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Women's Shirt Dress Deep Blue Turndown Collar Long Sleeve High Low Shift Dress Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

Women's Shirt Dress Deep Blue Turndown Collar Long Sleeve High Low Shift Dress Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

New price: $22.80 USD

Описание товара

Sleeve Length Long Sleeve Neckline Turndown Collar
Shown Color Deep Blue Season Spring
Fabric Polyester Pattern Solid Color
Style Boyfriend Embellishment Buttons
Design Clothes Bust(inch) XS :35¼, S :36½, M :38¼, L :39¾, XL :41¼, XXL :43
Shoulder Breadth(inch) XS :13¾, S :14¼, M :14½, L :15, XL :15¼, XXL :15¾ Dress Length(inch) XS:15, S:15¼, M:15¾, L:16¼, XL:16½, XXL:17
Weight 0.22kg

March 10, 2016
I've had shirts before but when you get a beautiful, well-fit, contoured to your sloth-body shirt, it can create a whole new outlook on your boring life for you. Whenever I wear this shirt, I get the looks from everyone. You’re looking for a shirt that will scream to the heavens about your extreme passion and inner sloth: this is the one for you. The women can't keep off of me when I wear this shirt. You don't need a wingman when you wear this t-shirt, that is unless you need someone to help keep the ladies off of you. This shirt is guaranteed to get you laid, either with someone else, or just by yourself in a dark room with an Internet-capable computer. The simple piece of dark fabric – covered in beautiful, grand designs of majestic sloths crowding a white and shining moon – is the best thing to happen to me since I accepted my lifestyle as being a sloth. When you are lazy, slow, eat in bed and procrastinate a lot, this shirt is you in the most glorious way possible. I’ve been wearing this shirt since the day I received it – close to three years – I don’t think it will be coming off anytime soon because how comfortable it is. While sloths don’t usually travel in packs, a couple have shown up on my doorstep and we haven’t left my house since they came. Only negative thing I can think of is when I'm wearing this shirt it has an affect on me. I tend to think in small sloth goals. I need food. I hang here. I like this. I stay. I sleep. (falls asleep).

Buy this.
June 2, 2016
Love this shirt. I ordered a large thinking it would shrink down, as I typical wear medium and don't gentle/cold wash anything. This fits perfect pre-wash so I think I'll either have to start eating better or cold washing clothes.
October 14, 2016
I find the fit and quality of image and print curing to be great. The mystical powers of these sloths are amazing as well. I used to simple stare blankly at the TV in my underwear with a bottle of Jack between my legs. I was never concerned about my world around me or what I was doing to my body. Now I wear this t-shirt when I sit watching the tube in my skivvies. The sloths presence create an environment I find to be grounding, bringing me to the present of my life and mindful of things around me.... like these pork rinds...and Twinkies.
March 18, 2016
I can't begin to tell you how disappointed I am with this shirt. For starters, delivery took way too long! I ordered Jan 27 and didn't receive it till March 16. I contacted the seller several times and received no response. The shirt itself is a big letdown also. Image quality is very low- the picture on the front is much smaller than the sample image let on and the resolution is terrible and dark. This shirt isn't like the ones other users posted photos of at all, it seems to have been made very cheaply and shipped directly from China. I'll still wear it because, let's face it, sloths are awesome.... but it could have been so much better!
January 8, 2016
I FREAKING LOVE THIS SHIRT! Other than it being hilarious and awesome sloths... I got it for my boyfriend for Christmas because we both love sloths! He is normally a medium in t-shirts to fit properly and a large if he wants them to be baggy. To be safe I got this in a Large and it fits him as a medium would with slightly a little more slack. All in all, this is awesome.... the printing is great and the cotton is soft enough! But I would say order a size larger than your normally would just to make sure its not too tight!
April 18, 2016
My girlfriend and I like to be odd, so we decided to make a trip to the zoo for my 28th birthday, and it just didn't seem right if we didn't have ridiculous shirts with fanny packs. I ordered this shirt as a small birthday present to myself. It delivered the results I had hoped for. Random stares and head tilts. I didn't even make it in to the zoo without the ticket lady commenting on how awesome my shirt was. Success! I am 5'11, 175lbs and I ordered a large. It fits well if you like a slightly tighter fitting shirt. I am fairly fit and have broader shoulders and chest. A large didn't fit overly tight, even after a couple of washes, The image on the shirt looks pretty dark until you get it out in sunlight. That's when the true beauty of Three Sloth Moon comes to life.
July 16, 2016
My son loves it. Fits him as expected, although he is thin, and it fits him well. (Medium size)
Colors stay vivid after washing.
Looks as pictured.
The shirt held up to washing in cold with jeans and like colors. Dried on medium heat. No loose threads. No twisting.
June 27, 2016
This shirt is wonderful. The material is quite soft, and the print looks very good on the shirt. It has a quality print on the shirt, rather than some of the cheaper shirts that are clearly iron-on prints. The only downside is that the print has a sort of dingy smell to it, but this smell comes out mostly after the first wash. Overall I am very pleased with this shirt.
August 27, 2013
Sloths are very underrated creatures. They are actually quite majestic and often stare at the moon pondering the universe. My favorite one is the middle one. He is named Rodney.
June 26, 2013
Hello fellow humans,

As a sloth myself, I live by the slogan "Live Slow, Die Whenever". So..When I wear a shirt, it's gotta be goooooood. Mostly caus' I'm not gonna change it caus' I'm too lazy. I feel this is an accurate representation of how my fellow companions look at the moon every night, well if they had the energy to look up. Like a wolf.

Fellow female sloth's can normally take up to a year to find me for mating, but with this shirt...that all seems to have changed. If Sloth's can have "swag" I think I got it. When I'm moving from tree to tree at a remarkable 6ft per minute, I can smell the ladies coming a mile away. Of course I wouldn't settle for any female sloth, as a sloth with this shirt on shouldn't settle for the first sloth to come his way.

My only complaint is that there arn't any sloth's hanging from the moon. I think my fellow sloths are too lazy to actually look up at anything. Well, I know I am. So if your slothin' it through the forest, or your ready to eat till your sleepy then sleep till your hungry, I would highly recommend picking up this shirt.