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Women's Boxers Underwear Lace Skinny Black Lingerie Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

Women's Boxers Underwear Lace Skinny Black Lingerie Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

New price: $10.14 USD

Описание товара

Shown Color Black, Apricot Style Sexy, Chic & Modern
Embellishment Lace Pattern Solid Color
Occasion Indoor, Field Waistline Natural
Waist Type Elastic Waist Fabric Synthetic
Note Clothes could be stretched. Waist(inch) S :22¼, M :23½, L :25¼, XL :26¾, XXL :28¼
Weight 0.12kg

January 20, 2017
I’ve been wearing regular cotton boxers for a long time. These don’t always offer the support I need, so a while ago I tried out more athletic oriented boxer briefs. Initially I got Champion brand cotton. These offered great support, but weren’t comfortable to wear all day. Mainly, they were too hot, the legs would ride up and the waistband would fold over. I found myself constantly adjusting all over. I stumbled across bamboo boxer briefs and this is the story of my journey to find a comfortable, affordable version.

These are my favorite of all the brands I’ve tried so far. They fit well. The pouch and waistband are key here in making that work. The leg material is just long enough. I like the pattern (USA symbols pattern). These are actually the first I bough and they are pricy and I don’t like all the patterns, so my search continued.

Cons with bamboo in general:
All the brands I’ve tried seem to require delicate wash cycle and low heat drying or line dry. I’m ok with the different wash cycle as I plan to buy enough that I only have to do it one every couple of weeks. But I will low heat drying is the slowest I’ll go.
February 18, 2016
Following the sizing advice of the site I ordered the 6-pack of large instead of the medium size. I have a 28" waist and normally buy small men's sizes in underwear. The large version of these are for waist sizes 28-31". They fit okay in the band, no chance of stretching them, but the body of them is a little bit looser than I expected/need and things tend to move around a lot more down there which gets uncomfortable when walking and when I sit down. Otherwise they are great! The bamboo fabric is amazingly soft (the softest underwear fabric I've ever felt), breathes well keeping things cooler, very comfortable to the skin, and the prints/colours are bright and don't bleed during washing.
I will order these again when I need to, but I will order the Medium size next time.
I contacted the seller, and mentioned my experience and they are sending me a 4-pack of Mediums to try. I will come back and modify this review after I've tried them.
November 2, 2017
Silky material which I’m getting used to. They are comfortable and supportive. They also have the added effect of really enhancing the focus to your bulge!

Only complaint is that they are so short in the legs that they are almost just briefs. But hey, not complaining. Also there are some Red Stars and Cyrillic words on one pair. Don’t know what it says but seems somewhat like Communist imagery. I chunked those to be safe because America.
July 18, 2015
So, I have a story to share, please, read along with me. I was a brief wearer for many a year, I enjoy knowing where my bits are, and that they cannot become unleashed when least expecting. I however, got a girlfriend, and that was not down to my brief wearing, oh no, it was my charisma and charm. But enough about that. She did not enjoy my briefs as much as I did, and as much as I tried to show her the key benefits, it was obvious this was not an argument I could win. So began my long search for an underwear both pleasing to the female eye, and secure enough to embolden me on the sports field. Years went by, some experimental underwear became pj's, as it was obvious they were not up to the task, others tore and faded. Recently, however, a savior came to my side. That savior was non-other than these cheeky "Jin Shi's". I ordered off the cuff, fatigued by years of helpless searching. They arrived. Eagerly I stripped the first little foil package I saw, and what emerged was nothing short of divine. An underwear unparalleled. The colors were sleek and sexy. The fabric, soft as a new born kitten. Then, I wore them. I could have sworn I grew an extra 3 inches (in height, IN HEIGHT) the security and strength these underpants provided was obvious, the sensory feel on the skin, blessed.

These are not "boxers" (but come on, are we in high school again?) they are the most delightful bridge between my wonderfully utilitarian briefs, with the charm and comfort that can only come from a Chinese made product. And so I say thank you, Jin Shi, thank you.
April 27, 2016
Im wearing my first pair now, They fit well in the front but they seem to have to much material in the bottom crack location, Which causes them to go right on up in there if you know what i mean. Now Im half way thru the day, Im going to be in the gym and in college after work, And I dont want to be "picking it out" while Im there, So my only option is to utterly embrace the uncomfortableness.
G Thanks guys.
November 20, 2017
So I bought these earlier as an XXL and I like the prints and materials, but they were too tight. I kept them in case I decide to drop training weight, but I normally would wear an XL or XXL sweat pant size- I have a 34" or 36" waist. XXL in US sizing is generally fine or even too big. With the JINSHI's however, I ordered a second time at XXXL size and it's a much better fit... snug but comfy. I would almost be willing to try a 4XL. I think I'm ok with 3XL for now. I'll consider buying more pairs in the future, but they do need to get the sizing thing sorted out because most of the reviews share my opinion- sizing is called out AT LEAST 1-2 sizes too small. Buy bigger and enjoy.
August 27, 2017
These are a godsend.
I've never felt so safe entrusting myself to any undergarment as such as this.

Suuuuuper soft, feel pretty darn good, and these are definitely my favorite underwear to wear. Just waiting a bit to buy more because dumping a couple hundred dollars in underwear would gather rather odd looks from family and friends.
Overall, pretty happy, but the one issue I have is the size between the pairs I received(in one order of 8) seems to differ quite a bit.
one of the pairs is a litttttttle bit small, 6 fit great, and then one is almost half an inch too big in the waist, not to mention it doesnt cradle any goods like I would hope it would.
Aside from that though, I 100% recommend these. Buying more shortly

I'm a 31.5 waist, but ordered a Large..... I think the sizing may have changed because amazon recommends a medium... They also had a note in their product when it was delivered to use the amazon sizes from now on, so I'd trust those.
June 2, 2017
I waited at least 6 months before posting a review on the 4-pack product. I must admit, I was very apprehensive about purchasing this product as I am not familiar with the brand nor with the bamboo material, however, after normal wear, it's extremely comfortable and fits as I hoped. I'm approx 165 lbs, average/athletic build and standing 5' 7".
Although it is recommended to hand wash, I've also thrown it in the washing machine with the rest of my laundry to see how well it would hold up during different types of wash cycles. To my surprise, there has been no sign of wearing down in the fabric or the band.
The fabric maintains a snug fit without the added stretch after wearing throughout the day like some other brands/fabrics I've experienced.
For anyone on the fence about purchasing this product, I'd advise on buying a single pair to try out first vs a multi-pack in case you don't like it.
I will definitely purchase again.
October 17, 2017
As other reviews indicate, product fits very small. I am 32” waist so ordered medium because that’s the bottom of size range according to the chart. Very small, although the package I received said large on it, which i didnt order, but as a result im not really sure what size i recieved. If i recieved large, these run even smaller than if they are medium. If you get these, go at least one size up, possible 2. Fabric is nice and cut/fit would be great if it wasnt tiny. Company really needs to update its size chart for improved accuracy because current one is WAY off (4 inch waist difference for one size range is pretty crazy in itself). Pretty disappointed overall but like the fabric (its soft) and designs but size makes product essentially unwearable.
February 20, 2017
I liked how these fit, felt, and looked so much, that I purchased several pairs. After several months I am pleased to say that the material has held up well. No holes in the underwear, and no thread falling apart yet.
They are well made, form fitting, and feel great!

I've come back to Amazon for the 3rd time to purchase more. All because of how much I love them. Try purchasing 1 pair, and I bet you will be back for more. Just make sure you check the size chart. I wear 34-36 inch jeans depending on the brand and style, and I purchased the XL size, and they fit me perfectly.