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DIY hanging file cabinet in an antique trunk

July 30, 2012


I have great news! Operation “Honeymoon Suite” is complete! These two pieces were our living room entertainment center before we moved to Germany. I would like to fill the left one up with quilts.  Seth would like to buy a second television. I would happily agree if we found a live in nanny so I […]

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Today’s Mission: the Honeymoon Suite

July 26, 2012


Today my goal is to finish unpacking our bedroom and hang pictures on the walls. The kitchen is done. The living room is done. The kids rooms are 90%. The office is… well… we won’t think about that yet. I’ve always loved decorating our room with these pictures from our wedding day… But maybe I […]

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Baby Girls Room Makeover: Mission Accomplished

October 3, 2011


Remember this summer when I told you about my daughters room needing a makeover? Here is the view before… And here is her room now… I used the ‘Baby’ letters I had by tacking nails on the back to hang them on a screen. ‘girls’ is a piece of poster board taped to the wall […]

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Baby girl’s bedroom makeover

July 22, 2011


So I’ve been trying to come up with some creative ideas for Maggie’s bedroom. It is a uniquely shaped room as the closet is built into the room – creating a peculiar nook by the window. And here is the view looking back towards the door. Stay tuned for more furniture tetris and surprising additions […]

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Small Closet + Shower Scrunchy Solution

December 15, 2010


Do you have small closets?  Why yes I do!     I mean really small closets?  Ummm… yes?     Do you have a Shower Scrunchy?  Ok this is getting kinda creepy… (This also works if you have a shower curtain.)    Does your husband take off his jacket and put in on the back […]

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Rediscovering the past

September 14, 2010


When you unpack your things from a military move – there is a lot of unwrapping. Especially in the kitchen… which creates a wonderful opportunity for your children to help… (but that’s a whole other story…) This weekend I found our wedding pictures… A close friend of mine from college took pictures that day as […]

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