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Two-Tone Acrylic Nurse Costume for Women Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

Two-Tone Acrylic Nurse Costume for Women Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

New price: $11.85 USD

Описание товара

Shown Color White Design Irregular
Pattern Solid Color Fabric Acrylic
Components Hat, Dress Pieces in Set 2-Piece
Style Sexy Group Women
Season Summer Bust(inch) One Size :31¼-32¾
Waist(inch) One Size :22¾-25¼ Hips(inch) One Size :32¾-39
Weight 0.30kg

December 15, 2016
Easy and attention grabbing costume. Your friends will be peeling over with laughter! It all stems from that funny, excellently sized hole for your head. It's not too tight or too large, it seems to be just ripe. The costume is pretty thin however, so definitely expect a bruise if you fall from tree heights. I'm 6 foot tall and the bottom of the banana lands just above the knee, if you know what I'm saying.
Fair warning: prepare to be chased by a bunch of gorilla and monkey strangers.
April 13, 2017
My 7 year old son had color day at his schools spirit week so I bought him this to wear. It was such a hit! And it fit well too, it actually fit everyone in the family
June 24, 2016
We've bought several of these for the banana bar crawl that we do every year, and it's a great costume for the price. You definitely have to wear clothes underneath, as the material in the back is a bit thin, but the front is quite thick, and the costume looks nice.
December 20, 2017
Everyone needs a banana suit.

This is known.

This is a banana suit and functions well in it's role as a banana suit.

You need a banana suit.
July 3, 2017
Honestly bought this for a rave that was Banana themed and was suppose to wear it with a group of friends but I bought it just as they were running out. So I was the only banana. Anyways this fit great, but if you're 5'4" like me then wear a hat to help the hole for your head not get suck.
December 14, 2017
I've actually bought a few costumes under this brand and have never been sorry. They're excellent! My 10 year old son actually wore this for Halloween, and was a big hit. They usually have a good selection, and they're original ideas. They cost just as much as the cheap store bought costumes, but we actually get to use these costumes more than once.
November 2, 2015
OMG, this was possibly the best $8 ever spent on a costume. I'm 6'2" and had no issues with the way it fits. Follow the instructions, you will need to stuff either end of the banana to get the full effect. I bought this for a Halloween bike ride. With 20 people, sporting a wide variety of interesting and funny costumes, guess who was drawing the most attention and comments from people along the ride route (walkers, joggers, riders, kids, adults, and even passing motorists)? Then there was Halloween night. Lots of ghouls and goblins, but only one banana wandering the neighborhood. It's a safe costume too. Being huge and bright yellow, I skipped the reflective vest while walking around trick or treating.

FYI - Depending on the crowd you are running around with, there are endless possibilities in the "lewd comment" arena. Being up on a bike adds to the humor, but also opens the door to an even wider spectrum of comical remarks.
March 19, 2017
It's alright.. it worked for Halloween. Kinda cheap and light-weight.. Difficult to stuff with anything to fill it out.. kinda cheap.. but it worked. I'm sure there are much better banana costumes out there. But it worked for one night for a 12 year-old.
August 22, 2016
I've had this banana suit for about a year now. It has become my go-to man for everything at all, and I've fallen in love with it. One size fits all, my nine years old, twelve years old, fourteen years old, or forty years old. The day I got this banana suit is the day my life was complete. I could die happy knowing that this banana suit is in my life. The day i got it, I ran around in pure bliss knowing I could feel free. I proceeded to use it for a various array of events, such as school, concerts, or simply attending a funeral or going to a wedding or friends house. I wear it around the house every day just to use it, and it's stitching holds up very well. I have created an award-winning play, and used the suit in it. It can last through any weather, and once sat on my floor for three months while getting stepped on and remained in prime condition. It even still smells new. Water, juice, jam, blood, all seem to slide off the suit. It is washable, lovable, and an all around valued member of our household. It is also cheap, which means my family shall be purchasing at least sixty more of these beauties. I have thousands of photos of this suit, but I shall just attach one. So yeah, 10/10 would recommend.
November 6, 2014
I'm a fairly big guy and I was super worried this wouldn't fit (5'10" 220lbs). When I first got it, I put it on upside down and I was super disappointed. Then I realized, "I am not a clever man," and it fit perfectly. The quality is better than what I expected, but it is definitely unwashable. You will need to figure out some kind of stuffing, otherwise the outfit will be limp. No one likes a limp banana. I used shredded paper clippings inside a plastic bag as my stuffing. The only thing about this that is fairly annoying is that the head part will shift around if you're bending over a lot or dancing, etc.

For the price, and the super quick shipping, you really can't go wrong, even if it is a one or two use costume.