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Tiered Pintuck Tutu Skirt Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

Tiered Pintuck Tutu Skirt Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

New price: $17.54 USD

Описание товара

Shown Color Black Design Layered
Embellishment PU Pattern Solid Color
Fabric PVC Waist(inch) S :23½-25½, M :25½-27½, L :27½-29½, XL :29½-31½, XXL :31½-33½
Length(inch) S:9¼, M:9¼, L:9¼, XL:9¼, XXL:9¼ Weight 0.20kg

May 27, 2017
it doesn't stay on like it says and you do have to move the mattress in order to get it on properly. I would not recomend it.
March 13, 2017
I was not aware that this bedskirt was only for the edges of the bed. I am rather disappointed with it.
December 13, 2017
May 6, 2017
This is difficult to put on a bed, the little cork screws are difficult to put on the box spring and worse to take off! Heaven forbid you put it on crooked, it is a nightmare to put on evenly!
November 24, 2017
The material is thin, but hangs fine. I tossed it in the dryer on 'steam refresh' and it came out ready to place on the box spring mattress. It came with about 5 upholstery screws to hold in place better, but it needs a few more. Even so, it looks nice. ( we did have to lift the edge of the mattress to get the little 'screws' in ). No biggie. I like the tailored fit.
December 12, 2017
Two stars because yes, it fit the box springs at the corners... It came in a wrinkled mass. The only part that wasn’t trashed was the part you see in the window. So disappointed. Okay, I can iron it in my “spare” time. I also ordered two but only received one so somewhere that went haywire. Okay, I can fix that, just order another one. But at the end of the day when I put the one I had on the bed, although the corners fit well, there was the gap in the middle that I had to tuck in a couple of times and I wasn’t even sitting on it. I imagine that would be a constant when the guests come and actually use the bed. Okay, I can use pins...but I don’t want to. Ha! All that is doable, but what I can’t live with is the light fabric. The pictures show that bedskirt hanging straight and beautiful, but there is no way with this light fabric that the skirt will ever look more than cheap. Good price. You can see that they worked hard with the design to try to get it right, but for the discerning guest, it won’t cut it, especially when you have a whole new comforter set! Back to the drawing board for me!
November 28, 2017
Well, I was at a point that I had to think outside of the box spring because I could not find a full sized, tailored bedskirt with splits for a footboard for under $60. I purchased this even though I thought the concept was weird. Well, I still do. It kind of fits on the bed, but not quite. It took a lot of work to mess around working corner to corner to make it fit at all. It's still a bit droopy in places and I kind of gave up on adjusting it - good enough. Thankfully my comforter hangs over most of it so you only really see a few inches of the skirt. I put it on the new bed as it was being delivered so didn't have to work it over the actual mattress, but for the life of me cannot see how I will be getting it back off again without either ripping the elastic or having to remove the mattress again. The price comparison with actual full bedskirts was worth the trouble for now, but I don't see how this will hold up well over time with washing and re-placing on the box spring. If they would have made the part that goes under the mattress wider and a more textured fabric that would grab a bit better, I would probably like it more. I did not use the screws - I'm not about to put screws in my brand new box spring for a bedskirt, so possibly it would fit better if I had? So, if you're like me and too cheap to pay $60+ for a regular, non-frilly bedskirt that actually has splits for your footboard, this may be a solution for you.
July 8, 2016
Very happy with this bedskirt. I have a Tempurpedic bed with a duel ergo adjustable base which means both sides of my bed move independently. This was causing regular bedskirts to be pulled all over and bunched up. At the foot end of the mattresses (it's a "king" which is just two twin mattresses side by side) there is a metal brace that keeps the mattress from shifting off the base with movement. I was having to cut my bedskirts to accommodate the brace. This bedskirt does not get pulled with movement because it fits around the base, not under the mattress. I don't have to cut the skirt because it fits under the brace. The skirt also comes with fasteners (corkscrews) to secure the skirt to the bed. I only wish the material was thicker but for the price, I couldn't be happier!
May 22, 2016
I was very hesitant in ordering due to some poor reviews. I am very pleased with purchase. I figured since it was prime I could send back if not happy. I am keeping. All bed skirts should be made this way. For the money spent you will be happy. I put it on and then touched up any wrinkles with my steamer.
May 28, 2016
I'm surprised by some of the reviews on this so I wanted to leave my experience. I've had a couple of these and this one IS a bit different BUT, in my opinion the best one I've had. It's the pleat and not ruffled, which is what I wanted. It was super weird when I unwrapped it and I was annoyed! But then I lined it up properly, slipped into place and used the awesome cork screw tacks it came with and fell in love with it! I assume it can't have elastic because it will make it ruffle, so the tacks work great to hold it in place and for the look and the lowest price I've ever paid, I'm thrilled and it's perfect. So yes when you get it out of the package it's like wait! What?! But I promise you'll love it once on and I didn't even unmake my daughter's bed when I put it on! Didn't iron it either, was going to steam it but didn't want to and it looks great (well okay, at least!). Hope this helps and the little tack things are included, it's a tiny package.