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Trench Women Coat Shearing Coat Women Peacoat Winter Jacket Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

Trench Women Coat Shearing Coat Women Peacoat Winter Jacket Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

New price: $47.16 USD

Описание товара

Design Escote cerrado Neckline Embellished Collar
Embellishment Beaded, Buttons Closures Front Button
Sleeve Length Long Sleeve Pattern Solid Color
Season Fall Style Chic & Modern
Fabric Wool Shown Color Dark Navy, Green, Orange
Bust(inch) M :33¾-35½, L :35½-37¾, XL :37¾-40¼ Length(inch) M :28¼, L :28¾, XL :29¼
Sleeve Length(inch) M :20¾, L :21¼, XL :21¾ Shoulder Breadth(inch) M :14½, L :15, XL :15¼
Weight 0.5kg

October 28, 2016
I really love this jacket. As a woman with a straight-up-and-down shape, I often find casual men's jackets fit better than women's jackets with fitted waists. This one works especially well as the add-on sleeves resemble raglan sleeves, which look better than set-in sleeves. I had worried that the sleeves might tend to come apart when slipping the jacket on. Not so - it is no different than taking a regular jacket on and off.
I bought this jacket for a trip that will involve both hot days, cool evenings, and a little quite cold high-altitude time. I think this jacket will work for it all. With sleeves, the weight is ideal for cool evenings, and layered over a fleecy is fine for the cold days.
I have been wearing it extensively here in the Australian late winter, spring, and early summer and have found it a very comfortable choice for just about any sort of weather we have been having.
The pockets, of course, are terrific. When I'm travelling, I like to concentrate on the experience, and feeling confident that my most important things are secure liberates me to just relax and enjoy where I am. Also, on flight days they hold so much I can get away with taking just a carry-on bag, which is also a very liberating thing.
Service from ScotteVest is also really good. The first tropiformer I ordered turned out to have a defect, and was replaced very promptly and courteously. I could not have been happier with their response to the problem. I have been a fan of ScotteVests for years and am really enjoying this sleeved version.
September 21, 2017
I would have given my Tropiformer jacket 5 stars until I discovered that it is incompatible with my iPhone 7 Plus (and any other oversized phone), and a key feature of being able to operate the phone through the transparent window doesn't work. The web site does not clearly call attention to this deficiency, even though the iPhone 6+ has been out almost two years. Despite pointing out the many deficiencies in the web site and asking the issue to be escalated to top management, my request for an exchange was denied because more than 30 days had elapsed, and I had worn the jacket once. When I received the jacket, I made sure that my phone fit in the pocket, but didn't notice the non-functionality until I actually used the jacket. They refused to accept any responsibility for the inadequate product description, and were insensitive to my arguments.

Very disappointed in the way SCOTTeVEST treats customers and fails to keep their products compatible with the latest technology.
March 23, 2017
It fits generally as expected but the sleeve openings are a bit large and cannot be closed up as much as I'd like. Also with a 9.7" iPad in the tablet pocket the jacket feels a bit snug. But honestly I do not think I'll carry the tablet that much anyway. My phone, an ereader, a battery, passport and so much other stuff is easily carried in this jacket. The removeable sleeves work really well and are easy to reattach.
August 23, 2017
First, a backgrounder. I have posted two reviews on the official website and though I confirmed both reviews, they never posted it. So I believe that they pick and choose their reviews so as to give a more positive slant to their product?
I received this as a gift from my spouse. She got it before I could get my own. I really did not like her buying such an expensive product. We were going on a trip to Paris and London and I need to store itsy bitsy stuff.
The good- lots of pocket, cool, and lightweight
The bad- expensive for the product. The cloth material, while good, felt too flimsy. No bulk. Here is what is really bad, in my experience. The magnets all over the vest. I have used this for only 3 days and it has been hanging in my closet ever since. 2 years later, I still feel the pain from using it.
In London, I had the weekly Oyster card. I stored it in the pocket on the front chest near your sternum. In 3 days I had to go to the Tube offices to have the card reissued 3 times because for some strange inexplicable reason, it would not read anymore. There was once I was not able to exit but a transit worker helped me out. Long story short, I found that there was a magnet close over there at the pocket and everytime I took my card out, it screwed the magnetic stripe. So I stopped using the vest. It has not been used ever since.
The magnetic attachment to the sleeves has its pros and cons. Easy and quick to attach and detach. Problem is that it detaches rather easily, even when you are not planning to. Also, when you sit on a metal chair those magnets tend to stick to it. Not a big deal though as I simply disregarded the sleeve. But a zipper would have been better.
I have always told my spouse that price does not always equate with quality. This is one example. I am currently using a vest bought on ebay for $20 and has been very pleased with it.
July 14, 2016
This was the second SCOTTeVEST product I got a few years back, and quite frankly I where pretty much all the time I'm out and about. I like how it's lightweight and decently breathable. It has plenty of pockets to keep all my stuff organized. I wore it all the time when I traveled to Israel last year (FYI: nothing bad happened to me or my traveling companions) and I kept all my things organized on the flights there and back. Stashing all the necessities in the inside pockets kept everything secure. Plus it made going to through security a breeze. All I had to do was take off the jacket, and walk through the scanners. Then pick up my jacket on the other end of the scanners. And I was off. I do like the fact the shell fabric is water resistant. I have worn it in downpours and stayed pretty dry so that is a definite plus. The sleeves remove and put on very easily makes this very flexible and great for when you're not sure what the weather will do. Overall I really enjoy this product. I'd buy another one if I could find a good excuse.
SCOTTeVEST Tropiformer Jacket
March 20, 2017
The arms are not that easy to get back on, and one would think they would have a specified pocket to pack into when off. Also, the neck was VERY uncomfortable/stiff, due to having *2* zippers (a rain hood is inside the zippered neck compartment, and then that hood is detachable because it has another zipper inside...both zips stay in neck even when hood is out. ugg)--was not expecting that. Would be better to have a hood sewn onto the removable flap, where it could drape down inside/in between the layers when not wanting to wear it.
December 2, 2016
I've had my Tropiformer with me on journeys to 30 U.S. cities and 5 countries this year. It is now a permanent staple in my travel bag. The fit is great and it's the perfect weight to throw it on if the airport or airplane is a little chilly.

The pockets are incredibly handy and somehow hide the weight of the items contained in them. I can load the pockets up and you can barely tell I'm carrying anything. I have no idea how ScotteVest does this.

A tip for anyone throwing this in your bag: I've found that if you just wad it up and throw it in your bag, the magnetic tabs that hold the outer shell on tend to get a little tangled and stick to each other. It's best to either zip it up and fold it before storing it away, OR folding it into it's own pouch. Surprisingly it doesn't ever seem that wrinkled.

PROS: Lightweight, wrinkle free, TONS of pocket storage
CONS: Magnetic tabs that hold outer shell can get tangled on each other if you wad it up, velcro wrist cuff adjusters could go a bit tighter.
March 24, 2017
Lots and lots of pockets. Handy pockets that will do well when traveling. Detachable sleeves attached and detached with relative ease. I liked the stowable hood and water-resistance - this makes useful for wearing under a range of weather conditions. It also provided wind-resistance.

Now the "almost" parts. The sleeve cuffs are not well-thought-out - there's not enough hook-and-latch fastener material to really close-up the cuff.

The phone pockets do NOT fit an iPhone "plus" model phone, even without a protective case. An iPhone 5 in a Lifeproof case did fit - unfortunately, that isn't the model I carry. The iPhone 6s+ in Lifeproof case fits in the user-left exterior pocket and in the digital camera pouch.

The elastic strap to hold a water bottle seemed to only fit a 500-ml small bottle of water and lacked enough elasticity to accommodate any other bottle system (such as a Vapur bottle or steel bottle). The key strap is also in the same pocket and I would be concerned about having a plastic bottle on top of your keys.

The zipper that came with this vest has difficulty unzipping - something that will hopefully work itself out with use (pulling on the bottom of the zipper, zipping up a bit THEN down works - so far).

The label on the product says there are two "change pockets" - still trying to find those 😊
May 21, 2017
I love the jacket. It is also a good fit
May 27, 2017
The jacket is great overall have been using it for a few days now.