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Sexy Black Bodystocking Net Cut Out Sheer Women's Bedroom Hosiery Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

Sexy Black Bodystocking Net Cut Out Sheer Women's Bedroom Hosiery Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

New price: $18.99 USD

Описание товара

Shown Color Black Design Crotchless
Embellishment Nets Pattern Solid Color
Fabric Polyester Pieces in Set 1 Piece
Occasion Valentines' Group Adults
Season Spring, Summer, Fall Bust(inch) M :35¾, XL :46¼
Waist(inch) M :27½, XL :39 Hips(inch) M :37½, XL :49¼
Weight 0.23kg

June 2, 2015
I could not have survived the past month without this! I found that putting on doctor prescribed 30-40 compression hose was more than my arthritic hands and back could handle. They had one of these at the doctor's office and I was delighted to find it for a reasonable price on Amazon. The only reason I gave it 4 instead of 5 is because it is rather small and one of my heavier friends had difficulty getting her foot into it.
May 3, 2017
Had to wear compression stockings after surgery. The compression stockings squeezed my PVC sock helper and made it very painful to push my big foot through. This works like a charm.
June 17, 2017
I am only 59 years old and could not get my compression socks on without taking an hour of tugging and pulling. If you have the funds, save yourself and buy this item! A sturdy item.
June 19, 2017
Greatest tool for putting on compression stockings!! Has taken what was once a difficult task and made it much simpler. Only wish I could find one that collapses for ease in traveling.
September 27, 2016
Map problem with Stocking Donner is that it is easier to put the stockings on my feet then it is to put them on the Donner. It was actually two large for my stockings and when I finally got them on the device the stockings were still more problem to put on man to do it by hand.
May 19, 2017
I purchased this donner as I was having knee replacement surgery and knew that I would need this to help me put on my compression socks. It worked FANTASTIC and was easy to use. Worth every penny!!
May 14, 2017
I putpisrly bought this item as it seemed to be the strongest on the market. It is strong. The problem is that it does NOT work! A sock will NOT go over the piece that it is required to do so. It just will not work.
April 8, 2017
I watched a couple of how to videos and was able to put my socks on. It takes some hand strength to put the sock on the donner. Once the sock is on, you have to line up your foot and pull. I couldn't put the sock on without it.
August 14, 2016
I did look for a stocking donner where I could put stockings on both legs at the same time but I was unable to find that listed. I am using this with panty hose. With this the first leg goes in very easily. After I remove the appliance from the first leg I have trouble twisting the appliance around, fitting in the second stocking leg and getting my leg in it evenly. I debated over getting the large size but I am happy I did. Sometimes my legs are swollen and having the appliance fit tighter would have made the whole process harder. This should work very well for knee high stockings.
February 6, 2015
I am extremely happy with this product. Being a big guy with a condition that limits my mobility and strength, I have problems bending and wasn't able to use my socks until now. I am a shoe size 11 and stand at 6' tall. My feet swell to a very large size so the none of the weak plastic sock aids worked for me. This design is the best in my opinion. Very strong and the large arc allows for my big foot and calf to go through easily. Once you learn the skill to put the stocking into the device it's just a matter of standing it on the floor and stepping into it. That's it. The stocking will be on past the heel and half way up the calf. Then you use the handles in a short back and forth motion up the calf to finish donning the stocking. You do have to learn how much sock to leave loose at the end so it wont end too tight on your toes. Another benefit is the fact that the stocking ends up with even pressure the whole length of your leg. Like with most things, you do have to learn the skill to use it. The more you use use the easier it becomes. It takes me seconds to have socks on now. To finish, the device is made of very large gauge metal wire, welded together and then painted with a very thick and slippery plastic coating that makes the stocking easier to install and then slip into your foot. Very happy with the purchase.