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Sexy Cut Out Front Bodystockings Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

Sexy Cut Out Front Bodystockings Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

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Описание товара

Type Bodystockings Shown Color Black
Embellishment Nets Fabric Polyester
Style Sexy Group Women
Season Summer Bust(inch) One Size :31½-40¼
Waist(inch) One Size :22¾-31½ Hips(inch) One Size :31½-41
Length(inch) One Size :46½ Weight 0.24kg

December 17, 2014
A funny show, but it's very episodic. The plot loosely fallows that Panty and Stocking are angels kicked out of heaven for being lazy slutbags. They work with Garterbelt a gay black priest to defeat evil ghosts to earn coins that will grant them passage back to heaven. For the most part that piece of the story doesn't matter as there are only a few key episodes that seem to even fallow a story line. Most of the time you will just be in it for some laughs and funny/erotic animation shifts. As with most gainax anime this doesn't shy away from taking fun shots at anime and the fanbase.

I would say this is a good show to try and get adults who aren't into anime possibly interested, at least so long as they enjoy things like south park, family guy, simpsons, etc. The show I think may be on par with Black Lagoon for dropping the F bomb the most times.
March 11, 2017
From the guys of Gainax who gave us Neon Genesis, Fooly Cooly, and Gurren Lagann. I first heard of this anime before but when i first watched it i was amazed by how good it was! The randomness reminds me of Fooly Cooly and woth each episode it gets harder and harder to stop watching completely. I would have bought the dvd version but it was too expensive so if you're trying to save a few bucks i reccomed buying the blu ray version!
March 1, 2016
Totally over the top. Raunchy sophomoric comedy at it's most depraved. There is no subject taboo enough for the writers not to skewer. One of the few animes I prefer the dub version. Colleen Clinkenbeard did an excellent job on the English production, and lends some of her ample voice acting skills as well. All the English voice acting is top notch, with the likes of Monica Rial and Cherami Leigh. The animation is a little choppy, but it fits the frenetic style of the series.
April 15, 2013
When I bought Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, I really didn't quite know what I was getting into, but I had heard that it was good. The people I heard "it's good" from, were wrong; it's amazing! Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt delivers all the profanity and derisive language you could possibly want and still provides some kind of story line. If one were to combine sex, swearing, violence, and "vulgar language and situations" all in one nice neat little package with some Powerpuff Girls style art, they would have Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt. This isn't one I'd recommend watching with kids or anything like that because of the aforementioned situations and language. This anime is DEFINITELY not for someone who gets upset over people who use "vulgar language" because believe me, profanity is the meat and potatoes of the dialogue in this anime.

The plot is simple, Panty and Stocking, the Anarchy sisters, are Angels that eliminate evil spirits from the world through mandates sent from heaven via lightning bolts into Chuck, their pet-like imbecile of a creature. Garterbelt is a priest who tries to keep the girls at least active in their duty to kill evil spirits and earn heaven coins so that the girls may return to heaven someday. Panty loves sex, Stocking loves sweets, and neither one of them has any real self control.

If you don't mind constant swearing, and cartoon adult situations made into comedy sketches, then give it a try, you may find a new favorite within Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt.
March 25, 2015
This was one good series but it left us with a terrible cliffhanger. Buying the Blu-ray was a good choice. Although I'm not too fond of the English voice acting. It doesn't have the same impact when panty runs her mouth with profanity that the Japanese voices do.
December 2, 2012
Puns are a terrible thing, but I make no apology for that one.

From GAINAX comes yet another over-the-top original story fit only for GAINAX. At first blush this can fall into the "magical girl" genre, but only in the loosest (ha!) of terms. This whole show is will be in your face from the get go. The jokes are crude and the language even cruder. If that's not your thing, then stop reading here. If you can bear it, then let this show take you on a ride of laughter and entertainment.

The setting is pretty straight forward. Angels need to collect some coinage to get back in the good graces of Heaven (an attempt at irony there). While the deed itself could be "simple," this particular pair of angels seems dead set on finding ways to commit every sin possible along the way to achieve that goal.

Luckily for us, the audience, this phase goes out after about the third episode. Yes we get it, GAINAX could pull all the stops and bludgeon us on how "extreme" the anime media can get will keeping it tasteful. From there, the studio exercises more creativity in their stories and punchlines, hedging on contemporary topics, and you get the sense, as more coins are collected, the grander story coming out. Particular highlights for me were "Vomiting Point," "Les Diabolique," "Ghost: The Phantom of Daten City," and "Help! We Are Angels."

Animation style, I can't think of any similar to that except of that of a certain PPG, D's L, and SJ. For its part I wholly enjoyed how it played up to that kind of simplified, bold-lined, work for this type of show. It's a plus because you can't really screw up the quality as the show starts looking at the budget for ways to cut corners and deal with deadlines .

I haven't watched this show for the subtitles, so I can't review on that. But the dub I have no complaints. Swearing like a sailor is not a task all that difficult for this experienced crew of voice actors.

For all-around anime fans, it would behoove you to give this show a shot. In the pants,
September 20, 2013
Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt...

The story of two foul-mouthed angels that were kicked out of heaven for bad behavior and have to brutally kill "Ghosts" to gain money to buy their way back.

You know, I actually bought this on a whim. I had no idea what I was getting into and yet now I've started a little craze of it around here with all of my buds. I've even gotten guys who aren't into anime at all to really love this. Not surprising, though...considering it's hilarious.

It's certainly not for those who don't consider profanity funny. This show is loaded with it and I promise you that you'll probably find at least one part of it that will make you cringe. It's vulgar, rude, crude, and outlandish, but if you come to love it...that's probably why you love it. It dares to be as naughty as it can be and really, that's kind of impressive considering how hit and miss that can be with audiences in this day and age.

It has loads of references to pop culture, games, movies, you name it. It loves to make fun of American culture in general, though. That much is blatantly obvious. I find that funny, though. I wont give out all of the references they make, since that'd ruin the surprise...but some are really obvious and others are barely noticed. Makes it interesting to watch it again and see what you missed.

This isn't a show for someone who wants a very interesting story. The story is interesting to me, but for most it's hard to understand upon watching. It's really not meant to be loved for the story, but rather the comedy and characters themselves.

Speaking of the characters...The characters are all very unique in this and the dialogue between them is the best I've ever seen in an english dub. It's so fluent and delivered perfectly. Makes the already vibrant characters even more vibrant. The english dub is far better than the sub on this one, for sure. Both are good, but trust me when I say that you have to hear the dub to understand why so many love this show.

One other thing that I adore this show for is the music. Good lord...It has the catchiest songs I've ever heard in an anime before. Every time "Fly Away" plays, I have to start bobbing my head. Can't help it. I'm tempted to buy the soundtrack, honestly. It's hard to describe what it's like, though. You'll have to listen for yourself to see. You can tell that they put a lot of work into the music and it's definitely appreciated.

The colors and artstyle were made to mimic western cartoons like old school Power Puff Girls or Invader Zim. Things of that nature. If you're someone like me that grew up watching those shows, this feels like an adult version of those shows. Nostalgia overload. It's great to me, but for the more traditional anime lover...that might be an issue. The transformation scenes are traditional anime, though. More like what Gainax typically does. They're all really well done, regardless.

This show does have a lot of comedy, but I dare say it has it's fair share of action too. It's over the top and comical, but some of it is quite impressive to me. Especially on my personal favorite episode; "Les Diaboliques." I might just be easily impressed, but it can be quite a wild ride at times if you're into that.

All in all, I'd recommend this show to anyone that wants hours upon hours of laughs and it's a blast to watch with that best bud of yours that you share your dirtiest jokes with. Just keep this one away from the younger ones. It's way too much for them, trust me. It may look like an old kid's show, but it isn't in the slightest.

It's become my second favorite anime and that's not something I say lightly.
July 23, 2015
This is a Japanese made "anime" that doesn't really adopt the animation style implied by "anime". It is heavily influenced by the Ren and Stimpy, Dexters Lab, Powerpuff Girls, etc. cartoons you would expect from Cartoon Network 20 years ago. Many characters from these franchises make small cameos as background characters.

The series is a mix of action scenes where our two heroes, Panty and Stocking, take down evil ghosts. The ghosts are all creatively designed and have enough variety to keep the series interesting.

The real humor from this series comes from the banter between the main characters. It's a stream really well delivered pop culture references and sex jokes. They're all very varied and well paced, so you wont get bored of the humor.

This set contains the dub and the sub. Funimation did a stellar job with the dub. Every one is well voiced, so there's no "weird VA syndrome" that happens when you watch a series subbed then dubbed.

If you're unsure if this series is for you, the first two episodes are legal to stream from Funimation's YouTube channel.
October 23, 2013
This show is quite frankly, extremely vulgar. The original studio that animated requested funimation make this show as vulgar and offensive as possible without complete censorship in North America, well, Funimation did it and they made an amazing Dub. The characters are snappier and sharper in english, its all around funnier, and voices although great in both,t he Dub just sounds right.

This comes with the original Japanese audio as a selection with subtitles though, so if you are ultra weaboo, there ya go. Buy this, both versions are hilarious and the animation is cute, also there's an episode which is reminiscent of Tokyo Gofathers or Tekkon Kinkreet which really has an odd slow pacing, but its rather neat to see in the mix of all the flashy bright colours.

At any rate, its very vulgar, cheap obvious in your face comedy such as; "I have the biggest entrances in the entire school!!" "That is a lot of information I didn't need to know, Booga' flick in-yo-face!" As long as you aren't a dainty person and enjoy some garish humor, this is the show for you.
May 18, 2017
If you like adult humor mixed in with your Anime, this one does just that. Lots of toilet humor and incredible vulgerness. Just like South Park, Drawn Together and Powerpuff Girls blended together to spawn this series, might be disturbing to some viewers, but hey that's adult animation for you. Now where's the 2nd series? 5 STARS