Household 6: Family Moments

Being a parent is the most challenging job I’ve ever had.

It is also the most rewarding.

In this separate category, I would like to highlight some of the hilarious situations, creative ideas,
and reflective moments from our life as a family with three children born in less than 4 years.


So – How do you do it?
3 kids + double stoller + border collie = 5K – what was I thinking
Asking for help – my biggest challenge
Business/Calling cards – some history and why I decided to get some
Medicine Schedule – a way to help me keep track of things
Minivan Mommy Moment – in which I embrace the idea of Minvan
Stuck at home vs Stay at home Mom – sometimes it’s both
Tupperware Addiction – how I stay organized in military housing


Always keep your sense of humor
3 kids, a tripod, and a camera timer – dinner has never been this much fun!
Hello hello baby you called – Lady Gaga ain’t got nuthin on my baby girl
Kindred Spirits – meet my bovine breastfeeding buddy
“Say Cheese!” – Does your dog smile for the camera?
Wheres the baby – fun at a local playground


Fun things to do
Dessert for Dinner and Dinner for Dessert – it’s all in the presentation
Growing up with Homie Eis – our local german ice cream truck
Indoor Camping – way more fun that outside
Olympic Bobsled team – laundry baskets = awesome
Sidewalk Chalk – endless hours of fun
Snow in the Bathtub


Lessons learned
Batman brotherhood – the unspoken code of little boys
Lessons learned from my children – Easter morning reflections
Naptime Whispers – my little boys reading together
Synchronized Carpet Swimming – a touching father daughter moment