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Two-Tone Chic PU Casual T-shirt for Women Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

Two-Tone Chic PU Casual T-shirt for Women Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

New price: $16.19 USD

Описание товара

Sleeve Length Long Sleeve Pattern Two-Tone
Design Clothes Embellishment PU
Shown Color Blue, Black, Ecru White Neckline Jewel
Fabric Polyurethane / PU Bust(inch) S :32-33¾, M :33½-35½, L :35¼-37¼, XL :36½-38½
Length(inch) S :24¼, M :24½, L :24¾, XL :25¼ Weight 0.30kg

November 6, 2017
It works fine for sorting papers as well as stackin T-Shirts. You can pull a shirt out from the bottom of the stack without disturbing the rest of the shirts. I use it in an armour so it can be set on the shelf and it works fine there. I could not see using it in a drawer. In a drawer it is easier to fold and stand up t-shirts, etc. It is light weigh and a flimsy product but it works for what I am using it for.
December 20, 2017
Okay first off this is a product I love and is absolutely needed in most households. I was hesitant due to the price because let’s be real it’s just plastic, but after folding and organizing 100 shirts in an hour I’m sold and will probably buy 100 more. Other hesitations were people’s review on the plastic being “flimsy” well yes it is but it is part of the design. I have all sorts of items folded, pants, yoga pants, shirts ect stacked about 20 items high so in order for the whole thing now to fall over the plastic needs to be flexible enough to handle pulling the item of any size out. I will re-post a review if needed after 1 month, but as for now I’m very happy with my purchase and go a head and get the folding device as it made fold 100 clothes fast!
October 19, 2017
This product works really well. It's straight forward and simple. I saw this product in a list of "Things to help you get organized." It's simple in design and implementation, and those are its greatest strengths, as there's no rods or shelving or anything. It collapses as you remove your shirts from it, as intended.

My only real complaint with this is that it effectively feels like a stack of liners for paint roller trays. The simplicity of the design is good, but the drawback is that there's nothing really holding this thing together, aside from gravity. When it's full, it looks a little lopsided as my shirts have different thickness when folded.

Overall, it works as designed, and would be a useful accessory for a cubby hole or some other small storage area, as well as the closet/dresser space it's designed to occupy.
August 17, 2016
I was sooo hopeful but this product is absolutely horrible. My shirts slide all over the place when I try to grab any shirt further down the pile. Went straight into the garbage.
December 22, 2016
I did read all the reviews and still purchased the product. Yes, its a flimsy plastic, but it does the job. I'm very happy with this purchase. Check out my picture :)
August 13, 2017
I really like this product -- so much so that that I just purchased 4 more 20-paks! I was expecting a lot -- and was even more pleased when I actually used the EZSTAX.

Other reviewers have complained about the "flimsy" material. In my opinion, the thin, flexible construction is a feature, allowing me to stack 20 shirts in the same space that would only accommodate 12 loosely folded shirts.

So, why only 4 stars? I want to get the manufactures attention for a needed improvement: add a folding board to the pack. Give me one less EZSTAX layer and instead include a simple, rectangular piece of the same material to use as the folding guide. Attempting to fold by hand and following the instructions provided leads to bulky, non-uniform folds that greatly defeat the purpose. After attempting fold on my own I was unhappy with the outcome. So, I undid everything and used a common nylon kitchen cutting board as a folding guide. This simple solution reduced the stack size by a third and made the result look more like what is advertised.

Very happy with this purchase!
January 25, 2017
 I purchased this product with high hopes but I honestly didn't expect much considering the bad reviews I had read...so I was amazed when it worked perfectly.

I bought these to hopefully organize my Lularoe legging collection which has gotten out of hand. There's just no good way for me to store them--I've tried stacking and rolling and, while both ways sort of work, they're not great--you still end up pulling out multiple pair per time and it just makes a mess. So I decided to try these. And wow was I blown away (see video, which shows my very first thoughts as I'm testing them for the first time).

* Are the sheets flimsy? Yes, very.

I think they could make these a tiny bit thicker. But they're slippery so the clothes just slide right out.

* Do they stack together perfectly? No.

You have to be careful when stacking above your head (see video). And I'd like to see them somehow permanently able to attach to each other for ease of refilling the levels. Like attached at the back via O-rings or something (like a 3-ring-binder-type system), so you can just lift up the plastic sheet to insert a new item without worrying about the levels coming apart.

* Is folding to fit the sheets a pain? Kind of, but not really.

The first time you set it up, you may need to try a few different folds to see what works and fits the best. See attached photos: With my leggings, I tried the typical fold in half lengthwise (so you have one full leg), then in half, then half again so you end up with a square (stack on left with gray and black leggings on top). I also tried folding them in thirds (starting again by folding in half lengthwise to get one full leg) then in thirds, so you end up with more of a rectangle (stack on right with green and yellow leggings on top). Both shapes fit on the trays just fine and both pulled out of the stack just fine (see video). The folded-in-quarters version takes up less space on the tray and you may need to adjust the placement so you can easily see the pattern of what you want to pull out. The folded-in-thirds version takes up more of the space on the tray and may stick out of the stack a slight bit more, but it didn't hamper the use at all.

* Is this a perfect solution? No.

It's admittedly a bit of a pain to reset the whole system once you pull out enough of the items--especially if the stack is above your head (like in my video--I may have to rethink where I put these). It would be nice to just lift up the trays and slide your item back in--but once you lift up a tray, there's nothing keeping them attached so they come apart. It's likely not as big of a deal if you're using two hands (and not filming like I was) and it's not above your head, but it won't be the easiest thing to do.

* Would I buy them again? Yes.

Though I don't think I'd stack two sets together. The full stack is a bit precarious, especially if you need to slide it around (though, as you can see in the video, mine are stacked on that cheap wire closet stuff which doesn't promote sliding).

My overall impression? I was really quite shocked by how well these worked for what I bought them for. You can hear my amazement in the video as I was really honestly surprised (I went into it expecting it to be a complete failure). The only reason they don't get five stars is that they are a tiny bit flimsier than I'd like and it would be great if they could somehow be "reloaded" a bit easier.
May 10, 2017
As many have written, the sheets are somewhat flimsy but the system wouldn't work if the dividers were thicker. I ordered the 20 pack and used two stacks of 10.
Many complained the shirts slid when fanned to get shirt in middle. I found with a little pressure or holding the top half prevents this. Also alternating the thicker neck end of the shirt helps even the stack.
April 5, 2016
Would give this negative stars if I could. These are made of flimsy plastic! My product came warped and made more of a mess with my clothes. It spelt shirts all over the floor. Also, there was odd grease on the plastic covering of this package. Don't waste your hard earned money on this!
May 10, 2017
sorry, ezstax, i really wanted to love your product. i can definitely appreciate a good idea, especially when it's solving a common household problem, and more especially, when someone's actually gone through the execution of that idea. i first saw this product on pinterest. i was so wooed by the videos and the advertisements on the ezstax website, i immediately forwarded it to my family. but alas, when i found them on amazon (i'm a prime member, so everything is vetted through amazon first), i was surprised to find it only had 3.5 stars. what possible issues could people have with this product?? i took three things away from reading through the reviews: 1- many people said the product was too flimsy; 2- that shirts didn't lay uniformly; and 3- they wound up loving it as a paper organizer. well, 1- i didn't care if it was flimsy as long as it still did its job; 2- i'm a good folder, so wouldn't have the issue of the shirts not laying flat as shown in the pictures (also- just a tip: you can also place every-other shirt backwards to combat this problem); 3- i already have a system to organize my papers. so with my own self-inflation, i thought the feedback didn't apply to me. i received them yesterday, and i couldn't wait to take my already-neatly-folded shirts and apply them to this system. this was the result: 1- yes, i suppose, it looked a tad bit more organized, but not significantly; 2- it increased the height of the previous pile, obviously, because of the added inserts; and 3- the deal breaker- it wasn't functional. if i wanted to get a shirt in the middle, i could not lift the top ones to access it without them all sliding backwards and falling off, creating a huge mess. i would have to use two hands to lift the whole stack completely off, pull out the shirt, and replace the stack, which, is already what i used to do with my pile of shirts without the ezstax inserts. i tried putting them up against the wall to combat the sliding backwards, but it didn't help enough. so in summary, the only benefit i gained from placing my shirts in the ezstax system, was that the pile of shirts looked a little more boxy than just a plain pile of shirts. i suppose if you suffer from having piles of unfolded shirts, then this might encourage you to fold them? but i'm not even sure about that. returning :(