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DIY hanging file cabinet in an antique trunk

July 30, 2012


I have great news! Operation “Honeymoon Suite” is complete! These two pieces were our living room entertainment center before we moved to Germany. I would like to fill the left one up with quilts.  Seth would like to buy a second television. I would happily agree if we found a live in nanny so I […]

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Only two weeks left before the ball…

March 21, 2012


Remember the “Extreme Ball Gown Make-over” idea I blogged about a few weeks ago? Yeah – I’ve got two weeks left until the ball… Time to get crackin! What projects are you working on right now? Anyone know of a babysitter I can pay with Oatmeal Raison Cookies?

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Organizing eye makeup with magnets and a cake plate

November 29, 2011


All you need are some craft magnets… maybe some magnet strips… a glue gun… a couple more of those strips… an empty spice jar… And a purty cake plate with a plate holder to hang it on your bathroom wall. How do you keep your make-up organized?

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How to make a fake faux fireplace

November 9, 2011


SURPRISE! Here is my top secret project revealed! (along with two lovely matching red chairs from this weekend’s junking adventure!) About three weeks ago, I fell in love with some pictures of fireplaces and mantel decor on pinterest. SO – I started looking for creative ways to build my own faux fireplace! The challenge was, […]

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Secret project in progress

November 8, 2011


Today I’m trying to focus my time between the laundry… the littles… and finishing up my ‘secret project’ for a big reveal tomorrow! What are you tackling today? What are some projects that would require a hammer, nails, coffee table, screwdriver, screws, saw, paint, vacuum, dresser, masking tape, and nutella? Any guesses? Find out tomorrow!

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Creative Decor Ideas for Military housing

October 11, 2011


When I first married my husband, I had no idea how to decorate my home. All I knew is that I loved how everything looked in magazines. And with $622.19 coming in twice a month, we really didn’t have a lot of extra room in our budget. So – I signed up for every free […]

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Repurposed Suitcases for Holiday Decor

June 29, 2011


In a quiet corner of my living room, there is a stack of handsome old suitcases. I wish they could tell me the stories of their travels. Where they have been and the stories of the people they traveled with. After cleaning a thick layer of dust from what was perhaps many years spent in […]

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Front Door Decor: Coats, Shoes, and Artwork Solution

February 2, 2011

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This is my front door. To the right is my dining room and to the left is my living room. And down the hall next to the red quilt, is the teeny tiny coat closet. Because of the way the door opens, this creates a… shall we say “difficult situation” when we come in the […]

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Wooden clothes hangers + Repurposed = Jewelry Organization!

January 25, 2011


If you follow my blog on Facebook, you might have noticed some chatter about some more Junkin Treasures I found this weekend!  Two lovely old suitcases and a small pile of wooden clothes hangers.  I loved how some of them had German business advertisements stamped/written on them! What to do? What to do?  Honestly – […]

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