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Women's Crop Top Fuchsia High Collar Sleeveless Knit Casual Top Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

Women's Crop Top Fuchsia High Collar Sleeveless Knit Casual Top Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

New price: $14.81 USD

Описание товара

Sleeve Length Sleeveless Style Casual
Pattern Solid Color Design Cropped
Shown Color Fuchsia Neckline High Collar
Occasion Daily Casual Note Clothes could be stretched.
Fabric Acrylic Bust(inch) S :28¼, M :30, L :31½, XL :33¼
Length(inch) S :13, M :13½, L :13¾, XL :14¼ Shoulder Breadth(inch) S :9¾, M :10¼, L :10¾, XL :11¼
Weight 0.11kg

January 27, 2015
After seeing our poor dog suffer for weeks with the plastic cone collar, I was determined to fine a better solution. I am thrilled to say that this was a blessing for our dog and us. This is so easy to put on and off and our dog was finally able to sleep comfortably at night with this collar on. It was almost like sleeping on a pillow. Depending on the size of your dog's nose, they can reach the back hip area if they are not monitored. Our dog is part beagle and dachshund. They main draw for this collar is the ease of getting it on and off and the comfort for the dog, both of which were very important to me. I do recommend this over the other options out there.
August 12, 2017
This inflatable collar worked very well on our Sheltie. She was much more comfortable than wearing the solid plastic collar.
January 26, 2016
My German Shepard defeated the cone style collars in no time. This one took her 3 days until I found it removed in the morning and after fitting it tighter and at a different inflation level she figured out how to get around it. Her surgery was on her haunch which made it easier for her to defeat it. She is just to smart for her own good, but luckily she is obedient and will stop licking her wound on command and not do it for many hours, It will probably work well with a dog that does not have as long a snout as a German Sheppard. It did get her through the initial portion of the recovery but overall she wins.
December 18, 2013
I would have rated this product a five star rating, but the quality of Velcro is lacking, the two sides don't stick well together, even with the Boo Boo Loon half inflated, as the directions say to do. Other than that, I am loving it! I bought it NOT to keep my little dog Gimpy from chewing on himself, though that will come in real handy if the need arises ...... I bought it to keep Gimpy from accessing the well house through the small cat door. I keep cat food inside the well house and he was getting in there and stealing the food. So what I do is, when it is time for Gimpy to go outside to potty, I put his collar on and don't have to worry about him stealing the food. Then when he comes back in, I remove the collar. It took him a couple of days to adjust to it. He didn't want to potty with it on, but he quickly got over it. Other than the Velcro problem, I am quite satisfied.
November 17, 2012
This collar is the most wonderful thing for my cat who has to wear it for a long time because of an open wound that will not heal due to an autoimmune or allergic problem (eosiniphil granuloma) which we are trying to figure out. The standard hard plastic Elizabethan collar may be fine for a few days, but is far too restrictive for a pet who has to wear it longer. The blue fabric collar doesn't really restrict a pet from licking a wound if they really try. So this is perfect.

I have been using the small size for my cat, but I am going to order the medium size because with the small size he can get at his paws, which are inflamed and raw. The dimensions of the different sizes given on amazon are incorrect - it looks like the only difference between all the sizes is the neck diameter. But in looking at the diagram on their site, the general size of the collars increase with the neck diameter.

The 4 stars is because of the velcro closure, which is not a very strong bond. Also, because the velcro dots are spaced out every inch or so, I could not find the correct tightness with the velcro dots, so I ended up using duct tape to secure the collar. It is tight enough to stay on, but I can also easily slip this collar on and off when I need to. I can see how a persistent cat or dog could get this collar off, but I am very lucky with a cat who leaves it alone.

Overall, it is a great collar and highly recommended. The small size is perfect for a cat without paw problems. Also, my cat with all claws constantly scratches the collar, and after weeks of having this collar on, there is still no punctures at all.
November 26, 2015
The idea of this collar is great. However, it is incredibly cheaply made. I should have realized that when they included patching material, it meant it was flimsy and wouldn't hold up to normal usage. The collar itself has a printed message to only inflate half-way - supposedly for the dog's comfort. I'm guessing it's actually because the seams aren't strong and can't handle much pressure. Within days, the velcro closure patches started coming off and I had to glue them back on. But then the collar deflated and even though I thought I'd found the source of the leak and patched it, it still wouldn't stay inflated. I continued to find pinhole leaks, used more patching material, and still couldn't fix it. So it's in the trash now. A complete waste of money. If you want to use an inflatable collar, get one that has an inner tube and a strong outer tube to protect it. This collar simply doesn't hold up.
September 29, 2012
This "might" work if I could keep it on her. She didn't like it to begin with - big & bulky on her & yes I got the correct size.
It took her about 30 seconds to get it off the first time I put it on her. She sat there so patiently while I put it on her - decided she didn't like it - proceeded to walk backwards until she found 2 pieces of furniture close enough together to catch it - she simply continued to walk backwards leaving this collar behind. Very funny to watch this procedure.

I am not sure why I decided to try it again a second time - same results in about 10 seconds.

Nice idea but just does not work. Don't you think it's rather expensive for a piece of plastic made in China? When I first opened the package there was that strong plastic smell - very unpleasant.

I can't recommend this product.

UPDATE:: I have now given the Boobooloon 2 stars instead of my original 1 star because the reason it does not work for us is not entirely the fault of the product. It partly due to my pet.

I went to the vet today and took the Boobooloon along for his opinion. He said it will not work for my dog. There are 2 reasons it won't work for us and many other pet owners.
1. The body structure of the pet. In my case-her neck is about the same size as her head therefore it will not stay on. He put it on her as snug as it would go and she took it off - it just won't work for us.
2. The personality of the dog. Some dogs will wear anything-some will wear nothing. Mine likes nothing & remember if your pet does not want to wear this - it WILL come off.
So always keep in mind the body structure & personality of your pet. If you are in doubt - ask your vet.

I still do not like that it is made in China, although it is soft & comfy as stated.

Now I would like to comment on customer service from the Boobooloon folks. I give them 500 stars for the amount of time they have spent working with me trying to keep it on my pet. They are a bunch of fantastic people with great attitudes and I am grateful for the caring response I have received from them. I hope they keep trying to improve their product and hopefully in the future I will have a Boobooloon that will work.
October 22, 2014
I put the BooBooLoon pet recovery collar on, and within hours it was flat. The dog was indoors and I was watching her. She didn't chew the collar, and there was no visible damage, it was just flat. I have tried three brands of soft collars, and this was the worst. If your dog has a long snout, regardless of the dog's weight, you will need a wider collar. I ended up using the vet's stiff, but clear version for the weeks following my dog's multiple surgeries. I don't recommend this product.
September 22, 2012
I purchased this as I have 2 puppies that needed to be fixed. I've been in dog rescue and had several dogs fixed and used the plastic cones many times and I HATE them! (even if the dogs don't!) So I began searching for an alternative and decided to order this. One puppy has been neutered and he also had a dewclaw removed. I was sure the stitches on his foot would bother him even if the neuter stitches didn't, but he never bothered any of his stitches! I tried the BooBooLoon on him and he didn't object to it and I was happy with the fit on him. Now it's his sister's turn to get fixed in the next couple of weeks. They had the same neck size but she's grown so I need to check the fit again, then I can update my review if she uses it. If it doesn't get used I'm sure it will sell quickly, I don't feel I'm losing out at all. This company's shipping service is excellent, I ordered this item on the weekend, 3 days before my puppy's surgery, and it arrived the day before his surgery! I would order from them again in a heartbeat!
February 25, 2014
Gilder is my Dachshund, who in his spare time likes to chew on his legs, tail, etc, out of anxiety when I am not home.. or even as a boredom factor when I am asleep. Baths every week, with gentle soaps not to irritate his skin...(every week because other dogs in the area i live have nasty fleas that will tear him up otherwise..)... it almost feels like its a game to see when mommy will see the new bald spot/scab.

All in all, it did what I bought it for. Kept him from chewing when I was busy cleaning, gaming, or asleep.
But man is he a smart pup.. very quickly he realized it was Velcro, and that you can squeeze between mommy and daddy at night, and it will pop off. That or if I am napping, he will plop down on my pillow, putting the part near his breastbone under him, and then plop his paws forward, making the Velcro come loose. Sometimes he wont use his paws and just start rolling around like crazy. (Glancing back while writing this, I just heard the Velcro crackle and he was burying his face into my pillow, in a pouting gesture.)

One thing I am worried about, is when i try slipping my finger underneath the collar with it Velcro'd on with the last two dots, it seems really tight. And there i a set of 4 total dots on the bottom half.. I feel as if the one dot would be too loose and him plopping down would make it come off.. He's not a big dog, maybe 13 pounds soaking wet.. and the BooBooLoon is not inflated the whole way..

All in all, for not having to pay too much and not having to wait for a long time to receive it, its a wonderful item. When I cant keep my eyes on him, or my partner, it keeps him from chewing on himself... among other things.