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El Paso at sunset

February 19, 2013


Oh what a beautiful sight! Do you have a favorite place to watch the sun set? This is taken from the west side rest stop on I-375 in the Franklin Mountains State Park.

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TGIF / Thank Goodness It’s Friday!

August 17, 2012


Thank you all for the powerful conversation on yesterday’s post. Today I thought I’d simply share one of my new favorite things. A beautiful sunrise view from our new backyard. What are your plans for this weekend? What are the things you love the most about your backyard/ home?

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Sunset in the Schwarzwald

March 22, 2012


Good night stars… Good night air… Good night noises everywhere. A view at dusk from the town of Titisee, a small town in the Schwarzwald region of Germany. Where is your favorite place in the whole world to watch the sunset? And what is your family’s favorite bedtime story?

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Thoughts from Franken Mommy

July 14, 2011


My children wake up around 6am every day regardless of the previous day’s evening routine. When Jacob first moved out of a crib to a ‘big boy bed’ at 15 months, I remember he would come into our room and say “Good Morning Bumblebee!” which had been my morning greeting for him since birth. Fast […]

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Sunrise Sequence Photos

April 7, 2011


I know things have been a little quiet around my blog this week because of some recent events in my military community.  Please just keep all our military families and service members in your thoughts and prayers.  I hope you enjoy my sunrise view from today! 6:33am 6:44am 6:55am 6:58am Are you an early riser? […]

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Our first Sunrise

August 25, 2010


The moving company called and started packing me yesterday. So the kids and I decided to go camping in our new apartment! A word of advice my friends… The first thing to do in your new home is to hang curtains. Otherwise your darling children will greet you at 0600. Unless you like that sorta […]

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Sunrise over a small town in Germany

August 13, 2010


My children woke up at 0530 today…   And I’ve gotta tell you – I really didn’t want to get out of bed.  Or put on my coat to walk the dog. But I’m really glad I did…   Because this is what I saw… and this… How is your morning going? Does anyone else take their […]

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