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July 11, 2011


Last week, our Cookie dog was acting a little strange so I made an appointment at our local vet. There was nothing physically apparent to the vet and after describing mainly behavioral symptoms she suggested some options for anxiety medicine. I knew that wouldn’t be necessary – she was just acting a little strange – […]

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Cookie dog inspired Haiku

July 9, 2011


A Big Toothy Grin Rhythmic wagging of your tail Always so playful Never a word said She does know more than we think and waits patiently Ever faithful friend Watchful eyes over children Cookie Dog – we love Do you have a charismatic furry family member? What is their name?

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Three kids, a tripod, and a camera timer.

April 14, 2011


Have you ever had dinner on the porch? Have you ever picked your nose at the table? Have you ever pretended your hands were binoculars with ultra-violet-batman-night-vision goggles? Did you know that a tripod and a camera’s self timer could be THIS FUN? Nope…  They didn’t either… How do you make meal times fun? What […]

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3 kids + double stroller + border collie = 5K?

April 12, 2011

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I’m not sure what I was thinking when I agreed to do a 5K with a good friend. I ran cross country in high school – and sheesh – it was only 3 miles right? Wow. 3 miles is A LOT FARTHER than I remembered… Especially during the last mile… When I found myself pushing […]

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“Say Cheese!”

January 20, 2011


What is making you smile today? What do you think would be a fun caption for this picture? (I was also thinking “What? Is there something in my teeth?)

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Our four legged family member

January 5, 2011


Cookie is our 6 year old border collie and red healer. And she has taught me more about life and character than anyone I know.   complete patience. total forgiveness. heartfelt enthusiasm. unconditional love. Ok Mom – a little help here? … Do you have a four-legged family member? We have been so blessed to […]

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Our Cookie-dog

January 14, 2010


When our “Cookie-dog” was a puppy, (back in those pre-children days!), I would take her shopping to Pet Smart. On one of these trips, I stopped in the book aisle (surprised aren’t you) to look at books about training border collies.  When I turned around, my little 12 week old puppy was sitting  there with […]

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