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Two-Tone Dancing Extending False Eyelashes Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

Two-Tone Dancing Extending False Eyelashes Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

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Описание товара

Type False Eyelashes Occasion Dancing
Gender Girls Material Feather
Pattern Artwork Weight 0.01kg

November 16, 2017
These were just too uncomfortable for me. I could see them the whole time wearing them, I never got used to it. Putting them on is a pain too, which I’m sure gets easier if you put forth the effort. I felt like you could see where they started and ended, which made them look super fake and the part of your eyelashes it didn’t cover looked non existent
December 18, 2017
Maybe it was just me, but I could not get these magnetic eyelashes to attach correctly to my eyelashes. They kept slipping towards the tip of my lashes and looked terribly unnatural. I was looking for an easier way to wear false eyelashes that involved less glue than the typical false eyelashes. I thought these reusable magnetic lashes would fit that bill. Boy was I wrong. The base of the eyelashes were not as flexible or naturally curved as the typical glue adhesive lashes I wear, nor were they a good length. I found the base of the lashes to be a bit short and the lashes themselves to be too long for my taste. Overall these lashes struck out with me.
October 11, 2017
I have ordered from Amazon everything from shoes to candy. I wish I have believed the reviews that I read say how horrible this product is. Their isn't anything that has been written on the description that is real. Everything has been fabricated, it's all a lie.
The product is very cheap, with the lashes being very thin. There isn't anyway to attach the lashes to your upper lid to attach the lower lid. There is no TED or blue dot like they said to distinguishe right eyelash from left eyelash. So you have to figure out for yourself.
This product needs to be removed from the site, again very poor quality. I looked at the videos to apply, I think the product use was much better than these knock offs. Also there wasn't any Asian women used as models, so if your lashes are short like there's. Don't buy isn't for you🙀Product again is a fraud!!!!!!!!!!!!
September 20, 2017
Site clearly says 8 pcs. Received 4. Returning on principle.
October 10, 2017
I've never posted a negative review but it's necessary with this product. DO NOT BUY these eyelashes. They are very low quality and nothing like I was expecting. I was so hopeful that these would be great because I read so many reviews about people raving over these lashes. I was aware that they only covered 3/4 of the eye but they are manufactured in a straight line so when they are put on they look TERRIBLE. Who has completely straight eyes?! No curve whatsoever with these lashes. The clear fishing-line-type string the lashes are attached to has sticks out pretty far on both ends so that it stabs your eye when they're on. Also, all the lashes were tapered (very slightly at best) in the same direction so there wasn't a clear option for the left eye and the right eye. They come in a compact case and are stuck to very sticky tape so when you take them off, they rip off some of the lashes. The only positive with these lashes is that the magnet quality is pretty strong and I could see them staying on for a long time IF they looked good!
September 20, 2017
Only came with 4 pieces, NOT 8
September 22, 2017
Don't waste your money! These are horrible. They don't contour to your eye, but straighten out your eyelid instead. Super uncomfortable when on, magnets are extremely visible. I'd rather wear glue-on lashes any day over these. I wish I never wasted a penny on this purchase.
September 20, 2017
The container I received only contained one pair 4 pieces but was clearly marked two pairs 8 pieces!
September 13, 2017
Horrible. Saw the 5 star reviews and had high expectations. The lashes are all over the place. Trying to get them perfectly aligned on your lashes seems impossible. Does not look like how it's pictured. I was expecting CoverGirl lashes but it was just a hot mess.
December 19, 2017
I thought these would be fun to wear to add a little punch to my lashes. Typical false lashes with glue always seem messy to me and regardless of which glue I have tried I always thought they feel like they are loose or coming off. I have seen these magnetic ones on social media and thought why not give them a try. Well ladies, please pass these up. They don't curve to your lid so they are straight across and you can see the magnetic line and these are super short! I have decent lashes on my own, I wanted that made up look with a big lash, these are not that at all, regardless they aren't shaped correctly so length isn't the real issue. Don't waste your time and thank goodness for Prime returns.