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White Bridal Corsets Hook Bustier Slim Fit Spandex Wedding Corsets For Women March 2018. New collection, free shipping.

White Bridal Corsets Hook Bustier Slim Fit Spandex Wedding Corsets For Women March 2018. New collection, free shipping.

New price: 15.99 USD

Описание товара

Shown Color Royal Blue, Pink, Purple, True Red, White, Black Design Backless
Type Overbust Corset Pattern Solid Color
Fabric Lycra Spandex Components Corset
Group Women Neckline Strapless
Sleeve Length Sleeveless Closures Lace-up
Style Vintage Bust(inch) S :32-33¾, M :33¾-35¾, L :35¾-37¾, XL :37¾-40¼, XXL :40¼-42¼
Waist(inch) S :24¼-26, M :26-28, L :28-30, XL :30-32, XXL :32-33¾ Hips(inch) S :33¾-35¾, M :35¾-38¼, L :38¼-40¼, XL :40¼-42¼, XXL :42¼-44¼
Weight 0.20kg

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June 5, 2015
Amazing product. Started using it right when I got home from the hospital. After 1 week, my stomach had almost shrunk back to size. The only problem that I felt something poking me on my sides and I didn't find it comfortable enough to sleep in.
September 25, 2017
I was going to write a review in my 2nd to 3rd month of using the product, because as of now there obviously has not been any significant changes in my body. But the company has been overly attentive with how I am doing with my new girdle, so I guess I shall give it a premature review. I am 5'7 & currently around 200lbs, 3 weeks post baby via c-section. I ordered the 2XL, it fits well but it's a bit too short for a long torso as it either rides up or is low on the back. It's good quality & definitely helped with tummy pain when exercising. I need to give it a few more months to see if it helps with an overall figure change.
November 24, 2014
My saving grace. This is my third pregnancy and first C-section birth. I am so so thankful I found my Bellefit because it has helped with the recovery pain for sure, but it gives me some immediate shape so people don't mistakenly ask, "when's the baby due?" I don't have to walk around with that 4th trimester tummy. Thank you bellefit!!
November 11, 2014
I have had two c sections the first time I used a belly bandit this time around I used this girdle and it was amazing. I recovered quickly my tummy deflated nicely and it was great during exercise. I used it for 3 months before it got to small. All women who will have a c section should purchase this product. Go to main website to get the the correct sizing before you order through Amazon
October 10, 2017
I purchased both this and the pull on girdle version for use after an upcoming surgery. I had difficulty with the pull on version getting it over my hips. This was much easier to put on and take off. Once on they both fit well, but I will be keeping the corset version for ease of use. If you have hips, I would recommend going with this version over the pull on version.
February 8, 2015
Bought this on week after my third child was born. It offers excellent support and compression postpartum. I am 5'8" with a long torso and wish this fit longer in the waist and perhaps was a little more firm but that's just personal preference. It's well worth the purchase and would definitely suggest it to other moms for postpartum support.
August 19, 2015
I love this thing! It has helped me feel more confident and look less jiggly after having my baby. The one thing I would change is the boning in the back of it. After a while it starts to bend and can be both painful and uncomfortable to wear. Easy to put on and take off.
January 27, 2016
The Bellefit is perfect to hold everything in snug so you don't feel as though your "saggy new Mommy belly" is jiggling around. The quality and compression fabric are excellent & worth the price. When considering size & style I would reccomend calling into their excellent customer service, so you can avoid sending it back for a new size.
December 19, 2017
I debated for a while about what wrap I wanted for postpartum recovery. I picked this because of the FDA cert and I was happy with it. I could comfortably wear it all day, but do note that I am someone who loves the feeling of shape-wear already. If you hate spanx you will not be comfortable in any postpartum corset you buy. It's a little hard to clean and because of the price I wish it had one more row to cinch because after a two months I felt that it did about as well as my regular shape-wear. I had to go back to work two weeks after delivery (ugh, I know) and I think that this helped with just allowing me to move around more comfortably. I didn't wear it the first week and a half because of general discomfort because of stitches and the idea of restrictive things were just a big no but after I felt a bit better it fit tight and was exactly what I expected for a corset. 3 months pp, I still wear it every now and then but I switch it out with my spanx. I would buy it again and do recommend it, but do note, it's not a forever thing. But then again what pregnancy/postpartum thing is.

Also as a side note, don't expect for this thing to magically put you back to you pre-pregnancy body. You still have to workout and tone on your own. This just helps. 9 months on 9 months off
March 13, 2013
I purchased the Bellefit 2 pack after reading all the great reviews. I got the Corset in size Large and the Side Zip in medium. I was a bit weary of the sizing because I had gained more than 30lbs, but i was between sizes on the Large and the XL. I am glad i went with the Large. I was able to squeeze into it at first and then it molded to my body and became like second skin. I had a natural birth, and I started wearing the Corset girdle as soon as I got home from the hospital. I wore it non-stop, 24/7 for 2 weeks, only taking it off to shower. It started to become like second nature and I actually felt awkward with out it. There is no worse feeling then loose skin around your midsection. I loved how the girdle contained and compressed everything. i accredit it for being the reason for my super fast recovery as well as my shortened period of blood loss. It relieved my bloating and swelling faster than had I not used anything, and the convenient hook and eye closure underneath were easy to access when I had to rush to use the bathroom or change pads. The best part is that it never rode up like the other "belly bands" that are not connected. This also provide lower abdominal support which is where you need it most. I wore it under my clothes and people could barely tell I just had a baby. I have a before and after picture that shows the dramatic results after just 2 weeks of wearing, but I dont know how to post it in the review. Next time I have a baby I am definitely making sure a Bellefit is on my list of things to get.