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Red Skater Dress Half Sleeve Zippers Women's Pleated Full Skirt Dress Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

Red Skater Dress Half Sleeve Zippers Women's Pleated Full Skirt Dress Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

New price: $65.16 USD

Описание товара

Sleeve Length Half-Sleeve Neckline Cowl
Shown Color True Red, Deep Blue Season Fall
Fabric Polyester Pattern Solid Color
Style Chic & Modern Embellishment Zipper
Design Pleated Closures Zipper
Built-in Bra No Bust(inch) S :34¾, M :36¼, L :37¾, XL :39¼
Length(inch) S :39, M :39¼, L :39¾, XL :40¼ Weight 0.4kg

June 21, 2017
I am very happy I bought it. Very soft and comfortable. It's a great accompany to my Tempurpedic. I agree with most of the comments that it won't "cool" my bed but it doesn't gain heat. I love the softness. When open the bag, it does smell very good but I wash it immediately before I put on my mattress. It smell very good now. That is another reason I like this product. It is so easy to wash. I originally plan to buy down and wool. I am very happy I choose something easy to wash.
December 9, 2017
Slept on it for the first time last night and it added just the right amount of softness to my tempurpedic matress and it kept me cool all night!! I slept like a baby!!! I ordered one for my husband so I'm hoping he will love it just as much..... I use a Waterproof matress cover over my tempurpedic and I used the bamboo pad right over that and then the sheets... Perfect!!! Because of all the bad things I read about washing it though, I'm not sure what I'll do about that.... I definitely don't want it to fall apart...
April 5, 2015
We bought this topper in Twin XL in August of 2014 to make our latex bed more comfortable. We have 2 XL mattresses side by side, and this topper went to my husband's side. His first reaction was "finally, this is so good, you have to buy one for yourself". I tried rolling around on his side and it felt really comfortable, but I wanted to see how it will hold up before investing extra money into this product.

The fit for our Twin XL mattress was perfect. The bamboo topper had plenty of stretch material so I could tuck it below our mattress. The bottom layer is made of some strange material which one of the negative reviews described as resembling "dryer sheets". I was worried that I may have problems while washing the topper, but fortunately it was not the case - it came out of my washer/dryer intact. I must admit that I have front loading washer & dryer (usually more gentle than top loading machines) with multiple selection of cycles, and I selected the one where the spinning is kept on medium level. Also, I spilled some serious amount of massage oil on our bed which soaked through the sheets and the topper reaching our mattress, but with a help of dishwasher detergent I was able to remove that unsightly yellow stain from the topper without any problems. On the negative side there were 2 loose threads which I noticed before washing. A little bit disappointing but not enough of a problem to stop me from buying the second topper. If the quality changed from the time of our last purchase, I will update my review.

I frankly do not understand people who complain that the topper flattens under their body. What did you expect? It does flatten under your body a little bit, but still plush enough to make you comfortable. People pay thousands of dollars for their "super-duper" mattresses for which they end up buying $100 topper hoping it will resolve all of their problems. It will not turn your bed into a cloud, but comparing with a bare latex mattress (for which we also paid thousands) my husband's side is way more comfortable. Maybe the level of how flat it becomes under your body also depends on your weight? Just a thought. My husband is around 190 while I'm around 130 at my heaviest.

I do not think there is any material on the market that will make everyone universally happy. After all, different people have different reaction to the same material. This one did not make me or my husband feel hot. Also, do not forget that many medications we take on daily basis do make people hot as a side effect (even if it is not listed in most common side effect section). Just a reminder, before blaming your mattress, sheets or a new topper for making you hot, take a close look at the list of medications you recently started taking -- it can be the culprit.
December 14, 2017
Like many of the reviewers I have a Temperpedic mattress and get super hot at night. It's like I crawl into bed all comfy and then spontaneously combust in the middle of the night. I wake up every night in a sweat.

I looked at a gel filled pad that didn't get as many reviews. I had a feeling the gel one would be better but I went with this one instead. I've slept on it for 3 nights and haven't noticed much difference. I didn't expect it to keep me cool at night, I just wanted it to keep me from roasting alive every night. I'm going to give it another week but will probably be sending it back. (If I can figure out how to get the king sized pad back into the tiny box it came in.)

One a positive note, I didn't notice a smell with the pad at all and it fits the mattress nicely. I did leave my mattress protector that I bought with the mattress on the bed and just put the pad on top of it.

I'm not sure this pad is really worth the money.
November 10, 2012
I searched for several hours each day for about 4 days trying to decide which would be the best mattress pad. I did not look at the positive comments, but the negative ones, trying to find all that was wrong with each one I looked at. There was only one review at the time on this one, but after reading the review and studying the description, I decided on this one. I received my mattress pad yesterday and it was not crammed in a small box. There was no odor, the material felt real soft and sort of silky but what surprised me the most was the sides that cover the mattress. The material was so stretchable and tight. It was big enough to cover any queen size mattress, yet fit so good. You can not tell this from looking at the picture. The pad was exactly the size of my mattress. My husband and I purchased an extra firm mattress set about 3 months ago. It felt really good at first but the more we slept on it, it seemed the more uncomfortable it got. As another person said, with this pad, it felt like sleeping on a CLOUD. Another thing I really liked about this one, is that it was made in the U.S.A.
July 10, 2013
My wife and I are very satisfied with this topper, which we're using to give an extra layer of softness to our basic Sleep Number C2 mattress. Compared to memory foam toppers and beds we've owned in the past, the plentiful polyester fill in the Downlite Extra Plush Bamboo Top Mattress Pad is not quite as luxuriously soft, but much more consistently supportive, noticeably cooler, and has no lasting scent.

Although everyone seems to rave about memory foam, we've been profoundly disappointed by two separate, high-end memory foam beds and one 4" thick high-quality memory foam topper--all of which we've owned in the last 7 years. After a lot of money, frustration, and back pain, here is the truth we finally realized about memory foam... Although it does feel wonderful for the first one to three years you sleep on it, it DOES develop a memory and eventually stops offering you proper support while you sleep!

After extended use--always a little over 2 years in our case--memory foam starts to compress and crater deeper and deeper where you sleep, and takes increasingly longer to "reset." After more than a year or two of satisfied sleeping, we would begin to notice the foam developing semi-permanent depressions under our bodies. These depressions gradually became ruts you could literally roll into if you tried to shift your body position to either side of the depression. Then a few weeks after that phenomenon began, we would start waking with increasingly severe back pain (especially me). For relief, I would have to sleep on the couch for at least TWO WEEKS until the foam would recover and allow the ruts to disappear. Then I could sleep great on the bed for a few more nights again, but the depressions would reappear much more quickly--in the course of only about 3 or 4 weeks. So it was back to the couch for two weeks, back to the bed for three, two on the couch, three on the bed---you get the idea. We've had that exact same experience with two different brands of very high quality ($1000 ballpark) memory foam mattresses and one high quality ($400) topper. For the record, we're not particularly "large" people. I'm 185 lbs. and my wife is about 120. The problem IS the memory foam. Never again!

Unlike memory foam, the polyester fill in the Downlite Extra Plush Bamboo Topper compresses but does not develop a "memory" to sag. For one thing, it isn't thick enough to sag. I would estimate it as approximately 1.5 to 2" thick, though the quilted construction makes it difficult to measure. When you lay on it, the loft compresses but does not collapse--meaning that it gives you softness and support, but runs none of the back-pain-inducing risks that we've experienced with thick memory foam mattresses and toppers.

Unlike memory foam, the Downlite topper is not nearly as hot at night. We still might get sweaty during our sweltering Georgia summers, but we don't have to constantly kick off the covers to get relief from the suffocating feeling we usually got from memory foam sealing off all airflow to our backs. Since I've been sleeping on memory foam for so long, I can't say how the Downlite topper compares with other kinds of pads and mattresses, but it is definitely cooler and more breathable than memory foam.

There is also no scent. When it first arrived and I removed it from the packaging, there was a mild (but not obnoxious) odor, but it faded before we slept on it that night. By contrast, memory foam ALWAYS has a distinctive smell. It can be quite strong initially, but even if it fades, it never goes away. I don't know how to describe it except as a kind of minty-sweet-plastic smell. We got used to it and stopped noticing it except when laying on our sides with our noses close to the memory foam, but we're grateful that the Downlite topper does NOT have a scent to put up with.

Your satisfaction with this topper may vary based on the firmness of your mattress. We bought it to add surface softness to our Sleep Number C2 mattress. The (air) mattress is adjustable for firmness, but we wanted to make sure we couldn't feel the air bladders and also wanted to make the bed top feel a bit more "cozy" or "snuggly." So far, this is a marked improvement as a topper for our bed. We do miss that undeniably more luxurious-feeling softness of brand new, high quality memory foam, but I will not fall for that trap again.

If I ever buy another memory foam topper, it won't be any thicker than 1.5" because memory foam just doesn't have the long-term support anyone who suffers from even mild back pain truly needs. No one ever seems to tell you that, so I hope you can learn from our expensive mistakes. I'm convinced the reason you see so many rave reviews of memory foam is because people review it during the initial, impressive phase of its life--before sleeping on it for several years to discover its defects.

See my review of the C2 Sleep Number mattress if you want more information on the Sleep Number beds. If you have one of those (basic) mattresses, this is a nice upgrade to the surface softness.

Overall, I recommend this topper. It's nicely padded, nicely supportive, nicely constructed, and almost entirely scent-free. I'll report back to update this review later, after we've slept on it for a substantial period of time.

[UPDATE 9/10/2013: After two full months sleeping on this topper and our C2 Sleep Number bed, I am THRILLED with the improvements in my neck and back pain--which have essentially disappeared. Each time I lie down on the bed, I'm still aware that the initial "cushy" softness of the memory foam is missing, but after lying down for a few seconds, that observation immediately gives way to a pleasant impression of how firm and supportive the bed feels against my back. After two months, that same initial impression continues to replay in my mind when I go to bed each night.

More importantly, I can now attest with full confidence that this topper and bed combination alleviates ALL of the neck and back pain issues I was experiencing with the memory foam mattresses and toppers we have previously slept on. In two months, I haven't had ANY serious problems with pain--and that's a remarkable change from the almost daily pain I was experiencing before.

More impressively, a week ago, I strained my back badly when I slipped while raising a sailboat mast and strained to catch the mast before it slammed down onto the concrete. The last time that (same incident) happened, I couldn't move out of my bed for two full days and I suffered excruciating lower back pain for three weeks before I recovered full mobility. This time, although the pain and strain felt nearly as bad as last time, I was able to get on my feet the next morning and now, a week later, although my back is still tender, I'm recovering exponentially faster than before with near-full mobility and can again lift modest amounts of weight (like my one-year-old daughter) comfortably. The only possible explanation is that this bed is so supportive, it is accelerating my recovery. I now realize now that the last time I injured my back, the memory foam topper we had at that time was probably exacerbating the strain at night, stretching out my pain and debilitation unnecessarily.

Suffice it to say that I am well pleased with this topper and our C2 Sleep Number mattress. My wife--who is now pregnant--has remarked a few times that she misses the cushy softness of the memory foam a lot, but even she (with her much better back) agrees that this bed's supportiveness is still much better and gives her better "through-the-night" sleep comfort. She just likes her bed to be very soft feeling, and this topper just isn't as initially soft as a more foam-like material would be.]
January 6, 2017
I'm not sure how well it sleeps, but I do know that it ripped literally the first time that I washed it. I washed it on cold water on a gentle cycle in a large, front loading washer in a laundromat, and it was ripped 45 minutes later. I think I might still be able to use it, but I can't recommend that anyone else buy it. What good is a mattress pad that can't be washed?
June 15, 2015
I received one of these today, washed it by itself according to directions in a nearly new front loader washer and dryer, and it came out with the top shredded in one corner.

What is just as bad, the Queen size is not Queen size. On my one week old, 13 inch deep, latex mattress, the pad part on top is a couple inches short of the edge of the mattress on each side after washing.

UPDATE: I have confirmed my theory about washing. The first one, which was washed after getting it, was a bit too small. Today I received the replacement and did not wash it and it fit just right.

BOTTOM line: It will shrink a bit and maybe tear when washed - the manufacturer needs better testing and then they need to fix this. Right now they seem to be counting on people not washing them first!

I do give the company high marks for service. They sent me a return label and told me that they would ship a new one and that if that one does this in the wash, they would refund my money. That is excellent service. OTOH, if the next one does this, they clearly need to change the way these are made. I will update this review once I get the replacement.
August 4, 2013
My husband and I go out of town occasionally to watch a collegiate sport. We usually stay at one hotel where the beds are very comfortable. I never gave it any thought until my husband starting complaining about our bed at home being hard and uncomfortable. So my adventure began. Our mattress is in good condition and I thought how hard could this be? A logical and practical solution would be to purchase a plush mattress pad. Little did I know what I was getting myself into. I ended up spending more money than I expected but thought the comfort was definitely worth it. I bought 3 different high end mattress pads from Macys. The mattress pads were somewhat comfortable but made us very hot. I felt like I was sitting on a warm stove all the time. I am used to unwinding in the evenings by sitting in my bed surfing the internet, reading or watching TV but found it impossible because of how hot I was getting from these mattress pads. My husband commented on how warm he was and couldn't sleep well. I returned each mattress pad after much wasted gas and seeing the same sales lady at Macys (I know she was sick of seeing me at this point). Several evenings later, I Goggled "cool mattress pads." This one came up on Amazon and had 5 stars. I was hesitant about ordering and looked at it for 5 days on my computer. This was going to be my last attempt. I reluctantly ordered. This pad took 2 days to arrive and was nicely packed with a little handwritten note from the owner thanking me for the purchase. I placed the pad on my bed and noticed a cool feeling when I touched it. I was anxious to see how this would work out. My husband was out of town when I slept on it the first night. I noticed a difference right away from the moment I sat on my bed. The next morning I couldn't wait to tell my husband. The comfort far exceeded my expectations and I was able to stay cool in this hot Georgia month of August. My husband couldn't agree more. Besides all of that, another great bonus is that this pad is "Made in America!" I waited 2 weeks to write this review because I wanted to be sure we were satisfied. Thank you Exceptional Sheets. Great product with a great price! I am glad to be able to support a USA company and help our economy. Hello, you don't have to go out of USA to look for good quality and great prices. You will not be disappointed.
November 20, 2016
Like many of you, I purchased this cover to reduce the heat build-up from my memory foam mattress. To that end, it worked well, that is until I washed it for the first time. I then published a review about my problem, which then the company responded to and promptly shipped me a new cover at no cost!

So just be careful with washing, perhaps just spot cleaning, and know if you do have problems, you can depend on this company to do the right thing!