Household 6 Home & Garden

One of the things I love about Military Life is discovering the creativity found in our homes.

Moving every two to four years with a weight limit means traveling light.
There is a preference for versatile decorating items and durable furniture.

It means decorating with minimal impact on the physical structure of our houses or apartments.
It also means we need to thrive and grow where we are planted…
and leave bulbs behind to brighten and surprise the next family moving in next spring!

On this page, I hope to share some of the creative ways I learned to make our family feel at home.

Creative Home Decor
Bathroom towel storage with an unlikely twist!
Bathroom entertainment for children – because sometimes Mommy needs to shower!
Clutter Control and by the door storage – my cleaning methods
Hallway decor – the warmth of family quilts
Laundry room humor – my Modern Rosie the Riveter moment
Living room furniture – our German Schrank with a little military humor
Master Bedroom decor – how I decorate the honey moon suite
Small closet solution – a non promotional post about “over-the-door-hanger-thingies”

Gardening and growing green things
Dandelions and Blue Jeans – they are both the same over here
Daisies at sunset – in the shade of our building
Patio Tomatoes in Germany – the two varieties I tried summer 2010
Patio Tomatoes – after the move

Moving, Organizing, Unpacking, OH MY!
Cardboard Clubhouse – the best part about moving
Clearing Government Housing – the nitty gritty on “how to”
Empty walls – perfect for practicing your lightnight fast Batman reflexes 
Moving is exhausting – how Cookie dog handled our recent move
Moving is like a Kindergarten teacher – politely correcting your mistakes
Quiet Moments by the window – Madeline playing as I unpack
Tupperware Addiction – how I stay organized in military housing

Things I Love
6 Laundry Baskets – I heart stairwell living
Babywearing – self portraits of my daughter (at 6 months) and I
The Furminator – and my husband in dark sunglasses
Junkin in Germany – I’m a trash picker… and I’m ok with that
Junkin in Germany II – Spermull wochenende
Metal Trashcans – trust me. it’s all in the perspective.
Polish Pottery – even when it’s broke
Swagger Wagon – Minivans are totally cool
Vintage German Typewriter

Betty says to go through Austria – traveling with a GPS
Coming Home to Rural Pennsylvania – through my children’s eyes
Driving through Bavaria – the power of cropping your photos
Horse and Buggies in the Austrian Alps – we aren’t in Pennsylvania anymore
Operation Welcome Home – an unforgettable arrival to the BWI airport
Poland or Bust – a shopping trip for Polish Pottery.
Windmills – I have a thing for them
Windmills – the view from the Autobahn