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Silver Glitter Party Lipstick for Gilrs Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

Silver Glitter Party Lipstick for Gilrs Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

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Shown Color Silver Occasion Party
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March 18, 2016
I'd wanted to try Lime Crime products despite the issues with the hacking incident--going through Amazon had been a great experience. About the product: Creamy, true to hue, glides on nicely. I used all my lipsticks with liner for an ombre effect, it pairs wonderfully with my MAC Cyber lip liner. I've worn purple lipstick for years, the one in particular was from Ka'Oir called Raquel(that ran out :-( )--which looks like Lime Crime Chinchilla. I always get compliments when I wear my purple lipstick...and the compliments continue with Lime Crime's D'Lilac. I wish they would bring back Pansy for a more bright-vivid color!
July 18, 2016
I ordered the shade Chinchilla. I never wear colors that are bold or slightly different but this is the best lavender with a very slight gray undertone. I have never loved a color so much in my life, and I have been wearing this everyday. The formula is amazing and honestly for a lipstick that is not matte, it has a great lasting power. It definitely makes me want to try other bold shades I normally wouldnt and I plan on buying more soon. (Ps. I have olive toned skin and I think it looks great)
October 12, 2015
I ordered this as I have heard amazing things about LC lipsticks. I'm giving this four stars for a few reasons:

1.) The pigmentation is amazing. Only one swipe needed and you are good to go.
2.) Wears well even with eating/drinking. I have only had to re-apply once in a whole day and that's after lots of eating/drinking (I'm pregnant so constantly grazing)
3.) It glides on very smooth and has a pleasant texture. Doesn't dry out my lips like some other high pigmented/long lasting lipsticks.

My only con and reason for 4 stars and not 5 is the color I ordered (Glamour 101) is more of a brick red in person than the deep true red that are in the photos here on Amazon. It's still a lovely and beautiful color I was just hoping for a "redder" red.
June 25, 2014
I did not like this lipstick at all. The color of the actual lipstick was a far cry from the picture. the texture was very thick (almost like a crayon) and did not glide on as expected. Additionally there was little to no shine as shown in the picture. Finally, the lipstick actually burned my lips. I'm sure this was an allergic reaction and specific to my own body's reaction but still very unpleasant. regardless of the burning I would have returned anyway since the color and texture did not meet my expectations. I returned this ASAP
June 26, 2016
I love this color and mostly everything about this lipstick. Just beware it does come off easier than the liquid to matte but i think thats expected with this creamier formula. The color is very on point in comparison to the picture just a little more lavendar undertones which i love! but if you want the gloss finish please please use a clear gloss and it'll look kick ass. I got so many compliments on it and its better as a glossy lippie than a semi matte finish just by it self. I cant get enough of these lippies!!! Just bought the tea cup in velvetines, will let you know how that goes when I swatch it!
April 2, 2012
Really amazing unique color great with smokey or a broze make up. It will make you stand out. It is creamy shiny and long lasting
January 20, 2016
I love the color! I'm a warm spring in terms of coloring (think Charlize Theron, etc) and this shade is the PERFECT nude lip that doesn't wash me out.

Unfortunately, after a few hours, your lips will look like your 5th grade science teacher's lips with dead looking skin on the lips when you speak. For whatever reason the lipstick bunches up in ways that resemble dead skin. Maybe I had a really thick layer on? Goodness, I never get that dry lips look and I was frightened when I left a meeting to use the restroom. I ended up almost making my lips bleed trying to remove the lipstick. It looks good if reapplied frequently. Make sure you have a mirror and work with the lipstick to be sure it's not bunching up in weird ways. I think the color of it might resemble dead skin on my lips. For other people maybe it'll just look like your lipstick is wearing off in an uneven way.

I now prefer to use it as highlight on darker lipstick shades!
June 9, 2016
The first review was never submitted I notice and should have given the color and quality 4 stars. This review is for the newest Lime Crime lipstick. I received this lipstick today thinking it would be a light purple...it wasn't!! It was a regular medium headed toward dark lipstick. I have 2 colors very similar to each other and I thought this color was a light pastel purple. I was so disappointed when I opened the tube to try it on and see what shade it really was. It looks nothing like the color shown. I have 2 other lipstick colors nearly identical. If there was only a slight color difference I could understand...they can't make the colors exact or perfect but this color is way off base. I am so disappointed. I was expecting a pastel purple. Looks like I have to go to a store to find the shade of pastel purple I expected. It's still not a bad color but I don't need 3 shades of nearly identical colors. The first pink I bought was good and I think it's still a good lipstick. I love the Lime Crime velvetines too;-)
July 23, 2016
The Unicorn Lipsticks appear to be really opaque and glossy, which wasn't quite what I experienced with mine, which was in the color "Coquette." I do love the color, which is a pretty peachy nude color, which looks really nice on my lips.

My experience with this lipstick wasn't a bad one, per se, just different than what the advertising shows. The swatches shown are of an opaque, glossy lipstick. "Coquette" needed about three coats to be completely opaque on my lips (which are medium pink, not especially dark). No matter how much or how little I applied, it was not shiny at all. It wasn't quite matte, because it did look like it was "wet" and would definitely smear if it touched anything, and it did. I'm accustomed to the staying power of Lime Crime's "Velvetines" and this lipstick, which had the staying power of a "normal" lipstick. Not that it's a bad thing, but I expected more from Lime Crime and for $18.

I guess my expectations were too high because I've had great experiences with Lime Crime. Like I said, this isn't terrible, but it wasn't what I expected, based on the swatches. The color is really pretty, it's a great peachy-nude that would be perfect for an everyday look, which I love and that's exactly what I was hoping to use it for. With these Unicorn Lipsticks, you just have to be aware that it's not going to have the staying power of a Velvetine, and remember to bring it with you to touch up if needed – and when I wear it, I unfortunately need it every time my lips touch anything. I have this and "Great Pink Planet," and they're both the same in this respect. The colors are as shown, but the shine and texture is different.
July 23, 2016
This product is the worst!!! I don't think I've ever regretted a purchase more :(

The color is NOTHING like the picture.

It feels nasty on your lips. It's like glossy but dries in certain spots so it gets these little dried beads.

There's not much actual product. The stick is short.

IT DOESN'T LAST!!! Which is the reason people go for pricier products anyway!!! (Unless you're rich and buy expensive s*** just because you can.) FORGET EATING, you can't even TALK FOR FIVE MINUTES without this crap coming off!!!!!

I have LA Colors lipsticks that I got at Shopko for $0.99 that has waaay more product, more pigment, goes on smoother, lasts longer, and looks way better than this.

I hate myself for blowing $18 on this. NOT worth the money in the slightest.