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Women's White Jeans High Rise Chic Skinny Denim Pants Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

Women's White Jeans High Rise Chic Skinny Denim Pants Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

New price: $18.99 USD

Описание товара

Waistline Wrap Shown Color White, Black
Fabric Denim Style Chic & Modern
Thickness Waist(inch) S :28¼, M :29¼, L :30, XL :30¾, XXL :31½
Hips(inch) S :35½, M :37½, L :39¼, XL :41¼, XXL :43¼ Length(inch) S :41¾, M :42¼, L :42½, XL :43, XXL :43¼
Weight 0.3kg

November 30, 2012
Great jeans. Got 2 pairs blue and black, got compliements everywhere i wore these. they are comfortable as hell can't go wrong there and they are southpole
December 28, 2011
My husband loves Southpole jeans, so I bought 2 different pairs. These are his favorite, and they looks amazing on him! They are not very "shiny" despite the title, but they do look great. Now I guess I have to buy more...
March 14, 2012
I really love these jeans. They fit fantastically, they are durable, they look great, and they are very comfortable. If I had to find a con, it would be that the back side should have another belt loop.
November 1, 2012
These jeans are awesome I love the way they look but when my bf put them on they were tight and the belt loop broke he hardly even pulled on it and it just broke so if u get these make sure ur bf like his balls hugged
November 14, 2012
The jean looks great, feels fine, smells when I first got it, but after a few washes it's fine. The length of the jean is accurate, but the waist is smaller than other standard sizing. I returned the jean and exchanged a bigger waist, and it works just great.
October 5, 2012
I like the jeans, they are nice quality and look great.
They are definitely SLIM jeans, but they are not SKINNY jeans.
So, be aware that although the waist may be perfect, the legs may be a little tight for your liking.
Otherwise, a great choice, cheap, fast and recommended.
April 24, 2012
These are very nice looking and shiny, however I am a bodybuilder and my legs barely fit through and they felt like sninny jeans in the thigh area. If youre a big guy Id stay away from these, but if you're a normal guy with regular legs by all means go for it, they are very nice jeans and at a very good price!
September 6, 2012
These are very cool pants great quality but the sizes must be off....I bought 3 pair in size 36/30 and that's exactly what my husband always wears well he put them on and they fell right off ...I guess I should've went a size smaller..I'm not going to bother with exchanging its do much hassle so just be careful in the sizes but they are nice pants..
November 4, 2011
I decided that i wanted a good jean for once, yah know premium, well these were. but to my surprise i ordered this in my size and i am a big guy, (not fat but big leg muscles from running)and i got my size and it didnt fit! my one leg couldnt get through the opening. they were nice but could not fit into them, so i returned them and went with walmart brand jeans. If you are a small person than these are for you! but if your thinking of these for a big guy, dont b/c no matter how big these jeans get they are still too small, I am not dissin these jeans but im not ever going to get premium jeans i guess.I gave it a 4 star b/c i like the deign but not the size quality. If they made these in big and tall i would so buy these.
October 13, 2012
Any time my oldest teenage son "loves" something, I take note. It's so rare for a teenager to "love" anything! Ha But it's true...he really loves these jeans. He is partial to Southpole jeans anyway. These do look really nice on him. They fit extremely well and they have a sheen-like finish that is cool. They've now been washed several times and the sheen-like quality is still there. They didn't shrink and I like that I can throw them in with the rest of the clan's jeans. They don't require any special laundering or care. I would definitely buy these again. The fact that my son is already asking for another pair really says something! ;)