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Women Red Coat Faux Fur Peacoat  Hoodie Poncho Coat Wrap Jacket Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

Women Red Coat Faux Fur Peacoat Hoodie Poncho Coat Wrap Jacket Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

New price: $36.74 USD

Описание товара

Design Escote cerrado, Oversized Neckline Hooded
Embellishment Buttons Closures Double-Breasted 6-button
Sleeve Length Long Sleeve Pattern Solid Color
Season Winter Style Solid
Lining Material Polyester Fabric Polyester
Shown Color Dark Navy, True Red, Light Tan Type Poncho & Cape
Note Hood detachable., Fur/Faux fur collar included Bust(inch) M :38½, L :40¼, XL :41¾
Length(inch) M :30, L :30¾, XL :31½ Shoulder Breadth(inch) M :18¼, L :18½, XL :19
Weight 0.68kg

March 18, 2015
Lucky is a 14 pound, healthy, neutered tomcat, and the large is probably a little too big for him. It fits, it's just adjusted as small as it will go and he can put his front legs inside it. He likes to do that though, seems to be more comforting to him. He was a semi feral that lived around my house for 2 years then decided he wanted to come live inside with my cats, but the ferals outside made him insecure, so he wouldn't stop spraying. I tried everything, calming sprays, collars, meds, nothing worked. He always sprays at night when the ferals roam, but for the last week wearing the Thundershirt, no more spraying. In fact, he just wants to lay on bed with me all night.
June 13, 2013
My cat was traumatized by a cat fight he got into after getting out in the middle of the night. From that night on for a month, every night he would meow intensively for hours on end. He wouldn't lay with us or stay still; but the moment the lights were turned back on he would calm down. I knew how swaddling a baby calms them, and when I found Thundershirt I bought it with the hopes and prays I could get sleep again but he would feel a little more secure during the night. The next morning I had to look for him to make sure he was still in the house because I was able to get a good nights rest. Yes it does run small, so got the next size up that it recommended for him. I was concerned about it being too tight but just sticking my arm in between him and the shirt to feel the amount of firmness and he was all set. Now every moring by 6 am, just in time for me to get up, to take it off. I am about to try and use it for a trip from East coast to West, hoping it will help. But I did how ever used it for the Vet ride an visit. I have two cats and they both responded differently but more calm than their normal flip and moan behavior... I give this a must buy if you love kitty and want to try something else before medication. BTW don't forget to view the sight for kitty video, my cat did the same flop over too but was in such heaven.
August 13, 2015
Holy cow... I should have written this review a long time ago... My cat FREAKS out in the car... foams at the mouth, pants, almost passes out... We recently moved and I was dreading the drive. My kitty also has a heart condition and she's a BIG cat. I'm talking 20 lbs. She's a Maine Coon... So I was 1) worried if this product would work and 2) worried it wouldn't fit. It worked fabulous. It fit around her big body with room to spare! And in the car, she meowed and whined, but NOTHING how she ever reacted before. No foaming, no panting, nothing. It was awesome. I kept it on her for a couple hours after we got to the new house and she acclimated very well. I've only had to use this product once but it was totally worth it.
September 19, 2016
The Thundershirt itself is made very well and looks comfortable! I would give it 5 stars since I also got one for the dog and it works great, but the cat just isn't having it. I read a lot of positive reviews and wanted to give it a shot for my 18 lb cat, since he meows the entire way to the vet and hates traveling in the car or going new places in general. I put this on him, and he did the typical stiff cat move (pictures attached). He got out of it within a few minutes, so I put it on him again and put him in the crate to test it. He cried and cried, as well as tried to get out of the shirt with weird moves. Sadly, I have to return this because he just won't wear it. The size was great, but he's just a weirdo, I guess!
February 13, 2017
IT WORKS!!! day 1 my cat wouldn't move and I felt bad but I just knew he had to get used to it. day 2 he started to move around a little bit day 3 he was out of hiding and all the tension he always carried in his tail WAS GONE!!! Day 4 he started to stop hiding completely and wanted to be pet and loved on. I LOVE THIS THING!!
May 28, 2013
I have an 18lb feral kitty who spent his first 2 years outside & he has always been horribly scared of storms. Under the bed & disappearing for hours or slinking thru the house as low to the floor as possible every time! Now he will stay out with me or will lay on the bed or floor calmly & even sleep. I do recommend you measure your cat @ the chest AND the belly. I had to order a larger size than the chest size recommended. Plus he is long & needed the larger size to reach to his hips. My family thought there was no chance it would work but it is worth every penny to save my "little" kitty from fear!!
November 6, 2013
This product has relieved so much stress for ME and my 13 yr old cat. My cat, which is a Tuxedo breed, has always been very protective of me and the home. I first noticed it when he was young and was "stalking" the cable guy like he was going to pounce on him. From that day, no stranger can be in the home without putting him in another room and closing the door. A trip to the Vet was a very stressful event. He hissed and went into attack mode and scared the hell out of almost every Vet. He even had to be netted like a wild animal one time so they could give him his shots. He would then climb into my arms and start purring in the next second. This Thundershirt worked amazingly well. While he was still mentally in combat mode, he didn't swing as much and just seemed to go with the flow being examined. At his advanced age and the recent loss of his companion cat of 12 years, this Thundershirt is a blessing for our family. That cat likes that it keeps him warm too. :-)
July 26, 2016
I bought this for my cat, who has been giving me a lot of issues lately (hostile towards my other cat and my dog, peeing and pooping on my bedroom floor DAILY), and it seemed to work for a few days, until I took the jacket off, and then the bad behavior would start again. The other day I decided to leave the jacket on her longer, in hopes she wouldn't poop on my floor...she had other plans. She proceeded to poop not once, but twice on my floor, despite having the jacket on. She then successfully undid the neck piece. I think my cat is a lost cause and just needs some kitty Prozac. It was worth a shot, but it wasn't helpful in my case, but could be helpful in another cat's case.
February 2, 2016
Failed-foster parent to three feline siblings here.

Our guys were barely four-weeks-old when we first brought them home and very sick. Fast forward two years: they're now enormous and highly active, Siberian-mix cats… and an oft-naughty trio! Over these past couple years, Thundershirts have helped (and continue to help) us with myriad, feline behavioral issues.

The first Thundershirt, we bought in hopes of quelling our girl, Tawny's, extreme vocalization issue — which was SO loud and persistent, we honestly worried about disturbing our condo neighbors. Fortunately, Tawny took to the Thundershirt like a fish in water! Not only did it succeed in completely calming her down / shushing her up… she lovvvves that shirt so much, she actually *prances* around when it's on (no kidding).

Our boy cat, Raymond, went through a very long period (1+ year) of self-suckling and suckling his sisters' fur. We tried every, possible recommended cure — including getting him a stuffed animal buddy with a mechanical heartbeat and internal warmer. Then, we bought a second Thundershirt for Raymond, fingers-crossed… and success again! It wasn't long before Raymond went from constant-suckle-mode to once/twice-per-day, then eventually stopped altogether.

Our third cat, Polly, although gregarious and confident when at home, was *terrified* of unfamiliar people — not to mention being taken even two steps outside our door… say, to the vet. I'm talking: yowls so intense, one might wonder if the animal was being tortured. Needless to say, we felt as horrible subjecting Polly to such fright, as likely she did to enduring it! Two months ago, during a sibling-on-sibling Wrestlemania, Polly's retina was scratched. Waking up to find her eye swollen shut, we needed to get her to the vet… hopefully, with as little drama as possible, on the day before a long car trip. With Raymond's Thundershirt on, plus ​hope and a prayer, we loaded Polly into her carrier without a fight… in fact, during the entire trip to the vet, Polly only made but one small peep! So, we bought Polly her own Thundershirt, and now we have three (one for each cat).

Also, the Thundershirts have helped to quash other, various misbehavior patterns: from bouts of jumping everywhere they aren't allowed and pawing like maniacs at the food/treats cabinet, to midnight racing sessions, and beyond.

Certainly, there are animals who don't/won't respond to the Thundershirt with the same about of luck. But, for our three guys, they have been key to many a cat-parenting success.

The only negative pieces of feedback I have, when taken in proportion to success rate, don't demerit a full star… but maybe a half a star:
1) The stitching which secures the velcro is spotty, especially in the two shirts we bought more recently.
2) The velcro itself is a little too grippy (again, the first vest we bought was closer to optimal)
3) It seems the fabric has gotten much thinner/flimsier than the first vest we bought… which paired with the new, extra-grippy velcro, makes for sometimes a difficult untangle to put the Thundershirt on (as well as a harder time taking it off).

For reference, our cats weigh about the following amounts and have the following sized shirts:
Tawny: ~13 pounds, hefty-build, long and very dense fur (size: Large)
Raymond: ~12 pounds, masculine-build, long and dense fur (size: Large)
Polly: ~11.5 pounds, skinny-but-long build, very long but thin fur (size: Medium)
February 2, 2016
If you are buying directly from the "Thundershirt" seller here on Amazon, they are offloading inventory of an older version at full retail price. I contacted the seller and they confirmed that they are using Amazon to dump their old inventory, then they directed me to their own website. If you pay for Amazon Prime you should be more than a little annoyed by this - they are taking advantage of you.

That said, if you have ever put a harness or clothing on your cat you will see a near-identical result from using this item. The newer version has a pheromone patch, but you will not get it when ordering on Amazon. Personally I would not spend $40 as almost any article of clothing that fits your cat will have the same effect. After two uses the threads at the seams are coming loose, so you aren't paying for quality.

If you're looking for the right fit, my 10LB cat seems to fit well into the medium version. It restricts her motion quite a lot (struggles getting on the couch/bed, and can't reach the counter). She ended up chewing on her arm near the jacket constantly, pulling out a lot of her fur. Pretty much the opposite of what you'd hope to accomplish with this product.