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Yoga Jumpsuit Women's Cross Back U Neck Sleeveless Slim Fit One Piece Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

Yoga Jumpsuit Women's Cross Back U Neck Sleeveless Slim Fit One Piece Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

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Описание товара

Shown Color Green, Neon Orange, Rose Style Athletic
Fabric Rayon Design Leotard
Embellishment Bandage Neckline U-neck
Leg Style Skinny Bust(inch) S :29¼-30, M :30-30¾, L :30¾-31½, XL :31½-32¼
Waist(inch) S :23½, M :25¼, L :26¾, XL :32¼ Hips(inch) S :31½, M :33¼, L :34¾, XL :36¼
Length(inch) S :49¼, M :49½, L :50, XL :50½ Weight 0.25kg

July 1, 2006
I was a bit doubtful, butt this is really a good DVD. I'm new to yoga, and I felt comfortably stretched and worked out without the frustration a lot of other videos have given me. Geri does yammer on a bit, but nowhere near as much as in her first video. Recommended!
January 15, 2008
Menu choices are only Play & chapters. Production quality is great - lighting, sound, camera angles, it's in wide screen & 5.1 digital surround. The only complaint being it took me a while to even realize there was music playing, it was so light & low. In order to hear it, I had to raise the volume so high, Katy can be heard by neighbors. Set in the courtyard of something. Nate a young guy demonstrates the modifications.
Quick pic trailer - 1 min
Geri Haliwell intro - 1 min - saying this is the 2nd dvd, etc.
Katy Appleton intro - 7 min - saying this is a mix of many hatha (physical) yoga (union) - ashtanga, Iyenga, etc. That you can do only sections you want, etc. Also shows "tummy" "full" & ujjayi pranayama (breath) she admits repeatedly she can be scattered & forget to breath, so counting helps.
Warm-up - 21 min
Katy spends 3 min saying how important relaxing is. Reclined simple arm stretch, reclined knees to side spinal twist several times, knee to chest stretch, reclined single leg stretch, reclined single knee to side spinal twist, bridge, locust (upper body only), child's, cat/cow, threading the needle (hands/knees, then slide one arm all the way through along ground past the other hand for shoulder stretch), extended puppy (Katy calls swan), downward dog (Katy calls "the V"), crescent (hands on knees), down dog, crescent, standing fwd bend (that transition felt unnatural).
Katy practically ignores Nate here (he barely modifies) & Geri actually complains "This pose feels awkward..." I can't touch my toes yet..." & other unhelpful, negative remarks. Katy will help Geri which is helpful to us, but it would be better w/o Geri's sullenness she's not as flexible as Katy. I threading the needle, Geri complained so Katy had her then raise in the air the arm not on the ground & the same leg back like a plank which was more advanced & required balance which I liked.) I didn't find this relaxing at all & 20 min felt like 60. The only good thing I liked was the advanced shoulder stretch.
Sun & moon - 20 min
The first 14 minutes Katy does modified sun salutations 2x held moderate length, then 5x full sun salutations all used with crescents besides mountain, fwd bends, plank, upward dog, down dog. Katy's more aware of Nate this time & sometimes just watches them. Moon - starting with stretching hips/going with a crouch to high wide angle single leg stretch, then standing simple side torso stretches, starfish (she doesn't even explain it), lion (Geri says, "Yeah, you're going to feel self-conscious, I do!"), triangle, pyramid, crescent. She does the single leg stretch from sliding from one foot to the other like a martial artist & repeat sequence 3x more.
Strength - 15 min
Tree, eagle (Geri- "You're going to wobble, I know I do..."), dancer's. Then warrior 1, 2, triangle, side angle, standing wide angle fwd bend. Repeat w/Katy helping Geri & end in child's pose for a minute. Nate is ignored again, but does good modifiers.
Bliss - 17 min
Seated single leg fwd bend, seated spinal twist, seated fwd bend, bow, rest & child's. Next is wheel (For beginners!?!?!? she doesn't even give any directions the first time!), she guides Geri & Nate the next time. Knee to chest, shoulder stand, knee to chest, seated fish (sit on heels, straight arms slightly back & lift the chest). Sit how you want & she does alternate nostril breathing for 3 minutes. She doesn't ignore Nate this time, guides him 2x & he does the modifiers well & uses a strap for a bend & the wall for shoulder stand.
Chill - 10 min
All of them reclined w/Katy guiding you to relax in voice over.

This seems to be geared toward beginners, but there's a major amount of lack of instruction of how each body part should be & more importantly, no instruction on how to avoid injury by telling you what common bad body positions you shouldn't do. Hopefully that was on vol. 1 of this series. She uses Geri as guide, but mostly just reminders & many times the same ones. From lack of body awareness from instructor, resentfulness of Geri, lack of instruction, almost silent background music, I couldn't finish this at all.

There are clips on youtube under Geri Yoga & can see part of Nate. Though they are obviously posted for foot fetish people.
August 2, 2008
This workout offers a balanced variety of poses demonstrated at a moderate pace. Apart from the salutations sequences, the poses aren't `joined-up', so to speak. So if you're a fan of fast-paced vinyasa flow this one is probably not for you. This DVD helped me get back into yoga after a break of a number of years. I would recommend it to beginners or people needing to increase flexibility or acquire some detail in the basics of yoga poses.
I particularly like the initial warm-up - so many DVDs just use a few half sun salutes to warm up. This one is a series of gentle, bendy/ twisty floor postures finishing with a standing forward bend they let you hang in for a bit, so you can go deep. This section makes me feel nicely stretched and ready for more. Sometimes, on days when I'm too rushed to do a full session, I use it as a quick wake-up sequence or mini-practice.
The disc moves on to sun salutations that move from mild to intermediate level, a slower more basic sequence followed by a stronger, faster-moving one. Chaptering allows you to pick and choose between these if you wish. A moon salutation follows. I hadn't come across this before and find it enjoyable and a little different. After this come some seated, supine and inverted postures, nothing mindblowing, but thoroughly described and well executed. I'm probably not quite as ecstatic about this DVD as I was when I wrote a review on Amazon.co.uk a year and a half ago, but I still find it a solid product.
How you feel about Geri and her comments will probably be an individual reaction and may depend on your attitude to celebrities on yoga DVDs. I wasn't a major fan of hers, but don't find her irritating here at all. Some of her comments might well be a bit superfluous, but to me she comes across as pleasant and positive. Her style gives the DVD a warm, matey feel, the setting is beautiful, and Katy Appleton's approach is clear and professional. Overall, Geri Body Yoga provides a balanced and enjoyable yoga experience.
July 5, 2013
This DVD came up for discussion on a forum I frequent. I was intrigued. Typically, celebrity workout DVDs aren't worth the time or money. However, I had access to this DVD and did it.

Instructor/Instruction: Katy Appleton is great! I'm definitely interested in other DVDs she puts out. Her voice is soothing, her instruction is good, and her sequencing is good. This DVD has one of the best savasanas out there - it's probably 10 minutes and it's incredibly relaxing. Katy does the instruction, not Geri. Geri does the more difficult poses and another guy (Nate?) doing the modified versions. Kathy does the more challenging ones, too.

Setting: It's filmed outdoors, probably near a pool and an ocean. I love outdoor settings with good production values, and this has it. I think I heard gulls at one point, but it just added to the feel of doing yoga out by a pool. It's a bright sunny day, and there's a tree in the background. Very nice.

Music: Very nice but not distracting. It's soft and pleasant.

Level: This is a nice beginner DVD. It has wheel and bow in it as the most challenging poses. The instruction is good. I think a true beginner could do it.

The only flaw in it are Geri's comments about what the poses do for her. Thankfully, she doesn't make many comments. They all seem to be having a good time, but Geri seems to forget that at-home watchers do these many times, so her sticking her tongue out and making jokes about body digestion processes are weird the first time and annoying thereafter.

Overall, it's a really nice yoga DVD that's held up well over the years. I really like Katy Appleton's teaching and hope she produces more.
January 27, 2013
I still use this DVD. I think it is a good workout. Oddly enough, I happen to like Geri Halliwell's commentary and personal touches.
April 27, 2014
Love this DVD! I don't mind Geri's comments as some reviewers did. I really like Kate's instructions and always feel amazing afterwards.
March 4, 2006
This newest DVD from Geri Halliwell is not a repackaging of the first one. She teams up again with Katy Appleton. Definately watch this video at least twice before working out with it. There are a few mis-cues and also some of the poses are different from other yoga workouts. Even though they say that you can break up the routine into segments (the entire workout is about 83 minutes long), for me it was better to do the whole dvd. At least do some cardio before you do the strength segment, you need to be warmed up properly before attempting these poses.

Hope this helps.
April 7, 2006
The best thing about this video is the attitude of the participants. The workout itself is complete and challenging in the fact that it includes most of the well known poses in good sequencing and is nearly one and a half hours long. Kathy gives the instruction but Geri sometimes chimes in with encouragement for the viewer. Geri looks terrific and has a wonderful attitude throughout the workout. There is another student doing modified poses, which were too easy to suit my level of practice but the main focus (thankfully) is on Geri. She looks great. Some of the cueing to poses could be better in case you aren't watching the screen. Following the instruction for the sun salutations is a problem for me. There are many different versions of a sun salutation depending on the instructor and this one changes from hatha to ashtanga just when I got used to doing it the first type she goes into a another version. The best things about this video is how they stress doing yoga to suit your body and your ability and the upbeat attitude of the participants. And last of all, the video quality is very good.I like this one but it's too long for me to use this video everyday.
August 14, 2010
I understand that it wouldn't be for everybody, but I enjoy this routine. I think the instructor, Katy Appleton, is quite pleasant and does a nice job explaining what to do. The moves are linked together well and go at a mostly slower flow that I can keep up with. Probably would not hold the attention of power yoga users. At the end I feel worked out but relaxed, not beat up. Katy says it is a blend of Iyengar, Ashtanga & Sivananda yoga. The whole routine from start to finish is rather lengthy, but the DVD is broken up into several chapters so you can do just parts of it, which works well for me. Geri Haliwell doesn't instruct, but she does interject comments from time to time. I thought it made it feel kind of like a class with a friend. My one complaint would be that sometimes the modifier, a young man named Nate, seems left out of the practice.