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2013: It’s time to #trimthefat

January 3, 2013


2012 was a year of big challenges for our family. Reintegration from an extended deployment is not just a 6 month process. (and I promise to share more of that story as time goes by…) So as we continue to move forward, I want to adopt a new family mantra for 2013… “Trim. The. Fat.” Did […]

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Don’t worry Babe, I get paid in two weeks

August 14, 2012


The other day, I noticed a friend of mine had shared a survey question via facebook. “When did you first create a budget for your family – before, during, or after your first pregnancy?” To which I wrote:  “I realized we needed a budget when right after we were engaged, I found out my husband-to-be’s […]

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Sewing, Purging, and Customs forms

March 6, 2012


Today I am attempting to get some sewing accomplished on my ball gown…. because I reeeeaaally need to get my act together if I want to wear it in public…. I’m also trying to purge my kitchen of extra cups and clutter for a future yard sale. Mark your calendars my friends – it’s gonna […]

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Coffee and a Purging Party

December 23, 2011

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Today, my kitchen was full of scones, coffee, and the laughter of some beautiful women in my life. My living room was full of unwanted things that needed a new home – and after a few hours of delightful conversation, each of my friends went home with some new treasures. It was a wonderful way […]

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Hunt. Seek. Kill Shopping.

September 21, 2011


I do not enjoy the casual sport of shopping. *gasp* Yes – I really did just write that. I’ll wait a minute for you to recover. My idea of a perfect shopping experience is to make a list, go to the store, purchase items, and return home to my nest. I’m odd, I know. Luckily […]

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Cooking in Bulk has Freezer potential!

February 8, 2011


Each month, our local Coupons and Coffee group meets to swap coupons and share frugal ideas.   This month our topic of discussion will be “Cooking in Bulk has Freezer potential“.  I have decided I will be blogging about these topics each month in order to share what I’ve learned, but also to resource YOU […]

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Junking Weekend or “Sperrmüll Wochenende”

July 14, 2010


Last summer, when I blogged about Junkin in Germany, I shared how my husband and I are polar opposites when it comes to… ahem… “curbside shopping”. He is a purger and I am the practical one… err… um… let’s change the subject…. So this time around, I thought I’d explain a few details to those […]

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Have a “Mommy gets sick” stash prepared?

April 23, 2010

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Over the past two months, I have been sick twice… And I mean walking-talking-cottonball-head-with-a-runny-nose sick… As the mom of small children – you don’t get many sick days. The baby still needs to nurse every 2-3 hours. Meals and snacks still need to be prepared. And darling hubby isn’t always around to help. (but that’s […]

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Operation Toy Rotation

February 2, 2010

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Last Christmas we were over run with toys. It is wonderful to be so blessed by family – but there were so many toys that the boys couldn’t possibly play with them all!  So I filled two Rubbermaid bins with a stash of toys to store in our basement. (This has been a wonderful way […]

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