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Women's Gray Off-the-shoulder Slim Knit Sweater Dress Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

Women's Gray Off-the-shoulder Slim Knit Sweater Dress Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

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Описание товара

Type Sweater Sleeve Length Long Sleeve
Neckline Off-the-Shoulder Shown Color Grey
Season Fall Fabric Rayon
Pattern Solid Color Style Casual
Design Slim Fit Built-in Bra No
Bust(inch) One Size :34¾ Length(inch) One Size :33½
Weight 0.2kg

December 11, 2013
Not everyone who envisions saving people around the world from debilitating poverty wears Birkenstock shoes and listens to the Grateful Dead. As a successful venture capitalist, Novogratz has succeeded in tackling the greatest challenges for ending social and economic injustice by profitably empowering people who are disenfranchised by their local society and governments. Among the greatest business lessons she offers are how to learn and rebound from failure, and how to solve seemingly intractable problems through framing them with the right questions.
February 22, 2017
November 29, 2010
If you want to read a biography in which you will learn about yourself as well as Novogratz and the developing world this book is worth the read. It is easy to read and does not hide behind financial ease. Novogratz is honest about her frustrations and other's frustrations with her. Having worked a bit in several countries I found her experiences both believable and inspiring.

She discovers a financial truth: If you give someone something the polite response is 'thank you' with no critique attached. If you loan someone money or sell someone something they will give you honest feedback. Aid is not always the best answer to all forms of poverty. There are circumstances in which payment is not possible but when possible if a person can pay even a small amount they feel empowered.

Novogratz's work does not end with the book. The New York based Acumen Fund is a conduit for angel investors in businesses all over the world which have the potential to scale to 1 million clients. Great read. Great organization.

Do you have a blue sweater experience?
July 16, 2017
This book is an amazing tale of one woman's dedication to the greater good. Together with so many others she created relationships with around the world she inspires the reader to get out and make a change. Loved every moment reading this book. A great reminder that life has a deeper purpose.
February 26, 2013
I think the information in this book is really interesting. It has given me a different perspective on international locations and poverty. The things I liked the best about the book is the snippets of life in the different women that the author interacted with over time. The thing I liked least about the book was how disjointed it is. Yes I believe the author is telling her story from a chronological standpoint, but it makes the information a little jumpy. Otherwise, I would recommend the book to anyone that likes to learn about different cultures and the issues surrounding those cultures. Especially from a philanthropic/charitable perspective.
December 10, 2010
The experiences of Jacqueline Novogratz are varied but each of them contributes to the value of this book. Having spent sixty days in Moshi, Tanzania as a teacher of English to adults in the NGO Give a Heart to Africa, I was drawn to read more about microfinance as well as ways we can best help women gain independence through education and sustainable employment. Novogratz emphasizes that empowering women is a worthwhile and rewarding endeavor even though it is a very challenging task. She also reveals myriad things that she learned along the way that help the reader understand cultural differences not only between African countries and Western ones, but also among African countries. Early in the book she writes a powerful reflection, "I didn't fathom then that most big dreams originate in someone's living room with a small group of people, regardless of where they come from or how they are dressed." Despite consistent challenges, success is possible.
There is an extensive reading list, divided by topics, at the end of this book that provides a rich resource to enhance understanding as well as engagement. I recommend not only reading this book but also volunteering, too!
January 4, 2011
Brief Description
Blue Sweater is story of Jacqueline's journey on the road of change. What challenges & hardships she felt and how she conquered over those challenges with new perspective, gave us a valuable insight into a life and experiences of a social entrepreneur. Jacqueline left a high paying wall street to work in developing and poor nations of Africa. Though she was having noble intentions and raging passion to change the world for good but world had a whole lot different colors and spices in store for her. She went from country to country, started a women microfinance organization in Rwanda, worked with African governments, led teams at Rockefeller foundations and went on to build one of the most successful social entrepreneurial company called `Acumen Fund'.

Interesting points and Take-aways from this amazing book -

' How we all are connected?
Sometimes we can't even imagine how our daily actions and activities are affecting others in the world. We saw one example of blue sweater that traveled across continents. This was a tangible example. But the way we consume light, water and energy and how that in turn affect our less fortunate brothers and sisters, is definitely something to think about. We're not an insolated system but a part of a global one. Her Blue sweater's journey across the world tells the same.

'Importance of building trust and relationships
With instances of food poisoning, fear of being under a voodoo spell and getting mugged, Jacqueline faced many great roadblocks in the road of doing well. Though her intentions were noble, but she learned over a period how she has to build trust in order to get her intentions across to people. After few years, some women in the community were impressed by the persistence and gave her a platform to execute her vision. It hits home the point of establishing trust first and then executing noble plans.

'Listening and Adapting
Good intellect, noble intention and passion were needed to solve the untouched problems. But to make sure that right problems are solved and solution designed are truly what needed, listening becomes the most important skill. Author explained in couple of instances like bakery paint instance and being told that growth should be at Rwanda's pace and not at her own though her intentions were pure. Those things really suggest that people trying to change the world change need to themselves first and then they can make a real difference. They listen and they adapt the process though ultimate goal is still the same. It was a change of from her vision to Rwanda's vision.

'Breaking the norms
Social taboos are high in less educated communities and they can indeed break the momentum of progress in any nation. Those are one of the main speed breakers on the road to change. But understanding that those norms are deep rooted into the very thread of the society and thus can't be easily changed without taking some resistance from the masses, played an important role into her personal and professional life.

'Institutions Matters
Where governments, universal organizations such as Red Cross, UNICEF were failing, Duterimbere and such organizations were the answers. Understanding that people in these countries know how to solve their problem and don't need charity but just need an opportunity. Big flows of aid create corruption and mismanagement. And scattered efforts don't make big impact but collective efforts with an established accountability structure in form of organizations and microenterprises are the answers to some of biggest national and community problems.

'Social Entrepreneurship is not about just numbers
"Duterimbere" has done well in areas that are beyond numbers. Just not providing financial support to women, it brought a social change and had a much bigger impact on the society that its financial sheets may not show. Women opening their bank accounts without husband's signature, running banks and holding major positions in business, all these are also sign of much greater impact that this institution had in the mindset of its people. Aware youth who talks about international politics and discusses current technology, all are indirect benefits of this bank.
March 8, 2010
This personal story of an entrepreneur's journey from working as a credit analyst on Wall Street to lending microloans to the poorest women bakers in Rwanda should force everyone to ask themselves what they are doing to make this world a better place.

You feel transported to Africa, and can almost smell the fried doughnuts that the bakers sell door to door to bring in the $3 a day that is a fortune in Kigali. The pride of making an honest day's wage is universal - and it's uplifting to see the free markets working when the right model of entrepreneurship provides opportunity to people normally viewed as outcasts.

Yet, we also hear firsthand accounts of the Rwanda genocide that shatters the peace and prosperity and also serves as a crushing reminder of the evil that lurks within some of us. What's even more saddening is that one of Ms. Novogratz's early partners turns out to become an inciter of violence and a war criminal.

Instead, I choose to remember the inspirational stories of businesses providing social good on top of viable economic business models - of hospitals providing eye surgery for free to the poor while charging for those who can afford it, of weavers who manufacture nets laced with chemical insect propellants that prevent malaria, of irrigation equipment providers helping farmers improve the yield of their land, of real estate developers in Pakistan that provide the poor an opportunity to purchase and own their houses with simple and affordable mortgages (no subprime securitizations, or negative amortization time bombs, or CDOs!).

As a result of reading this book, I've promised to myself to attend the NY chapter of Ms. Novogratz's Acumen Fund group to see how I can get involved. I've also just made a modest donation to the Acumen Fund, and I hope to continue giving in the future.

Read this book. I hope it motivates and moves you as much as it did me.
October 1, 2017
Novogratz tells us a powerful story from which we learn the complexities of the modern world. A world in which both good and bad can exist within the same person, project or organization. The world needs more than humanitarian she says. The world need people with both strong target skills and a soft heart. The world needs to start thinking about the poor as customers, because as they say "the customer is always right". It's about time we start listening to the forgotten poor customers. Novogratz delivers in this book an amazing story, both emotional and rational, which will inspire all modern leaders who desire to create change.
August 28, 2017
If you have a passion to help in developing areas of the world this read will be of interest to you. What seems simple, that is to work with locals to develop self-sustaining entrepreneurial enterprises, is incredibly difficult. Results are long-range, back breakingly hard, but life-giving and life- changing in the process, as beautifully documented in this book. Sensitive, honest, humorous, and poignant.