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White Sexy Bodysuit High Collar Sleeveless Cut Out Sheer Women's Bodysuit Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

White Sexy Bodysuit High Collar Sleeveless Cut Out Sheer Women's Bodysuit Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

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Описание товара

Season Spring, Summer, Fall Neckline High Collar
Embellishment Cut-Outs Sleeve Length Sleeveless
Fabric Polyester Style Sexy
Shown Color White, Black Occasion Valentines', Rave Club, Party
Group Adults Bust(inch) M :33¾, L :35¾
Waist(inch) M :26, L :28 Hips(inch) M :35¾, L :37¾
Weight 0.15kg

March 10, 2013
I purchased another (nameless) no-bark collar a while ago at a cost of $45, but it clearly did not work for my 18 lb. Jack Russell. This Dogtra YS300 came with installed battery and instruction booklet, ready to go. The collar is very long, and a bit awkward for a small dog to wear as it has to be looped twice. If I cut it down to size it will be useless for any other dog. I think I will try and fit it onto her nylon collar instead, as another rater mentioned. The collar it comes on is long enough to fit my 60 lb. Lab with a big chin. That said, the first time my JRT wore it, she screamed after she barked, (lowest setting) barked again and screamed, wore it one more day without barking, and after two days of no more barking at falling leaves, she continues to wear the collar at specific times but it is turned off. But she doesn't know that, and she only barks when necessary. Very good product.
December 31, 2015
I have an extremely stubborn 9 month old American Pit Bull Terrier puppy. I tried the citronella spray, vibrating, and beeping collars. Nothing was working. I even tried the shock collars that are supposed to feel the vibrations when they barked. Nothing. This shock collar was my last resort. I hated the idea, but he was barking when I wasn't home and driving my neighbors mad, so I needed something that was going to work. I know this because I'd come home and before I even got in the door could hear him barking and I'd come in and his throat would be soaked. Then I got a pet camera and he would bark basically the entire time I was gone. This collar stopped that within a week I'd say, only because he's so stubborn. Now when I leave and put it on him, sometimes I don't even have to turn on, he just knows not to bark. I don't work so the time he is alone is maybe 3 hours tops per day, I'd never leave this on him for a long period of time. I only wished it would stop him from whining because he's learned what sounds he can make without setting the collar off, and let me just say he's the biggest cry baby I've ever heard!
April 19, 2012
My doggie barked like crazy at everything (especially when he's on leash): other dogs, squirrels, motorcycles, bikes, skateboards - you get the gist.

Further, he would scream (not bark, scream) when I left the house, which was causing my neighbors to complain (don't blame them!). So, I would be a prisoner in my own house because I couldn't leave if he was barking. It was really awful.

A couple of years ago I had tried one of the other collars, but it was hard to tell if it worked, if the battery was on, and you needed a coin to turn the darn thing on and off.

So, based on reviews I read here, I bought the Dogtra.

Omigoodness, it is wonderful! Here are the best things about it: 1) It has Red/Yellow/Green Lights to tell you when the battery is dying. 2) It has a rechargeable lithium battery and comes with a charger kit. 3) It has 7 settings from "P" (Pulse) to 7.

So, the dog gets a warning pulse signal if he barks, and then if he barks a 2nd time he gets a zap. I'm here to tell you that my doggie got zapped only twice and only in the first day. He's had the collar for over two weeks now. He learned that quickly that if he gets a pulse, the zap is the next thing coming, and he keeps quiet. I suspect that at some point, I will just leave it on "P" for Pulse, once I feel that he's definitely learned the correct behavior.

We now walk down the street and he ignores motorcycles and bicycles!!! He still gets a little worked up if he sees a squirrel, or certain doggies he specifically doesn't care for, but he does NOT bark. Also, he still gets somewhat upset when I leave the house, but again, he does not bark. I believe that this will make both of us calmer as we continue to use it and get used to it.

I highly recommend this for both the human and the doggie; it has helped us both!

November 26, 2012 UPDATE: I've had the collar since early April and I've only had to recharge it once. It is still working terrifically; I call it my "holy grail." We don't even have to use it as much as we used to; it has allowed my doggie to be much calmer. Worth every penny!
November 18, 2013
I finally bought one of these "smaller" bark collars because the electronics are so much better than the older larger design. I've gotten to where I hate the other design. This one I like because it has that charging LED that turns green at full charge. Also, I can accidentally forget and leave this one on the charger all weekend. The older dogtra design did not cope well with "over charging". C'mon - over charging? Is it 1990 again?

Anyways, my concern was that my 85 pound stubborn beast would ignore this little unit's pitiful shocks. No need for concern. It lights him up just as well as the larger unit.

I also know these units are rugged because I know people that have been pleased with theirs after many years of dogs being quiet in the back yard. In other words - the units stand up well to dirt, rain, snow, etc.
April 12, 2017
This is the second Dogtra e-collar that my behaviorist recommended for my small rescue, who has anxiety and barks when strangers approach. The first e-collar recommended was the YS-200 with removable lithium batteries, but that collar was defective and never turned on, so we switched to the YS-300. It's a slightly larger and slightly older model, I'm told.

I would have preferred the YS-200 because it supposedly responds to the vibration of my dog's vocal cords against it. However, since the one I bought was defective, I switched to the YS-300 as instructed. It's worked okay. It doesn't sense vibrations; it senses my dog's bark at a certain volume. So my dog can still growl, whine, and bark at lower volumes before the sensor picks it up. I don't think that's great, but it's only been a few weeks so we'll see how this goes.
March 5, 2011
I have a very "alert" (9 1/2 lb)toy poodle who sits at the window and used to bark at every vehicle, person, animal and bird that went by. I first tried a much more expensive remote control "training" collar. I ended up dogsitting most of the day, giving a warning signal, then a "correction" if needed.

This collar is much more effective. It automatically gives the dog a warning after a couple barks before a zap correction. I set the collar on the lowest setting. My dog only needed a couple "corrections" to learn quickly that he did not have to bark at everything. Now, I have the collar buckled so loosely that I can just slip it over his head if he gets anxious and feels he must guard/alert/bark. The collar isn't even turned on!

I give him a Cheerio when I put on the collar and tell him what a good boy he is. It seems like he "likes" his collar because he can relax and not have to guard us anymore from every little thing that moves.

The great thing about this collar is that he can still alert us if someone actually comes up to the house.

I've had the collar five months and only recharged it once! No more batteries. May seem like a pricey purchase, but works so well and makes the dog and family so much happier, well worth it! Highly recommend.
August 21, 2013
1)Collar works great, at lowest setting, at stopping barking.
2) Down-vote is due to the fact that the collar goes off when a dog NEXT to the one wearing the collar barks.
We are using the collar on our 7 pound Maltese, who is an incessant barker. We have only ever used it on the lowest setting, and it is more than enough to stop the barking. In fact, her little yelps over the first 1-2 weeks were heart wrenching to experience. We have followed all of the guidelines for using the bark collar (place it on for a week or so in the off position, so they get used to the collar being present, so that the first time it zaps them, it is not immediately associated with the collar with the hope that eventually the behavior will be controlled even without the collar on). She has definitely tested the limits of the collar- she knows that she can bark once without getting shocked, and how to space out her barks ( maybe 3-5 seconds between barks?), to reset the 1-bark cycle. She has also learned to do a really low bark, which is apparently below the decibel level which sets off the collar. We are more than happy at the low volume or low frequency in her barks which has resulted; we do not desire to have a dog that NEVER barks, just one that stops quickly (I actually like that she can still warn me that there is someone at the door, etc). I would give the collar a 5-star rating based on these results.

HOWEVER, over the past few weeks, I have starting noticing situations in which my little Maltese was absolutely silent, but would start screaming in pain after one of the Labradors barked! This only occurs when the other dog is within a foot or two of her, but it is heart wrenching to experience. She used to play tug-of-war/wrestle with one of the labs in particular, but now she has learned to avoid both of the other dogs, because she knows she may get shocked in their presence. I did not intend to punish her for playing with her big brothers!
March 4, 2011
First, read through the negative comments. I found them very helpful in knowing what not to do. I bought this collar for my 9 pound Shih Tzu. Her barking became intolerable when we moved to a new neighborhood where dogs walk by the house every other minute. My dog has also always barked whenever I leave her alone in the house, she'll bark non-stop every 5 seconds or so for over an hour if I leave (I know because I've video taped her). Today is Fri, Monday morning I put the collar on her to the vibrate setting and took out the trash. She paused in between barks not knowing what to make of the vibration, but kept barking anyway. Then I moved the notch to level 2 and she went crazy when a dog went walking by. I interrupted her and moved it to notch 3. When she barked at that same dog still going by, she yelped in pain and ran away from the window! Feeling bad, I took the collar off until the next morning. On the following Tuesday morning, I put the collar on level 2, and she began to bark at a squirrel and promptly stopped and walked away from the window. Now the collar isn't even needed, she refuses to bark but will still sit by the window and watch the animals. One thing that has worked well is knowing not to leave the collar on the dog too long simply because the prongs will agitate even if they don't go off. I recommend using this at first over the weekend when you can closely monitor your dog and set it up that your dog learns quickly without you having to leave it on for hours on end. My dog has worn the collar maybe a total of 90 minutes. I can even leave the house now or ring the door bell and she'll remain quiet - wearing nothing. Product works.
November 18, 2015
I bought this for two of my dogs who bark and howl like they are dying anytime we leave the house. We used these collars for a month and a half and now the barking never happens! We'll hear whining, but nothing compared to what used to happen. I don't like keeping it on all the as my dog is quite talkative and I don't want him to punished for being himself. One thing to think about if you have more than one dog is that it goes off by sound. My mothers smaller dog barked at one of our dogs and made the shock collar go off and my dog yelped. It also might go off if you have a high pitched laugh. Just depends on how loud you are. :)
I would recommend this collar for people with howling/barking when dogs are left alone.
August 9, 2010
We have tried everything with our wonderful dog who never barks.. except when we leave... we started by giving him chew toys, busy bone, ultrasonic bark device, relaxing music for dogs (I kid you not), a dog collar with a citronelle spray, a fermone spray for his bed, and then we got a different electric collar pet safe which ambed up the shocks which worked somewhat but then our dog would howl when we leave.. it does not zap that kind of noise. After using this for a few years and watching our dog howl more and more when we leave... after another set of batteries ran out... we bought this one and oh my god it actually works. I think it' the vibration warning a zap is coming which makes it such a success... as it's a one two punch we needed to calm our dog down. For those of you who think this a bad for you dog... NO.. what is bad for your dog is straining his vocal cords all day and our neighbors nerves. Now he doesn't even attempt to bark or howl when leave what a huge relief!! Worth every penny... I rarely review items only when they exceed my expectations and when I think someone else could benefit from it! PS it has speed charger just takes two hours to charge!