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Women Boho Headband Butterfly Hairpin Metal Hair Accessory Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

Women Boho Headband Butterfly Hairpin Metal Hair Accessory Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

New price: $1.79 USD

Описание товара

Type Hairpin Shown Color Silver, Gold, Black
Material Alloy Occasion Daily Casual, Outdoor
Length(inch) Specification:1¼ Width(inch) Specification:1¾
Weight 0.01kg

November 2, 2012
Extremely difficult to assemble. Parts were dented and bent. Had to straighten several parts. Paint buildup in the corners needed to be removed to get any kind of a proper fit. Razor sharp edges that needed de-burring unless you wish to make a trip to the emergency room with a laceration.

Not impressed, I would not buy or recommend this product. Instructions are one sheet of print, no photos. I purchased this directly from the supplier.

Once together, I cannot imagine breaking it down for travel, so you will travel with it assembled. This will take up space and it will suffer further damage due to the lightweight metal/tin products.

Thermometer is in Celsius.
August 5, 2016
The description SAYS it can be difficult to assemble, and now some people are complaining that it's difficult to assemble. WHAT? So why didn't you pay the extra $10 and buy it assembled???
May 26, 2014
I have owned this oven for several years along with several of the Butterfly Stoves. It does require basic skills in the use of pliers and a screwdriver to assemble but did not find it to be a problem as others have. It is true, the temp gauge is in Celsius but you can throw it away and go to Wal-Mart and buy an oven thermometer that works perfect with this oven, at an inexpensive price. I have owned several types of these ovens that set over an open flame and this one by far is the best of all. The foldout Coleman is basically worthless in my opinion. You have to run the burner wide open to get the heat up inside, it will burn anything on bottom shelf and not be hot enough in the top of the oven. I would hesitate to say that it is even better than nothing because in my opinion, it isn't! This Butterfly oven holds the temperature easy and is very constant. Baking anything in this oven is as good as your home oven and as easy to use. This design is basically the same as the old American stove top ovens of the past, most of them being used on the old kerosene cook stoves. If you don't mind putting one of these together, you will be very pleased with it's performance.
October 17, 2012
This was a bitch assembling. I had to get help and the instructions weren't that great.

We got it put together correctly and it looks like it will do what it is supposed to do. Nice looking little oven.

I may update this review after I bake something in it.
May 24, 2015
Not hard to assemble,havent used it yet but very attractive oven!
January 6, 2013
wasn't hard ro assemble at all. makes great bread .thermometer doesn't work not a biggie.should be often used on our wood stove