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Vinatge Maxi Coat With Lapel and Belt Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

Vinatge Maxi Coat With Lapel and Belt Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

New price: $136.41 USD

Описание товара

Design Pleated Neckline Notch Collar
Closures Front Button Sleeve Length Long Sleeve
Pattern Solid Color Season Winter
Style Chic & Modern Fabric Wool Blend
Shown Color Green Note Belt included
Bust(inch) S :35½, M :37¼, L :38½, XL :40¼, XXL :41¾ Waist(inch) S :27½, M :29¼, L :30¾, XL :32¼, XXL :33¾
Length(inch) S :47¼, M :48¾, L :50½, XL :52, XXL :52 Shoulder Breadth(inch) S :15, M :15¼, L :15¾, XL :16¼, XXL :16½
Weight 1.70kg

July 14, 2014
8 Month Ownership Review:

My experience with this company and product has had plenty of ups and downs. I did two full months of research and a week of prep work before purchasing the product. This included a moisture test, multiple 3000+ psi pressure washings, muratic etch and light grinding.

I wanted the best possible coating for the price, epoxy coat 100% solids coating seemed to fit the bill. I purchased two full kits (basecoat and clearcoat).

The first shipment had a container that exploded inside the 5 gal bucket, rendering the kit and tools useless. A quick call to the company and they sent me out a new one. No big deal, a weeks wait to install.

Installation: Easy if you read the directions and prep the surface adequately. I reccomend having two people do the job. The squeegee is ridiculously small but it works to spread the material around. Spike shoes are an absolute necessity, don't be cheap and go buy/make them. My intial impression was awesome, coating is thick, super glossy and beautiful. If you can afford it, the clear coat really makes the floor POP! A word of advice, coat the floor later in the day when the concrete is cooling down to prevent bubbles due to outgassing.

After six months, I have HUGE 8 feet by 4 feet patches of yellowing, some in spots where the sun hits, and some in spots where there is no sun. One 10 inch by 10 inch is lifting, and there are two dime sized chips. From 15 feet, he floor looks great though. I'm a perfectionist, so I call the company to inquire.

E-mails sent, no response. Called twice, left messages, no call backs. It seems they dont have very good customer service when it comes to warranty claims. After I finally get a hold of someone, I explain my situation nicely, and she says they don't warranty yellowing at all. Ok.. What about the lifting and the chips? They can't help me either. After some persuasion, she said she'd send me a touch up kit, but wait, she will only send me the base but not the clear. So if I fixed it, it would look awkward. Only warranty half the products that cost me $550+? Weird, maybe they just wanted to make more money off me by charging the clear kit plus shipping...

I'm SOL, oh well.....

Overall, the coating is way better than other coatings at big box stores, just don't expect them to warranty the product. Rustoleum is 100% chip warrantied, but definitely not as thick and glossy. If you buy the epoxy coat, go overboard on the prep, as it is your only chance since their after purchase customer service is lacking. But sometimes prep isn't enough, sadly in my case...
April 17, 2014
I did a month of research before committing to this kit. You will spend twice the price on this kit compared to the ones in the big box home improvement stores but it is worth the investment. This is a high quality epoxy rated for 20+ years. if you get a cheaper kit you will see it wear off and flake in a few short years. Those kits contain water sometimes and this kit is 100% epoxy.

The kit comes with just about everything you need. In addition, I would recommend:
Paint roller, shoes you will throw away, plastic mat or dedicated area to mix, drill to attach to the included mixing attachment, and gloves.

The seller is great. She was very accommodating and allowed me to pick my own color flake chips.

Installation took about 4 hours by myself. I did not need to grind the concrete as it was a new house and didn't have any stains or residue on it. I did the acid wash that comes with the kit though which preps the surface.

Everyone comments about how great the floor looks. It's easy on the feet and a breeze to clean up.

1 year update:

We are approaching one year with my floor being installed. I continue to be impressed. There is no peeling or wear anywhere on the floor. We park the cars on it every day. I have spilled oil on it and other chemicals, but they all wipe up like water. There is not even a stain where the oil was. I have even waited a couple weeks with oil on the floor before cleaning it up, it wiped right up. If there is one thing i regret, it's using the optional gripping salt that comes with the kit. It gives the floor some grab when you're walking on it, but it makes it a little harder to clean, kinda like wiping a fine grain sandpaper.


Two and a half years later, there is no peeling or staining. Very easy to clean! Still extremely satisfied!
April 25, 2016
Great I found it as advertised.
February 8, 2016
Best epoxy you can use. I did my garage and years later still looks great!!
September 7, 2016
Easy to do and turned out awesome.
November 27, 2016
Good product. Thank You!!!!
March 28, 2017
Good deal. 3 out of 4 sections came out perfect. 4th one would cure but we fixed it. We put Polyacrylic over it. Several thin coats then put Polyurethane over it and it dried hard and looks almost perfect. Easy fix. Compared to redoing that section and spending more money.
March 28, 2014
This stuff is awesome. I'm a garage girl. I really like a clean garage. This kit is considered "complete" as it has everything you need to coat your garage floor. Everything. However, there is also a Deluxe kit that contains all of this stuff plus a Clear Coat layer and spiked shoes. I'm a girl, "over a certain age," and I did it alone. This kit was easy peasy to use and I got perfect results. As long as you complete the prep as stated, you should have no problem at all. The spiked shoes would have helped a lot, but I was able to work it out without them.
February 13, 2016
This looks great and has totally transformed our very drab garage. The finish is shiny and slightly textured by the added paint chips. Seems to be very durable (so far) with no noticeable defects. We used the tan color for a "warm" look. Good results depend on the prep. We started with a 9 year old concrete floor that had never been sealed, and had numerous cracks, small holes (divots), grease spots and various stains. It was a mess. Our steps:
- watch the instruction video and read the online instructions a few times (done before receiving product)
- clean out garage and sweep and vacuum entire floor
- pressure wash entire floor using light-medium pressure
- (optional then we painted the walls and ceiling a complementary color)
- using a flat razor, scrape off any remaining paint & glue & whatever junk still stuck to concrete
- with garden sprayer applied a strong mixture of "simply green" cleaner & warm water to the greasiest areas, then with a hand drill and a nylon bristle attachment, scrub these spots, repeat for the worse area using a wire attachment (skip if no grease spots)
- added TSP to the garden sprayer & 2 gallons warm water and let it sit, then pressure washed everything out (if the concrete is already clean this step can be skipped or shortened),
- applied the etch product from the epoxy-coat kit per the instructions, spray on, let sit a few mins, then rinse off twice. Squeegee out water.
- wait at least a day for the floor to be reasonably dry, then caulk any cracks or holes you don't want to show. We used a high quality latex caulk rated for exterior use (you can buy anywhere)
- next day caulk anything you missed. Some caulk will likely have shrunk from the day before. If any sports still look slightly greasy (or discolored) grind these with the drill and wire brush attachment again. Just being sure (our concrete had many grease spots)
- important! leave the garage door open and wait enough days for floor to be completely dry. In our case, in 70-80 weather with average humidity (HI "winter") this took 4 days. We ran some fans for an entire day to be sure.
- we had a corded drill specifically for mixing (a strong battery drill would likely be OK). I purchased extra matching paint chips from HD (we used about 50% more chips then came with EC package). Got some additional cheap paint brushes for the cut in. We had two pair of spike shoes (one surprisingly came with the kit). Don't go cheap - you need the spikes. Lots of cardboard so we could lay down messy roller etc. We had a two extendable handles for the roller and the squeegee. We only needed the one squeegee and the roller that came with the kit, though we had extras on hand just in case.
- Our garage is roughly 400 sq ft (19 x 21) and we marked into four equal areas (pencil line on floor). We used duct tape and a string (as a straight guide) to mask off the garage opening such that the coating ended exactly where the door touched the floor.
- properly mixing A (base) with B (hardener) is the most important part of the job.I don't advise using the very hard to see lines on the wood "dip" stick that comes with the kit. I had two small plastic pails which we used instead for measuring. I poured 28 oz of water into the smaller pail and marked the level both inside and outside with a sharpie. The inside line will become covered with hardener/base and partly erased, so make sure the outside line is visible from within. Tape on the outside would also work as a level marker. Do the same for the larger A pail, except use 68 oz of water. It is very important not to confuse the A and the B pails when mixing, which is why I used different sizes and colors and marked both (A vs B). After marking the appropriate levels dry the A and B measuring pails.
- These mix at 28 oz for B to 68 oz for A **exactly**, and you will get exactly four mixes out of the kit. We had barely a few drops left over when done, so it worked out perfect. Also a good idea to have several paint mixing sticks on hand to help get stuff out of pails.
- ready to mix and apply, we both put on spike shoes. Make sure all the nuts on the spikes are tightened (a few of ours came off). I found that duck tape wrapped around the entire spike / shoe combo worked better then the straps that come with the spike shoes (straps broke when tightened hard). I ran a timing app on my phone so we could hear the 3 minute mix time and the 10 minute roll time. Put on gloves.
- I poured B into the B pail up to the line, then poured that into the big black mixing bucket that comes with the kit. Then did same for A. Use the sticks to help get out A or B. Do not confuse the A vs B sticks! (B is clear which helps) Start the 3 minute timer. Mix for three minutes.
- pour mix out about 2' from a wall in one area, then start the 10 min timer and start to squeegee it out. We had one guy squeegee and when halfway done the other guy started to cut in while we kept spreading with squeegee. You don't have to be very neat or even with the squeegee, just spread the entire area. After the first guy was done cutting in and everything squeegeed, he started rolling the area. After 10 mins the entire area was rolled and we started mixing the next batch with the 3 in timer. Meanwhile one guy kept rolling. Be sure to put wet tools and buckets on cardboard not bare floor!
- do the same for the next area, except when done rolling, back roll first area. After all four areas and therefore the entire floor is rolled, back roll everything again starting with first area. Be sure to back roll over any small bubbles that tended to appear 20 mins after first roll. Usually one or two back rolls took care of this (we figured the last back roll should be about 45 mins after an area was first rolled). We also popped a few random late bubbles using our extension poll. By the time we started spreading the chips we had no bubbles (one or two showed up right after the chips but we were still able to pop with the pole).
- we divided all the chips into eight almost full dixie cups (again we purchased extra chips), so we spread two cups per area. We pretty much threw to the ceiling (9 ft in this case) and let spread naturally, though we tossed some more or less directly into corners. We were going for a random effect with some slightly more densely chipped areas, and it came out looking great.
- about 30 mins after we finished the chip spreading, we carefully removed the duct tape masking the garage door entrance.
- we finished the job around 4 in the afternoon and by 7am the next day I could walk on the floor. By the afternoon of the next day we were moving back furniture. I waited three full days before driving the car into the garage. Did I mention the floor looks awesome!
June 10, 2014
My wife had been hounding me to get the garage epoxy coated since we moved into the house a year ago, I am not a car or hang out in the garage guy so the prime reason was to have the garage look nicer for our neighbors to see I guess... Either way I didn't want to invest in the cost of a professional coat. I have no doubt the professional coat is likely better, but it can't be better enough to justify the price difference. The etch went on easily and it was obvious the concrete had been etched once dried. I went with the dark grey (not that dark so I am very glad I chose it over the light) with the standard flecks. Very easy to put down. I went with 2 full kits for our 650 sq ft garage and put it on a little thicker to fully use the kits. no problems putting it down, even with 2 little kids wanting to be helpers. I went with the clear coat as well, I figured since I moved all the junk out of the garage I might as well only have to do it once. So with 2 full kits of epoxy and 2 of clear, incidentals, and temporary storage for the garage clutter it only cost about $1500, much lower than the $3500 I was quoted.

Things I loved about this kit:
-includes EVERYTHING you need, etch, flecks, brushes, roller cover, paint mixer, squeegee, gloves... Everything. I only added a roller handle, a broom, leaf blower, and that was it.
-Obviously high quality. It has only been down a month or so but I can say any failure in the future is unlikely.
-Customer service was A+, the first bucket of clear arrived damaged, and it was replaced immediately and received very quickly.

Things I didn't like:
-The anti skid in the clear was very sharp so I went with the Sherwin Williams Shark Grip and it is more "kid knee" friendly, but I highly recommend an antiskid of some type. The floor does get slick when wet.

-Make sure to cover the areas in the drive when coating. I didn't and I have some drops of the clear coat here and there. The wife thinks its from the bubbles she used with the kids... I wonder how long I have until she figures it out...
-Get the spike shoes, well worth the investment