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White Open Bust Lace Bedroom Costume Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

White Open Bust Lace Bedroom Costume Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

New price: $10.44 USD

Описание товара

Shown Color White Design Escotado
Embellishment Sequins, Bows Pattern Lace
Fabric Net Components Mini Skirt, Headband, Accessory
Pieces in Set 3-Piece Occasion Wedding
Style Sexy Group Women
Waist(inch) One Size :28¼-37¼ Hips(inch) One Size :28¼-37¼
Weight 0.10kg

November 28, 2015
My three-year-old wanted to be Superman for Halloween. We have an older costume from previous years with the muscles built in. My older son, who wore it, was a little bothered by the chest muscles, so I wanted to get a costume without the lumps.

I ordered a size small and it fit my son very well. He is an average sized three-year-old and usually wears size 3T pants and shirt.

The only thing he did not like is the cape would pull at his neck sometimes. I took a safety pin and pinned the cape to the costume so it wouldn't touch his neck.

For Halloween, this worked very well. Decent quality and it is still usable for dress-up!
November 3, 2017
The back had a huge slit so if the cape wasn't on you could see the clothes underneath pretty clearly. I also wish the cape had affixed to the costume and not just snapped around the neck
December 22, 2017
Just got this for a Christmas present for my Grandson. It must have been returned by someone else. There are 2 seams torn out and 1 that someone tried to repair by hand. The back has a run in the fabric and the Velcro has been pulled off on the cape and just barely hanging on the neck opening. Several of the seams look like they would tear out the first time it is worn. I don't have time to return it so I am just going to sew it and reinforce the seams before I give it to him. I would not suggest buying this if you don't want to fix it. Poor quality control!
November 2, 2017
This costume fit perfectly. My son is a size 2T and he weighs 30lbs. It fits good with an under shirt and a pull-up or underwear (we tried both ) the cape wasn’t tight around his neck. Overall a good quality product
April 19, 2017
Great! Love it!!!!!
October 21, 2016
The fit was a little snug for my 2t toddler but great buy! He has worn it twice already and it's not even halloween yet!
September 7, 2017
If you don't care what your kid looks like for Halloween then this costume is for you. First of all the material is uncomfortable and if they wear clothes underneath you can see all the creases because the material is so thin. This costume has no shape to it and it makes them look like cheap pajamas.
December 19, 2017
It's not the most well-made thing, but for Halloween it did just fine. Our rough and tumble toddler wore it and/or dragged it around for the week leading up to Halloween and for the three weeks after. We did have to sub out the zelcro on the neck for two-sided tape, but otherwise this costume did its job for a great price.
December 4, 2017
I was worried my son wouldn't actually put this on for halloween night since he was crying bloody murder when I had him try it on. But he did and it was super cute! My only issue is the velcro in the back and between his shoulders ripped off and it wouldn't actually have been a big issue since he fit it perfectly so it wasn't going to fall off of him, but try telling a 2yr old who's always wants everything perfect that it's fine. So maybe recommend using stronger/better velcro so it stays put.
November 7, 2017
Slightly big for my 3.5 year old grandson, but I prefer it that way so He can wear warm clothes underneath. The quality is definitely better than you find in the usual retail stores. However, the one complaint I do have is the way the velcro closures are attached to the cape and the costume. They werent sewn on very well and in my opinion should have had some type of glue on them also. I had to re-sew them on before he could even wear it. The velcro was literally tacked on by a couple stiches All in all I am happy for what I paid for it and My Grandson Loves it!