happens all the time
Veterans day 2010 and the Silent Ranks – in honor of our military families
You are my sunshine – our family lullaby with a few verses you may not have heard
You have a voice. Use it. – Military Spouse blogs and the future.

Specifically about Deployment (I’ll be blogging about this in the coming months.)
Packing his bag, preparing my heart – my feelings before a deployment
Just keep swimming – reintegration doesn’t get easier with experience
Welcome home – it’s always an exciting moment

Specifically about Living in Germany
A Baby or a Schrank – I’m moving home with both!
An Afternoon Walk – around our local duck pond
Altstadt Festival – our small town summer carnival
Etna Pizzeria Ristorante – my new favorite Italian delivery place
First day of school – the German Schuletute tradition
Historic Baumholder – in which I come out of the closet on my blog
Local Farmer’s Market – fresh produce always makes my mouth water
Puder Zucker – if you ever run out of powdered sugar
The Washerwoman – reminiscent of a Medival era laundress

Coupons and Coffee
Overseas Coupons and Coffee – Are you stationed overseas with the military?
Check out this program I started for sharing coupons, resources, and frugal ideas in our community!

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