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Two-Tone Hooded Wool Coat Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

Two-Tone Hooded Wool Coat Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

New price: $65.47 USD

Описание товара

Design Layered Neckline Hooded
Closures Front Button Sleeve Length Long Sleeve
Pattern Two-Tone Season Winter
Style Chic & Modern Lining Material Polyester
Fabric Cotton Shown Color Dark Navy, Deep Gray
Fill materials Cotton Note Hood detachable.
Thickness Bust(inch) M :37¼-38½, L :38½-40¼, XL :41-42½, XXL :42½-44¼, XXXL :44¼-45¾, XXXXL :45¾-48¼, XXXXXL :48¼-50½
Length(inch) M :31½, L :31½, XL :32, XXL :32¼, XXXL :32¾, XXXXL :33¼, XXXXXL :33½ Sleeve Length(inch) M :23¼, L :23½, XL :23¾, XXL :24¼, XXXL :24¼, XXXXL :24½, XXXXXL :24½
Shoulder Breadth(inch) M :15, L :15¼, XL :16, XXL :16½, XXXL :17¼, XXXXL :17¾, XXXXXL :18¼ Weight 0.80kg

May 8, 2016
Arrived on time worked great table looks fantastic. Thanks
February 18, 2017
looks great
January 5, 2017
i like the results.
September 15, 2014
Exactly what we were looking for to go on our barn wood counter tops. Worked and looks great (4 layers filled in all the roughness)
The price was unbeatable from Eclectic products inc. which was a good thing as we went through 11 gallons during our complete kitchen remodel.
February 28, 2017
es great for crafts glossy coat
October 30, 2017
Great material that completely fulfilled my expectations. I wish the colors for it were not that expensive, but apparently any colors on an alcohol base will do and be transparent.
September 19, 2017
Good product works and covers well
December 22, 2017
Got this to complete the finish on my farmhouse pallet wood table build. Glossy like wet water. I didn’t want the wet look so I took fine steel wool and gave it a matte finish. Amazing, diamond hard and impervious to water.
March 26, 2016
This is a great product. I also had an experience Identical to woodzy, but it was clearly my fault. I didn't make enough to do the job and was very late in getting a second batch ready. Had I calculated a little and not worried so much about the cost of the product I would have been much better off. I work with expensive wood and was able to recover the piece a week later once it cured to a point where I could take off the product with very low grit sanding tools.
I've learned a few things; 1) This is very important! use a good quality heat gun AND NOT A TORCH! The Milwaukee heat gun works great and you won't be practicing your 911 dialing skills for getting the firehouse to visit your workshop ;-) 2) use this product during warm months, or get the temp way up in your work space. Full cure time can triple during winter. 3) don't skimp, if you make too much, have a small project going that you can use the waste product on. You'll eventually get the amounts right, with practice. 4) and most importantly if you're working in a small shop, have a clean up plan before mixing. I line my project area with taped together newspaper (see picture), because if you're not liberal on your edges you'll be mixing more in a few days for the same project, meaning your going to have lots of dripping. 4) belt sand the "driplets" once your project is cured, I start at 80 grit on my belt sander and work up to 320, take your time, rushing will have you mixing again. One other thing I've discovered, after about a week of curing, I paste wax my tops, it really seems to add even more to the luster and perceived depth of the coat.
If you've had good results with the product, you know what I'm talking about.
January 2, 2017
Amazon's price beat Lowe's and the date on it was two month's old as opposed to Lowe's product that was a year old. This is a really tricky product. If you have a problem I can guarantee it is you and not the product. I didn't get this right until my third pour. Although I followed the directions on mixing I wasn't using enough. The trick is to over pour. It's better if you don't overwork it by spreading it out to the edges too many times. It self levels so don't try to make it level. Just push it over to the outer edges and let drip over on it's own. The best way to get the bubbles out is to immediately grab your heat gun and wave it back and forth about 4-6 inches above the surface. You will see them disappear before your eyes. Keep doing this until all of the bubbles disappear and then leave it alone. With rubber gloves on you can wipe along the edges to smooth out the drips or sand afterwards. Make sure you close your air vents and keep pets away. Keep the door closed for at least eight hours so absolutely no air is moving any dust around or pet hair or they will be a permanent addition to the finish. This stuff is very very messy so wear rubber gloves and have acetone handy. Heat gun is a must. Blowing on it is not good enough and a blower dryer moves it around too much.