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Mondays in My Garden: Geckos and Broccoli

March 25, 2013


Good Afternoon Everyone and welcome to another “Mondays in My Garden” update! This week, I wanted to share some specifics for how to plant potatoes and sugar peas. But we had some significant wind over the weekend, so our planting plans had to be postponed! Instead I’ll share a few pictures from this week in […]

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Mondays in My Garden: Start with a plan

March 18, 2013


Good Morning Everyone and welcome to another “Mondays in My Garden” update! This week, I wanted to share what I do each year to start our family garden!  First, I usually start by making a wish list of all the wonderful things I want to grow.  Or you can just go to a local garden […]

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Welcome to “Mondays in My Garden”

March 11, 2013


Do you have a garden? In all of the places we have lived as a military family, we have always had a garden. Whether it is a narrow flower bed along the side of our four-plex, or convincing a wonderful group of friends to start a Community Garden in Baumholder, I’ve always felt the need […]

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Planting Season and Suggestions wanted

March 8, 2013


This is what this corner of my yard looked like when we bought our house last June. And this is the view this morning. (8 months later) I am planning to reorganize my days next week to start blogging regularly in the evening. I want to set up more of a schedule with “Mondays in […]

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Mondays in My Garden

March 4, 2013


With the warmer weather we’ve been having here in El Paso, I’ve been spending a lot of time outside. And I’m finally starting to see some hints of future fruit for all of my labor. I’ve had a few friends message me via facebook recently with questions of HOW do I GROW this? or that? […]

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The best soil is like chocolate cake

February 13, 2013


I remember hearing these words during my college freshman Soils 101 class. So tell me Master Yoda – How does one get chocolate cake from this? Well, first you need to set up a compost bin. (Ours is from Lowe’s.) Then every time you weed the garden or mow the lawn – dump some clippings […]

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I’m cheating on my blog with our garden

February 12, 2013


Dear Friends. This is where I was yesterday. As well as where I’ve been today. I pinky-promise I’ll have lots of purty pictures for you tomorrow. Love, the eager garden girl who lives in Zone 8 AKA way warmer than Germany. PS. I hate rocks.

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Wordless Wednesday: Wish me luck

February 6, 2013


It’s been a long time since I put on my running shoes… but I’ve got to start somewhere… Do you have a Wordless Wednesday post? Or a “Not so wordless” Wednesday post? Please leave a link in the comments so we can visit each other!

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February signs of Spring in El Paso

February 4, 2013


Living in completely different climates as a gardener is both a challenge and exciting. For example. The daffodil bulbs I planted in November are already beginning to emerge. The parsley I planted in this planter last summer – has completely survived the winter. And our predominately Bermuda grass lawn is starting to show hints of […]

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How do you clean greasy dirty uniforms?

January 31, 2013


Wait – What are you doing? Really? That works? You’re kidding… Let me get my camera! What are your secrets to success for cleaning those greasy dirty military uniforms? Note: He washes them on cold with detergent and the contents of the entire can. (I still can’t believe he did that!)

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