Household 6 Cooking Recipes

Have you ever heard that Kenney Chesney song “It’s the good stuff”?

Eatin burnt suppers the whole first year,
and askin for seconds to keep her from tearin up. . .

Yeah. . .  He was singing about me.

Fast forward a few years and I have learned a few things.
(Many thanks to the encouragement of a wonderfully patient husband!)

Now I have three small children – so my recipes are usually very simple or little helper inclusive! And yes, on rare occasions my wonderful husband will distract our children so I can spend the afternoon in the kitchen to work on something labor intensive. . . or I just stay up late after my three “Littles” are tucked in bed!

So here is my ever expanding list of blogged about cooking adventures!
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Main Course: Beef


Main Course: Fish


Main Course: Pork


Main Course: Poultry


Quick Meals


Salads and Sides


Desserts: Bars


Desserts: Cake


Desserts: Cookies


Desserts: Muffins


Desserts: Pie