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Women Red Peacoat Long Sleeve Double Breasted Button Belt Woolen Overcoat Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

Women Red Peacoat Long Sleeve Double Breasted Button Belt Woolen Overcoat Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

New price: $72.49 USD

Описание товара

Design Escote cerrado Length Medium
Neckline Turndown Collar Embellishment Sash, Buttons
Closures Front Button Sleeve Length Long Sleeve
Pattern Solid Color Season Winter
Style Casual Lining Material Polyester
Fabric Woolen Fabric Shown Color True Red
Type Peacoat Note Belt included
Bust(inch) S :33¾, M :35½, L :37¼, XL :38½ Length(inch) S :33¾, M :34¼, L :34¾, XL :35¼
Weight 1.1kg

December 14, 2017
12/14/2017 Valuker Women's Down Coat With Fur Hood 90D Parka... SIZE 2XL. This product is MUCH smaller than the sizing chart says it is. My wife wears a XL, I read the reviews that said to go at least on size higher and that it may still be tight. I got the 2xl (the largest size they have and it was way too small. My suggestion is to go 2 sizes up and it might fit, might be snug, but will not be big. Looks nice, the only reason I gave it three stars is the gross mislabeling of the sizes. If you order correctly you will probably be happy with the coat.
January 18, 2017
I love this coat!! I'm 5' 4 and a size 8/10. I ordered the medium and it fits perfectly. I wore it today with a cardigan underneath....and the HOOD!!! I love it. Just buy it. Do it. Now.
May 2, 2016
I wish I could put it at 0 star because it isn't worth any! I sent this coat back in Feb and it's now May and I am STILL waiting for my refund! I have contacted this company any they aren't responding to any of my contact attempts! The quality wasn't good at all! It was very cheap and I am not at all picky. I shop at Walmart for crying out loud. I'm not sure who is giving these great reviews. Half the zipper was black & half silver on ALL the zippers! Half black/silver going down the coat, and on each pocket! So bizarre. I could live with that though, however the worst of it was that I used their size chart and measured myself and ordered accordingly - I ordered one size up so I could wear a fluffy sweater underneath and it was still too small! The fur doesn't look as fluffy as this picture and the material of the coat itself was also really cheap. I live in New England and I wouldn't trust this to be a warm winter coat as I thought I could. I'm not sure who is putting up these great reviews for this coat. But they must live in the south where the winters are mild and they must be ordering for children. - I wish I took photos :(
January 26, 2016
I absolutely LOVE this parka/coat! I ordered a Large and it fits perfectly. (I'm 5'7" and 125 lbs.) It's extremely warm in the icy winds and the hood completely covers my head and blocks face. Pockets are in a good place. Feels great on.
January 16, 2016
I read all of the reviews before purchasing this coat. Enough of the same review can help steer your decision in the right direction, so ultimately I knew I was purchasing this beautiful coat. And it is beautiful! The hood is big and the fur attached fine for me, no sewing here! I am 5'5 and 140 lbs, so I went for the large and turns out the reviews were right - unfortunately the coat is a little too tight. I kept it because it's cold here in Rhode Island and I don't have time to wait for another coat. Also, it's not so tight where I can't zipper it up. If anything, I'm probably going to work out and make this work in my favor. So that's a little unfortunate and something to consider when purchasing (if you're unsure just go one size up). But all in all it is warm and looks damn good! I get compliments all the time.
October 17, 2016
I always read reviews, but rarely write one. I'm long overdue! This review is about the original ($69?) version, not the new, $79 "2016," option. Tight now there's an option between the two.
So here goes:
First, I'm super happy with my purchase. It is such a good price, and the quality is so outstanding that I actually just ordered another one, in black. (I already have the army green.)

SIZE: First off, I'm 5"3, 117 lbs. I wear a 34C and got it in an XS. I'm pretty curvy, but petite in frame. The XS fits my arm length and shoulder width perfectly. I have more of an apple shape, yet it fits my waist and bum perfectly. In the chest area the XS feels a little snug if I layer a light turtleneck sweater AND a long sleeve shirt at the same time. It's almost too snug, but not really, as you can see from the pictures. Without layers it fits fine, and wont be a problem even if I gain another 5-7 pounds. Because I'm regaining some weight I lost, I ordered my 2nd one in an S AND also XS just to see how the fit difference is around the chest. I think the S could fit better (I'll be returning one, thanks to Amazon's awesome return policy!) Either way, this coat is a slim fit- meaning its a close cut around the body, even if you're a large. I like that it's a slim fit because it stays close to the body and the cold air stays out. I noticed that the 2016 version seems less fitted at the very bottom, like an A shape. No thanks! If you're my height and weight, but not petite framed in the shoulders or arm length, or if you're bigger in the chest, go with the size S.

WARMTH: I live in Portland, OR. It's always raining, or raining and gusty. It can get pretty cold around Dec. (20 -30'S at night, plus rain. Being cold AND wet is awful.) This coat is replacing a lost Eddie Bauer one thst cost $290 eight years ago. EB doesn't make that one anymore, and the EB 800-fill replacement I recently bought, though super cute, is not nearly as warm as this. I run really cold, so having a super dependable, warm, dry coat is a priority. This coat didn't have any problems with the fill being displaced (more fill in some parts than others.)

WASHING: You can machine wash it. I do suggest washing it twice in hot water with good detergent. The feathers have a slight odor (which is completely gone now- the Eddie Bauer one had the same thing- unless it's premium white goose down, it probably will). When you dry it, you have to get it REALLY dry or the feathers WILL clump up. That's with all down coats and comforters though. If you have a tennis ball throw it in the dryer and it'll help the feathers fluff up.

QUALITY: I love that it loses ZERO feathers. I love the hood- you dont have to wear a scarf if you pin it closed- even if it's really cold, rainy and gusty out. I actually sewed a button on it to keep it closed and it works great. The fur trim is removeable (fake fur- YES! ) Mine was really nice looking actually. The double zipper on mine is all black, and really durable. I didn't have problems with the pockets pulling on the back, and I like their placement. Sometimes they're made for longer arms and the fit is uncomfortable to walk in. I haven't lost any fur from the trim, and actually mine was so nice that I was concerned people would think I was wearing real fur. Mostly I dont wear it because it's extra bulk.

DURABILITY: We did get caught in a downpour, and the coat stayed completely dry, as did I. The water just rolled off it. Can't say that for the new Eddie Bauer one, which cost over $200 and was completely soaked through in a similar downpour.

Overall I'm thrilled with this coat. I'll try to update on the size S vs XS for my weight, size and frame. The pictures are of the XS on my 5"3 117 lb frame, with a long sleeve shirt and turtleneck sweater underneath. It looks fine. The neck I buttoned closed, but it doesnt come with the button- I sewed it on so I don't have to bother with a scarf. Pulled up it's plenty warm around the ears.
December 10, 2015
Love It!
Great fit
Super Ward
January 23, 2016
Love it! Looks beautiful on, I'm a petite 5'2 ft, 110 pounds and ordered the Medium by what i read on the reviews that it ran small. It isn't perfectly fit maybe a little loose but still looks great and is exactly what i need for northern cold where i have to have layers under it. I Will update later on its performance on the cold when i get to travel.

Update: I'm in LOVE with this coat! I wore it on niagara falls trip where the temperature got to 3 degrees F and all i can say is this coat kept me super warm and has been the best i have ever purchased. It snowed a lot, we had snow fights, i laid on the snow and i didn't get wet at all and didn't feel any cold. Definitely highly recommend this to anyone. Once you get the sizing trick (buy two sizes bigger) it's just perfect!
February 6, 2017
I'm 5'6" and 115lbs and an XS fits me perfectly. The company clearly did resizing for the 2017 season and this coat no longer runs small. I followed everyone's advice to order a size up only to find myself with two coats I had to return. If anything, the coat now runs a little large. I went to Eastern Europe with my XS and had enough room to wear a tank top, long sleeve shirt, and a sweater under my coat.
This is a great coat for the price! It is a bit thin so I was worried I would be cold but with layering my clothes and the hood I was great. The coat is super cute and the fur is of great quality, as everyone says. Def buy this coat but BUY YOUR REG SIZE.
January 9, 2016
I opened the package, tried on the coat, and I worriedly thought, "As LIGHTWEIGHT as this coat is, will I be warm?" … I was AMAZED! (and warm!)

I am a California gal who has never been to the East Coast. I live near the beach where the climate remains fairly warm throughout the year. The late evening, early morning low varies, and is currently a tolerable 50 F . Very rarely am I challenged by the elements. The most extreme being rain. During the "winter" season, I am the type of individual that runs cold, sets the heater to 70, walks around with my sweater and UGGS. When it's chilly outside, and I mean 60 degrees give or take, I leave the house at the most with a Ralph Lauren knit sweater.

I was notified by my employer that I would be traveling to Boston to complete training for two weeks, arriving January 3. That's right, California Gal to Boston in January, the coldest month of the year with an average low of 22 F. Being someone, who (runs cold) does not tolerate cold temperatures very well, and now I'm off to a freezing climate, and for two weeks?! I immediately panicked. What do I wear? I don't even own a pair of gloves, or clothing that supports such a cold temperature, let alone a "winter" jacket or coat?

AMAZON here I come! A friend recommended that I purchased a Parka? I searched Parka, a wide selection of beautiful coats popped up. Being that I needed a coat for ONLY TWO WEEKS, a good majority cost more than I wanted to spend. THEN, I came across the Valuker Women's Down Coat with Hood listed at a phenomenal price, and pretty great reviews. According to the sizing chart measurements, my suggested size is a medium. Many of the reviews stated to order one size larger. On 12/31, I purchased a LARGE. On 1/02, my coat was delivered. The true test was when I wore my coat for the first time. It was 11 degrees and snowing. Remember, I run cold. I am 5' 3", 125 lbs, 34DD, size 2-4. I was wearing fleece thermals, jeans, a fairly thick knit sweater, scarf, gloves and my NEW LIGHTWEIGHT VALUKER DOWN COAT. I was able to zip up my coat, and bend my arms without being too, too snug. I drove with free movement. Most importantly, I purchased this coat for WARMTH, and I was ABSOLUTELY warm! ME WARM?! YES! I was shocked that this coat did what it said it was designed to do! This is a phenomenal price for a very stylish, lightweight coat that will keep you WARM! THE HOOD is HUGE on me! I can do without. Seems as though it would be great for windy, and or cold blizzard weather.

Suggestions; For someone similar to myself in stature, measurements, and size who enjoys movement, and layers with 1-2 garments, I suggest ordering a LARGE. If you prefer lots of layers, a very snug fit, and plan on wearing this coat often, I would suggest ordering an X-LARGE!

ENJOY your new coat!