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Where is the Online Community?

September 14, 2012


Each time I’ve sat in front of the computer to compose a blog post this week, I am distracted by current events. Most of my news is brought to me via social media channels such as facebook and twitter. (Usually while I’m attempting to multitask 3 kids, a household, and unpacking from our recent move.) […]

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The Nutella Mothership has landed.

April 19, 2012


On Tuesday I shared these words on the Household 6 Diva Facebook Page…  Today.  I declare war. On the bathrooms. *cover me* and one of my wonderful readers responded with these words… *holds the Nutella hostage* SHOW ME THE CLEAN BATHROOMS OR THE NUTELLA GETS IT! This is precisely why I love Social Media. The […]

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My computer won’t recognize the hard drive

April 11, 2012


Um… Ann? My computer won’t recognize the hard drive… What? (cue the sound of my heart starting to pound… bumpbump… bumpbump…) Seth had been moving files from our old back up hard drive, to a newer larger hard drive. What do you mean “it won’t.  recognize.  the hard drive”… (cue increase in heart pounding rate… […]

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Networking Lunch with new friends

March 1, 2012


I have been a member of an amazing photography group called Shop Talk for more than a year now.  My dear friend Kim Kravitz who started it, (you may remember those ah- may – zing Welcome Home photos she took for us?) is one of those fantabulous professionals who both rocks her camera AND is always […]

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Organizing Photos with Flickr – behind the scenes

February 24, 2012


Today I’m writing about something a little more on the behind the scenes side of blogging and photography. You see, this blog is a one. woman. show. Everything from the header graphics, to the photographs and links in the sidebar – oh and of course the content of every single post is created, edited, and published […]

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How do I subscribe or follow a blog?

January 19, 2012


Today I wanted to take a side step from sharing our “Deployment Reintegration Adventure” for a moment. (Golly!  That phrase makes it sound like yet another movie in the Griswold Family series!) As a blogger, I love interacting and connecting with each of you through comments, facebook, and twitter. has grown into an amazing online community […]

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Once upon a time. A soldier wrote a letter.

June 30, 2011

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As I update the links in this move from Blogger to WordPress, (BTW – Please double check your reader is still subscribed! mmmmmk?) I am slowly rediscovering the beautiful stories of our life. The letter Seth wrote 8 years ago that would change our lives forever. Beautiful everyday moments… like synchronized carpet swimming lessons… Not […]

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