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Women's Skinny Jeans High Waist Slim Fit Blue Denim Jeans Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

Women's Skinny Jeans High Waist Slim Fit Blue Denim Jeans Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

New price: $19.99 USD

Описание товара

Type Jeans Waistline Natural
Wash Blue Shown Color Blue
Style Casual Fabric Denim
Embellishment Antique Design, Pleated Pattern Solid Color
Leg Style Skinny Waist(inch) S :26¾, M :28¼, L :30, XL :31½
Pants Length(inch) S:36½, M:37¼, L:37½, XL:37¾ Weight 0.7kg

January 30, 2017
My son is 6' 6 1/2" tall and thin (175 lbs), so I have to buy all his pants online. He likes his clothing more figure conscious and loves the slim fit of these and the perfect length. Plus, they're quite reasonably priced! I have purchased these before and will again in the future.
May 7, 2017
I ordered the same 32" x32" that I wear in the 505 series. They fit fine but much closer to the skin. Maybe a little too modern for a 55 year old, but I'm pretty lean so they should work out fine. I'm interested to see how much the "stretch" comes into play.
July 25, 2017
Love the 511 series, it's all I wear, but this particular pair seems a little short on the length. Not by much, maybe 1/4 inch or so. I notice it most when I sit and my pant legs ride up. I don't experience this with any of my other pairs. But, it's not a huge deal and I still wear this all the time. Wouldn't buy any other style or brand of jeans.
May 26, 2017
I really like these jeans because of their perfect fit and red color. These (511s) and original shrink to fit 501s have been the best fitting jeans for me from Levi's. I couldn't be happier with the look, fit and appeal of these jeans. Trim young guys should really like them.
August 2, 2017
The 511 is my favorite cut of Levis jeans and i finally found the grey ones I've beem looking for. The sizing is accurate on the pair i received. The last two pair I've purchased have been "Hecho in Mexico" and the sizing has been spot on. I've had some in the past that the inseam length was inaccurate.
February 21, 2017
A big fan of Levi's 511. I agree that the cut and fit of Levi's jeans seem to slightly change over time, but I own a variety of the 511's and haven't had a bad one yet personally. Pay attention to the descriptions because some 511s are raw denim while others are hybrid trouser pants so the pockets and materials may vary.
November 19, 2016
I'm a thin guy (5'9", 133lbs), but these are better characterized as "skinny" than "slim" (at least in the "Ship yard" color)

They look like the "jeggings" (jean-leggings) that my toddler wears. Again, it's not that they don't fit me or don't look as intended, but they are skin tight.
November 20, 2013
These jeans were great. I bought them in Muse which is a real deep blue with a soft hand and just a bit of stretch. The only complaint I had was the belt loops. They are huge! I don't remember how big now because after wearing them once I took them to my tailor and for $4.00 they shortened them for a normal size belt. Sadly I only wore these 3 times. I took them to my local cleaners and told them specifically to dry clean them. Instead they washed them. Now they are skin tight. So be aware (as with most blue jeans) they will shrink in the wash. Hopefully they will pay me for a replacement pair and my alterations so I can order a new pair because I planned to wear these with sport coats all winter.
February 11, 2015
Color: Kesey Blue
Size: 30x32

Quality: Material wise, same quality as all the other 511s "stretch" jeans I own.
Appearance: Love it, reminiscent of early 90s a bit without being cheesy. Wear them with some color, yeah?
Fit: These run a bit longer than my other 511s, I'd go as far to say that these are more like 30x33/34, not 30x32. Granted, that is actually perfect for me, but since most people aren't me (obviously) and they are expecting 30x32, keep in mind that the 30x32 jeans I received run a bit longer so I had to take a star off for that.
March 21, 2016
i have been a levi's fan and this is the first time i bought this line 8 thing and so far i like what i saw and it's fitting. i do think i will be ordering more on this line 8 style.