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Striped Cat Pattern Tights Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

Striped Cat Pattern Tights Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

New price: $8.54 USD

Описание товара

Style Casual Shown Color Split Color
Fabric Nylon Pattern Animal
Design Shaping Group Women
Length(inch) One Size:40½-110¼ Weight 0.15kg

May 21, 2017
I recently received the 2XU Men's Elite Power Recovery Compression Tights, Black/Nero, Large through the Amazon vine program. I am a marathon runner and am always looking for ways to improve my performance and recovery. These tights are perfect for recovery with the tight compression and the gradient compression down the leg, especially focusing on the calves and Achilles. I have tried them and find them to be extremely helpful in my recovery after a long run. I also like the fact that they have an over the portion of the foot that impacts the plantar which will definitely help avoid plantar fasciitis. I highly recommend them and think they are the perfect recovery tight!
June 7, 2017
I have a love/hate relationship with these. Provides awesome support during training and noticeable improvement in recovery. The integrated arch compression is a big reason I chose these over others. However the material near the seam in the upper groin area starts to tear after 1-2 uses. Gave two stars because I would not expect tearing considering the cost. I have large thighs with a narrower waist. I've tried sizes all the way up to XL and the hard to find XXL. I had the same issue with the XXL.
June 6, 2017
These 2XU Men's Elite Power Recovery Compression tights fit me fairly true to size. They are super for after workouts to bring blood flow back to my leg muscles. The stirrup keeps the tights from riding up your leg. This is a great addition for my workouts. Great product.
May 14, 2017
Based on the chart from the Amazon sales page, I thought the fit might be close enough to work. When I got the product, the actual product chart, with both height and weight, showed I needed to be in XL. Disappointment for me but a smaller friend benefited. Would love to have been able to give a detailed review, but can't... because I just can't fit into them. Need a bit more stretch or the right size. Sales page would benefit from having an image of the size chart which comes with the product.
June 12, 2017
My husband loves these compression tights. They are great quality and do exactly what you would hope. They are quite pricey, but the quality is excellent. He struggles a bit to get them on, so if you are at all between sizes, it is probably worth sizing up. For reference, he is 6 feet, 165 pounds and fits a medium (barely!).
August 27, 2017
My husband is an avid mountain biker and hiker. He has tried a few different things to help with leg cramps after a hard workout but these compression tights seem to do the trick every time. He actually has worn them while mountain biking and really likes the way it keeps his legs feeling more energized and less sore. The tights fit like a glove and feel very smooth against the skin. If you haven't used compression tights before, getting them on takes a bit of getting used to especially for guys. It's kind of like putting on a pair of pantyhose for women. The different areas of ridges especially around the calves help give just the right amount of compression to prevent leg cramps during and after a long ride. If you are seriously into sports or just an avid weekend enthusiast who wants faster recovery and less pain after a workout, you should give these 2XU tights a try. They would also make a great gift for the man in your life. Sizing seems to be spot on if you're wondering what size to order. They also seem to be quite durable. We have been machine washing on delicate and hanging to dry because I worried about them getting snagged or picked.
June 8, 2017
2XU Men's Elite Power Recovery Compression Tights made from 65% Nylon/35% Elastane are a skin tight fit perfect for wearing after a long day on the trails. Has lightweight yet powerful fabrics that are flexible and breathable for extended use. Features moisture wicking, UPF50+, with a comfort waistband for extended wearing.

These really are tight tights! Hubby had to really wiggle to get in them and even after that he said they are very tight at waist and crotch area. After a long 10mile hike his knees, calves, and thighs where burning for some relief. He slipped them on after his shower and just wore them around the home. About 15 min in he said the pain was starting to go away and after an hour he said he felt great. He could feel the compression melt away his pain and he even stopped limping. His blood flow seemed to be better but the biggest thing for him was bye bye pain. We are training for the Grand Canyon and every weekend we push a little harder, so it is nice to have an item that can help him recover faster.

Now I can't see him wearing this during our hikes, as they are tight and do become slightly uncomfortable in that crotch area after extended use. Hubby is even thinking of wearing them as we go out and run errands just so that he can spend more time in them. After multiple uses, they are still just as tight and work perfectly.

These seem very high in price to me, but they do help so it is worth the price. In reading other reviews, some said the quality is not very good as they are already splitting at the crotch area. Hubby has worn these at least 5 times for 1-3 hours and we have seen no sign of any splitting. In fact each time he wears them and washes, they still feel new and just as tight to put on.
May 21, 2017
My brother-in-law is a professional natural bodybuilder and he loves the 2XU Elite MCS Compression tights in terms of quality and function. The 2XU ELITE POWER RECOVERY COMPRESSION TIGHTS are designed differently, but incorporate a smart design and quality material that provide noticeable post-workout benefits.


A pair of tights consisting of the Aussie company’s “PWX fabric” (65% Nylon/35% Elanstane); a material specifically designed to provide better compression quality and keep its elasticity for longer periods of time without unnecessary thickness and bulk. These tights include “stirrups” at bottom with “ribbed” compression rings that extend from the top of the foot to the knee. The purpose of the compression rings is to provide gradual compression from the foot on up the leg.


First of all, it is important to realize that these tights are designed to be TIGHT and it may take a little work to get them on. Having been a powerlifter who wore a squat suit for competitions, these tights are laughably easy to get by comparison. The key is to sit down and get both feet solidly in the stirrups and “work” them up your legs equally so the remaining material is always bunched at the top. Getting past the knee (where the ribbed material ends) is when things get much easier and quicker. Once they are on, though, you should immediately feel their designed purpose. These tights are quite snug, but the material is extremely stretchy, so you can move in any direction without issue. At first, I thought the material was going to tear (especially when I put my feet in the stirrups); the material is so lightweight, it feels cheap and flimsy (it’s not). I also thought the waist was going to be too small at first, even though I was using the recommended size … wrong again. These tights are remarkably comfortable; the waistband and crotch area “give” and the tights stay put. I have yet to stretch in any direction (including a lunge) that caused the tights to tug downwards. One of the most important comfort aspects of these tights is that there are no bulk seams to deal with … you feel as if you are wearing a second skin.

The benefits are noticeable once the tights are on. First thing you will obviously notice is the warmth these tights provide. You will then feel the ribbed material from the feet to the knees offering a “radiating” compression massage. The escalating compression aspect of the tights (from the feet on up) provides a “squeezing” effect to work through natural swelling (blood pooling) and lactic acid that are typical byproducts of strenuous workouts (the “pumped” look and muscle soreness). My only issue is that these tights focus on the lower leg muscles and I would have liked to have the compression ribs extend further up the legs for quads and hamstrings.

I would consider the 2XU MENS RECOVERY COMPRESSION TIGHTS a worthwhile investment for those who take a serious approach to working-out. These tights have a purpose/benefit and are made of quality material that is designed to last.
May 13, 2017
August 4, 2017
Very durable product is well made. It's kinda tough to get on at first but once you get your heels in it's all smooth sailing after that. It seems to help so far I think it has more benefits during workout than after but I will review it again after some more use for muscle recovery