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Women's Cropped Pants High Slit Draped Wide Leg Pants Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

Women's Cropped Pants High Slit Draped Wide Leg Pants Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

New price: $18.99 USD

Описание товара

Leg Style Wide Waistline Natural
Shown Color Burgundy, Grey, White, Black Fabric Polyester
Style Chic & Modern Pattern Solid Color
Embellishment Split Thickness
Waist(inch) M :31¼, L :33¼, XL :35¼, XXL :37¼ Hips(inch) M :37½, L :39¼, XL :41¼, XXL :43¼
Pants Length(inch) M:41, L:41¾, XL:42½, XXL:43¼ Weight 0.15kg

March 31, 2013
Ever since pairing these with my Holy Bible Nascar Edition and Magical Unicorn Mask, my social calendar is totally filled! A tractor pull tonight, church tomorrow, a pie eating contest, more church, a beer-drinkin contest with my church group...thanks, Zubaz!
April 22, 2016
I have to say that I'm extremely disappointed with this product. The very first time I washed them the crotch blew out due to faulty stitching. I had heard great things about how well they hold up to wear and tear, but these pants can't even stand being washed once. So far these pants have been a total waste of my money and time. I'm going to talk to customer service about a refund or getting a pair that isn't faulty.
March 28, 2012
I have found most pants do not possess the sheer testicular capacity needed to house a woman-pleaser of my caliber.
So I was a little skeptical upon ordering these Zubaz pants. But after wearing these pants I can only say they are, without a doubt, the pants of the gods! How else could one explain the quality and style detailed in these 60/40 poly-cotton elastic purple zebra print man-pants? Nay, not man-pants, but from henceforth, MANTS!
From the first moment these mants caressed my groin area, my gonads immediately felt cradled and secure, yet free enough to sway hither and fro upon the slightest movement.
The reactions I received upon sporting these diety inspired mants were amazing to say the least. Upon approaching women, I found they could not take their eyes off of my sugar bulge. Their eyes were transfixed as if staring into the face of God! I also noticed their pants or skirts would drop almost immediately upon my arrival and their panties would explode off of their bodies in a blast of sexual anticipation. It was incredible!
And the male reactions were equally amazing! I noticed even the biggest, toughest guys would avert their eyes and cower in fear upon my approach. I mean, honestly, who wants to get a roundhouse kick to the face by a guy sporting these bad boys? Answer: NOBODY!
Bottom line is, I highly recommend these mants! Buy them in every color for every occasion! It changed my life and it can change yours too!
September 23, 2012
Ordinarily I wouldn't take time outta my busy routine of pumpin' iron, mirror flexin' and oiling my muscles to write a review for a friggin' pair of pants, but dude, I just gotsta let everyone know how much I love Zubaz!! Of the 29 pairs of pants that I've ever owned in my life (I've kept track, bro), these are by far the most comfortable and are great for nearly every occasion. From lifting weights down on Venice Beach to dumpster diving behind the GNC, to just chillin' on the couch watching Ultimate Fighting matches. They help me stay "juiced & loose" and feel "wild & dangerous". Just like the company's motto. Some other thoughts on these pants:

Pros: They're not only comfy as hell, they're totally stylish too. When I'm wearing `em I look like a centaur with the torso of Hercules and the body of a French Zebra or something. Another bonus is that if you accidentally spill Muscle Mayo protein shake all over your Zubs, you don't ever need to worry about it ruining them. Any and all stains totally blend into the bitchin' design.

Cons: None. The only thing I'd really say is to make a suggestion. Zubaz, you totally need to expand your clothing line and go into formal wear. That's right, dudes, formal wear. I've got two words that will change the face of both your company and the world forever: Zubaz Tux!! I got married a few years back and had to construct my own out of fabric from an old Zubaz sleeping bag, but if you came out with an official tux collection, I'd totally get remarried in one in a heartbeat.

Anyway, I hope they're reading this and heed my advice someday (hire me as a consultant dudes!!), but until then all you need know is one thing. Hands down, these are the sickest SICKEST pair of pants that you'll ever wear!!!
June 18, 2015
I bought these pants as a goof to wear to a party. Turns out, they are really soft and comfortable and make for great lazy day hanging around the house pants! Plus - these zebra pants just scream, "FASHION!"