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Women's Blue Bodysuit High Collar Long Sleeve Slim Fit Bodysuit Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

Women's Blue Bodysuit High Collar Long Sleeve Slim Fit Bodysuit Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

New price: $17.99 USD

Описание товара

Season Summer Neckline High Collar
Embellishment Cut-Outs Sleeve Length Long Sleeve
Fabric Polyester Style Chic & Modern
Design Shaping Shown Color Blue, Black
Occasion Rave Club Group Women
Bust(inch) M :15¼, L :16¼ Waist(inch) M :12¼, L :13¼
Hips(inch) M :13¾, L :14¾ Length(inch) M :27¼, L :27¾
Weight 0.18kg

September 19, 2017
This has been a life saver, I don't have a perfectly well behaved dog after using it but I'm no longer having my arm yanked out of socket.
Pros- perfect for restraining, training, and diverting my dog's attention away from whatever she is obsessing over. She still pulls but isnt able to put more force behind it.
Cons- she hates it (despite proper and very slow paced introduction to the collar) it seems to make her face itch but she doesn't try to claw it off anymore. I only use it for the first half of long walks then switch to a harness.
It also gets off center on her neck, making it less effective so I keep having to switch sides with the leash in order to keep things centered. This only happens because she pulls constantly and lunges quite often. If your dog isn't insane like mine then this shouldnt be an issue.
February 6, 2017
I was on vacation and my one year old border collie broke her harness. I have used this system before so I was familiar with the the gentle leader so i just ordered it an in two days it was delivered to me .Life saver since all dogs must be leashed where we were. I love the pink color and am happy to have bought both the leash and the gentle leader. I haven't needed this type of harness/leash for all my dogs but this one really needed it and I can control here so much better than before . She likes to go where her nose goes and was forever pulling me where I didn't want to go. Well no more. I now have control.
May 4, 2016
this almost completely stopped my 35-lb pup's pulling tendencies!! very rarely he tries to rebel and shakes his head back and forth but quickly realizes that it's in vain, and becomes calm again. it has also helped tone down his reactivity and mild aggression when he gets into his overprotective mode. my dog adapted to this very quickly. the only issue is that i can tell he doesn't love this headcollar (rather reluctantly lets me put it on). i think my dog is probably upset that i finally have some control over him and he can't pull my arm out of its socket anymore. no more sore arms! the collar is fully adjustable and fits my dog well. he's able to bark, breathe, and pant normally, and would even be able to eat if i left it on (which i don't), and that reassures me that it's not restricting him or acting like a muzzle.
December 20, 2017
My dog's trainer recommenced I get one of these because my rescued boxer has a tendency to... "squirrel! got get the squirrel!" ... at random when out for a walk. 70lbs of leaping boxer can get taxing on the shoulder - and isn't exactly great for his esophagus when a normal collar is used. This solves it all. It took some time for him to get used to wearing the muzzle part but now, while he doesn't like it he tolerates it and best of all he doesn't constantly pull or leap when out for a walk. FYI- this is my 2nd one as I decided to keep one in my car as a backup.
December 4, 2016
We purchased this head collar for when we walked our Great Dane puppy. Great Danes are very strong and they grow very quickly. I am a large man and I didn't have a whole lot of trouble walking her with a regular collar but my wife had issues because our puppy was so strong. We took her to obedience training and that helped A LOT but when my wife got pregnant I didn't want to risk our puppy pulling her over while on a walk. That's why we got this collar. Puppies tend to be very curious and since smell is one of their main exploratory senses pulling at a regular neck collar doesn't help too much to end the extreme curiosity. A gentle tug at her head collar and she is back to focusing on her walk.

I knocked it down a star because once she grows a bit more I don't think it'll be as effective. (Although, I hope that by then her obedience classes will make it so we can go back to a regular collar.)
December 24, 2017
We've tried treats. We've tried leashes that snug in the belly. We even tried a choke chain as a last resort. Our 70-lb. dog wouldn't be stopped if she got something in her head--park, dog in the distance, our cat. The Gentle Leader is the first thing we've tried that doesn't seem to cause discomfort. Our gal may want to get rid of it, yet she gets in line fast. It's also far easier to interest her in treats now that I don't have to call her from the end of a 6-ft leash. The leash is still 6-ft, but she falls back to about 2-ft ahead of me after she feels the strap tighten around her snout.
December 18, 2017
This was super easy to figure out how to use and it dramatically and immediately made a huge difference for my dog. He was already leash trained and I've had him for 5+ years, but he has always been stubborn and a puller. Literally the first day with the gentle leader, the pulling completely stopped. I've been using it for 2 weeks now and the miracle results have stayed. He's had a couple moments of laying down when he is trying to be stubborn, and that's been the only thing that has not been able to be corrected through the gentle leader - but he's always done that.

Easy to use. Truly you only need gentle pressure (if any). Highly recommend.
December 17, 2017
I purchased the Gentle Leader when I had my amstaff in desperation. I rescued the 2 year old amstaff and tried a choker chain and prong collar to no avail. I then tried the gentle leader but even it did not help with my pit. He would constantly claw at the nose section and remove it. I just hung it up in the garage and considered it a loss. I have since gotten a GSD puppy and put the same gentle leader on him at 6 monthes of age. At about 4 1/2 my GSD started to pull hard on the leash. This morning I put the GL on him and left it on for about 30 minutes. This afternoon I took him for a 45 minute walk on the GL and it worked like a charm. No more pulling. Aztec puts up slight resistance but nothing like before. I concluded that perhaps block head dogs like pitbull, boxer,etc may be more resistante to this collar because of the short snout but for other dogs it may be just what you need. Or perhaps because my amstaff was already 2 years old and my GSD is still a puppy that may be cause for diffrent result. I am really sold on it plus no pain for the dog. My GSD was starting to really tire me out on his walks, today I really enjoyed our walk. If you are at the end of your rope with your pet it is worth a try. By all means try it.....
January 24, 2016
I wish I could give the "gentle leader" ten stars!! This is amazing! I'm disabled, about 90lbs, and very weak, so you can imagine me walking my 185lbs Great Dane! He has no idea how strong he is, so any little pull or jerk would end up with me on the ground. Just like a horse, the best way to control an animal that's much bigger to you is to have control of their head. It doesn't hurt them but it allows you to control where their attention and focus is, which is very important in dealing and training large animals. I suggest watching and utilizing the tips and directions that are given on the DVD that comes with the Gentle Leader. My boy learned in one day (with the help of some yummy treats!) that when we put the leader on that means he gets to go for a walk! He shoves his snout right in now and the best part is, he CAN'T pull me at all!! This thing is a life saver!
June 22, 2015
If I could give this 10 stars I would. We have an 80 pound golden retriever that is 3 years old. We have always had a terrible time walking him due to pulling. He would drag my wife around and make it miserable for me to walk him as well. I watched some YouTube videos about conditioning him with the gentle leader and followed the instructions. Two short training sessions later he had no problems wearing it. Now every time I get it out he comes over to me, sits down and puts his face forward for me to put it on him. He LITERALLY walks next to me with out ANY pulling. It's like he is a different dog. If you have problems with your dog pulling on a traditional leash get this now! You won't be disappointed!!!