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Two-Tone Polka Dot Skirt White Maxi Skirt Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

Two-Tone Polka Dot Skirt White Maxi Skirt Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

New price: $19.99 USD

Описание товара

Type Bohemian Shown Color White
Season Summer Fabric Chiffon
Pattern Polka Dot Style Bohemian
Embellishment Printed Design Oversized
Length Long Waist(inch) S :23½-31½, M :25¼-33¼, L :26¾-34¾
Dress Length(inch) S:34¾, M:36½, L:38½ Weight 0.35kg

December 18, 2016
To confirm what many have said, while the string is 24ft long, the amount of material used is very thin when spread across that distance. I compressed it to 10ft and it looks pretty good now, though if you want it to look like the picture it's probably closer to 8ft. Time will tell on its durability, but at least for now it has satisfied the need for a tiki look on the lanai.
February 28, 2017
Happy with item. Part of a school project event. Pleased with this seller.
July 21, 2017
looks good if you take the time to scrunch it together so its about 12' long
July 7, 2011
Not only was this product so cheaply made but when I contacted the seller about a return, I did not even get a response. I have toilet paper with better material than the strands of fringe skirt on this. I'm less pissed that it was a crap product but more so because I just wanted to return it and tikizone apparently not going to let me. Buyer beware with this supplier. I use Amazon regulary and if you can get past the crazy freight charges that seem to apply to every order, the service is good but bad suppliers ruin the experience.
February 11, 2016
This fringe was just what we were looking for to add a bit of fringe to our tiki huts. We host a luau every year and like to add to the décor as we go. We did find that you really needed to double this up to get good coverage, but it was still a great deal. Be warned that the product photo is probably at least doubled and possibly as much as quadrupled. Not thick, but quality fringe anyway.
June 13, 2017
I purchased (2) units of the raffia to finish off my tiki bar which is 8'x8'. I doubled each unit over to give it a fuller looking appearance. I believe it will hold up well in the Phoenix outdoors. I plan to keep adding a new layer each year.
July 14, 2016
These Tiki Bar Raffia Fringe skirts seem to be durable enough and looks just fine if you take corrective action to make them so. The individual "strands" of raffia on the so-called 24 Foot Long Fringe are too far apart to make the skirt look full and as nice as it should. Each strand is looped over itself individually and slide along the main line that holds them. The seller does not add enough strands per inch, in fact only half as much that is needed. So, I have to push the strands together, and once that is done, I wind up with just 12 feet as opposed to the advertised 24 feet. When looking at the photo provided by the seller, it appears to show a skirt whereas the strands are pushed together to make it fuller, as it should be. Had they used what they sell, it would look much skimpier. I've attached a photo of one corner of my Tiki Bar. I plan to cover the entire top and sides, but I have to order more to complete the job. I had everything precisely measured, and when I got the Raffia Fringe, turns out I only have half of what's needed due to the seller not selling full Fringes at 24 feet. Some buyers said just overlap two fringes together, but pushing the strands together presents a better presentation of this product.

Update: I finally completed my Tiki Bar Project ... it looks great, however, turns out I had to push the individual stands closer together, especially on the top. With that, a 24 foot length only equates to about 9 feet of actual length. I was tempted to drop to one star, but it looks fine, for now.
August 8, 2017
Product picture is totally misleading. As well as description! You definitely have to double up (at least)to get the look shown in the picture. Which means you're now paying $20 for 12 feet. Wait! I just saw the price is now $30!!! Someone is out of their tree! Seller needs to calm down on price (because it is a good product) or potential buyer...just go to hobby lobby and save half of your money. I don't know how, for the price, this product has so many stars. Once again, great product, but misleading and expensive. Even if it did look like it does in the pic, which it absolutely doesn't, it's not worth $30.heres a pic of our DIY remodeled Florida room. Notice the difference. Drop the price seller, or look elsewhere buyer
August 20, 2016
We put this stuff up April 28th and it's almost 4 months later and it's still holding up really well. We've had a few rainstorms here and there which doesn't seem to affect it. I how long it will really last, I'm guessing at least another 4 months! We used to single strands to line our entire patio cover with just a single layer and it has a very nice look. It moves really easy also with a light Breeze.
November 2, 2016
These are perfect for what we used them for. Initially bought 2, and then bought 2 more- exactly as described and perfect to edge our tiki hut!