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How do you clean greasy dirty uniforms?

January 31, 2013


Wait – What are you doing? Really? That works? You’re kidding… Let me get my camera! What are your secrets to success for cleaning those greasy dirty military uniforms? Note: He washes them on cold with detergent and the contents of the entire can. (I still can’t believe he did that!)

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Organizing eye makeup with magnets and a cake plate

November 29, 2011


All you need are some craft magnets… maybe some magnet strips… a glue gun… a couple more of those strips… an empty spice jar… And a purty cake plate with a plate holder to hang it on your bathroom wall. How do you keep your make-up organized?

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Declaration of War on the laundry

September 27, 2011


Today I am declaring war on the laundry baskets that have lived in my room for way too long. By day they live on my bed. By night they live by my bed. I MUST RECLAIM MY BED!!! And so they have been moved to the living room in hopes of causing motivation. By day […]

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Basket repurposed = Bathroom mini makeover

August 26, 2011


Sometimes we discover things that make us smile… And sometimes they just make us scratch our head and say “WHERE in the WORLD would I USE THIS?” But then… Inspiration strikes… Spray paint is applied… Then suddenly you know exactly WHERE it belongs… And the cotton balls, dental floss, and q-tips lived happily ever after… […]

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Laundry Room Makeover

June 23, 2011


During the past week, I’ve been working on reorganizing my home. This is what my laundry room looked like when I decided it needed a little bit of a makeover. Tire pump in the corner, buckets, various detergent bottles… The shelves were somewhat organized, but I still needed one more crate…. First I made a […]

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Line dry Laundry Lover

June 4, 2011

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There are few things as lovely as the feel and smell of freshly washed bed clothes hung out on the line. Do you ever hang your laundry out to dry in the warm summer breeze? Or do you prefer the “fabric softener + dryer sheets + tumble in dryer = softest towels on earth” method?

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Small Closet + Shower Scrunchy Solution

December 15, 2010


Do you have small closets?  Why yes I do!     I mean really small closets?  Ummm… yes?     Do you have a Shower Scrunchy?  Ok this is getting kinda creepy… (This also works if you have a shower curtain.)    Does your husband take off his jacket and put in on the back […]

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Bath/Shower Towel Storage and Decor

November 15, 2010


Living in Government Quarters makes Military Families constant renters. Meaning our creative decorating ideas must be non-permanent and easily removed. One creative idea that I use in our bathroom is to use a ladder for towel storage “Treppe” means “Stairs” in German – and yes, I found this Junkin last summer! Behind it, I keep […]

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Modern Rosie the Riveter

August 26, 2010


What does a capable Military wife do when the hubby is away and she discovers that the dryer vent is not properly connected?     I think my favorite part of this picture is Madeline’s face… and that Jacob is obliviously loading the dryer… … What do you think a good caption for this picture […]

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I think I’m in love

August 17, 2010


Housing called us today…  (remember how I told you we will be moving?) and offered us an apartment complete with a set of these… There is a lot to consider… closet size is less, storage room size is less, and it’s up another floor… But those appliances are pretty tempting… I promise to keep ya’ll […]

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