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Women's Military Jacket High Low Long Sleeve Medium Casual Cargo Jacket Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

Women's Military Jacket High Low Long Sleeve Medium Casual Cargo Jacket Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

New price: $77.17 USD

Описание товара

Design High Low Length Medium
Neckline Turndown Collar Embellishment Buttons
Closures Front Button Sleeve Length Long Sleeve
Pattern Solid Color Season Spring
Style Chic & Modern Fabric Cotton
Shown Color Hunter Green, Black Type Coat
Thickness Bust(inch) S :41, M :42½, L :44¼, XL :45¾
Length(inch) S :29¼, M :30, L :30¾, XL :31½ Sleeve Length(inch) S :23¼, M :23½, L :24¼, XL :24½
Shoulder Breadth(inch) S :15¾, M :16¼, L :16½, XL :17 Weight 1.1kg

October 25, 2016
I first saw this jacket on a fellow dog person, while walking our dogs. She is a designer so I assumed this was some expensive design jacket, cause it looks it! I just got mine today and I must say that it's perfect in every way! FIT: got mine in M, I'm 5'8 and 150 lbs, 40" chest 30" waist 40" hips, athletic build. Wasn't sure if I should go w L, thinking it might be Asian sizes, and glad I didn't!! The M is perfect - there's enough room in the chest area (I'm often forced to buy bigger size jacket to fit the chest and am a bit tired of the oversized look & feel, but not this time!). Some other reviewers mentioned the arms / sleeves being on a smaller side - well, I don't have big arms but they are def not toothpick thin, and the sleeves fit fine with a normal / thin sweater on. Maybe if u wear a super chunky sweater underneath it might feel too snug, but the jacket seems super warm as is and I doubt I would need a thick sweater with it. COLOR: got mine in green and it's the right kind of green. I would have called it "Spanish Olive Green", cause that's what it is. DESIGN: the cut is nice and unusual. Love the 1000 pockets and the side zippers feature. OVERALL it's a great jacket for the price that looks waaaaay more expensive than it is. Will def recommend to a friend!
October 25, 2016
I really, really wanted to like this jacket. I bought a medium gray and it looked like a sleeping bag on me (I'm 5'3" and 138 lbs, I usually wear a medium in Forever21 and Charlotte Russe). I then ordered a small green, but it still looks boxy. I think I will be returning it eventually because the shape just doesn't look like the product photos. If you want a roomy coat with a big cute hood though, go for it.

The Pros:
- Good quality. I checked the pockets, lining and zippers and everything works smoothly.
- The hood is fleece lined and large - super soft and cute!
- If you don't like it, it's very easy to return. Just print a shipping label, stick it back on the package, and drop it off at an Amazon Locker or UPS. I got my refund within a few hours of dropping it off!

The Cons:
- The color in the photos are off and very bright compared to the real thing. The green and gray are more drab and a few shades darker.
- The shape is boxy and loose. The sleeves are big and have more "poof." Not sure if an XS would make the sleeves look better since the S actually fits well on the shoulders.
January 8, 2016
I'm 5'4" and I'm usually a size 6-10 for dresses and mostly medium on everything except bottoms. I have wider hips and thighs so I'm usually an 11-13. So when I was looking at this product, I was a bit worried about the fit. But that was not the case at all. It's a comfortable fit, it's very warm and well-made. I purchased a LARGE. The bottom of the jacket has zippers on each side to allow the jacket to hang comfortable. If I don't unzip it, it is pretty snug. I've seen other sellers sell these for the same price, but it's not the right brand so be careful. I haven't tried it out yet because I've just received it, but I already know it'll be awesome. I highly recommend!
December 4, 2015
I absolutely love this coat! I'm 5'2 180 . I ordered XL based on other reviews and it's a perfect it. I has bottom side zippers for expansion .Update... I just ordered this coat again in a different color grey and size up. XXL, I'm 5'2 205. It's extremely warm.
January 27, 2016
After reading reviews for several other jackets like this one, I decided to buy this jacket and I wasn't disappointed! Many of the things that others said about it were spot on. I needed a jacket to keep me warm for a quick trip to Park City, Utah. This jacket kept me so warm that on one of the nights, all I wore underneath was a thin black short sleeved shirt with an open eyelet in the back! And the weather was in the 20s! (Granted, please don't forget a scarf and gloves--those are essential!). I am 5'0" and about 130 lbs, and I got the jacket in a size Small. It fit me very well (was long for me but that is what I wanted--it hit a little below the midpoint of my thigh, closer to my knee), and even had room in case I wanted to wear bulky sweaters or layers underneath, which as I mentioned above, I didn't need to do much bc it kept me very warm. There are two zipper pockets (one on each side) where I kept items like my lip gloss, small wallet, cell phone, hand warmers. And there are also two additional zippered pockets vertically along the chest area, in case you want to hide any other items. The zippers do stick a little, but nothing a little WD40 can't handle. There are also two hand pockets (unzippered) on the side of each hip for you to put your hands into (this is where my hands are in the picture)--these pockets were deep and big enough to hold my gloves and my hands and any other little items I needed to store (my goal, as you might be able to tell, was not to have to carry any type of purse or bag). The hood came in handy, especially when it started to rain and snow. Definitely kept me very warm. This jacket is quite heavy, which I like, but some may not like that aspect of the jacket (when my husband picked it up to hand to me, he made a comment about how heavy it felt). I got it in the beige color, so it goes with pretty much everything, and had a really nice light salmon/tangerine lining color inside. It also had some side zippers to expand the jacket around the hips (if you are more of a pear shape), and also another expandable area around either side of the main vertical zipper that zips up the jacket, so plenty of room. This jacket feels like a down comforter, warm, cozy, puffy in that sense, but definitely a good jacket if you are going to be in the cold cold weather! If you are looking for something more fitted, this probably isn't the jacket for you, but if warmth, storage, and comfort are key, then this is a good one to have in your closet for those super cold nights or trips to the mountains!
November 20, 2015
I was unsure ordering the coat given the descriptions that seem to have lost a little something in ((google translation)). The coat is actually fine. Quality seems reasonable. I just could not help myself but to post the little poem found on the garment bag when it arrived. W.T.A.F... (Seriously, this has to be a joke, right?).
September 15, 2016
SO WARM. So stylish! I am so in love with this coat. It seems very well put together and heavy and sturdy. I am usually a size L/XL in everything and the large fits perfectly with the zippers up on the sides. It gets a bit narrow around the hips but it's adjustable so it's fine! Absolutely love this coat ❤️

For reference I am 5'4 & 200lbs.
November 30, 2015
I'm 5'9", 140 lbs, you can see how long and wide a size Medium is on me in the picture. Sizing was great for me, I could have gone to a Large if I wanted a baggier look.

-Super warm. I've worn this in North Dakota and Washington state, in temperatures down to 15 degrees. I've been wearing normal shirts underneath and have been toasty. When we get to sub-zero temps I'll switch to sweaters underneath and expect the coat to be fine.
-Different/trendy. I've gotten three compliments from strangers on the coat already. Not sure if you can see but each side has a line of buttons on either side of the zipper which keep the padded sides buttoned down and help achieve the coat's cool look.
-Pockets! The two front zip pockets are awesome for keeping my phone, anything big. Just remember to keep them zipped before you bend down. The two normal front pockets underneath those zip pockets are big and room for gloved hands, or for storing, so you have four large pockets total.
-The hood. I love the soft, warm hood. It does get blown back if you're in really windy weather, otherwise it's heavy enough to stay on your head.
-Moisture doesn't penetrate. I've only worn in a light rain and snow so far though, not sure I'd wear it in a downpour.

-Coat hook strap has already broken. It was sewn on very cheaply, not sure why they would skimp on that when the rest of the coat is great. Now I can only drape it over a chair or use the hood to hang it, it won't stay hung any other way.
-Zipper sticks a little at the bottom.
December 14, 2014
I absolutely LOVE this jacket. Initially I was a bit skeptical but after reading other reviews I decided to purchase. At first i ordered a Large (based on reviews to buy one size up), but once received, it was too big. (I am 5'3" 140lbs a size 9 to give other customers a reference on sizing) I returned the Large with no issues, received my refund, and ordered a Medium...fits perfectly!!! I highly recommend this jacket! I currently live in an area where the temperature reaches to the single digits/below zero and so far this jacket has kept me extremely warm and comfortable. The lining is extra soft/warm, the pockets are perfect to carry items to leave the purse at home. The only slight issue I have is that the zipper at times will stick but overall this is a perfect winter jacket! The delivery time was prompt, the return service was quick, this product has exceeded my expectations! Again I'm usually skeptical but please take my word, this jacket is definitely a good buy!
March 1, 2015
I love this jacket. Got it at XS and it fit perfectly - no tightness, no wind getting from under the jacket and no fabric stretching! I'm usually a UK8 or US6. I'm 170 cm or 5.58ft tall. (Gonna return the M which is too loose for me.) I like the pockets, which can store my phone, purse, gloves, camera and every other necessity for an outdoor trip.

And it's super warm. I wore it with only a t-shirt and leggings and went outdoors when there was moderate snow and temperature was -3 celcius or 27 fahrenheit outdoors. The surface is water-resistant and the snow glides away on the surface. Some spots later got wet from melted snow caught around the bend of the elbow, but these dried up quickly.