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Red Moisturizing and Hydrating Lipstick for Women Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

Red Moisturizing and Hydrating Lipstick for Women Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

New price: $5.39 USD

Описание товара

Shown Color True Red Type Lipstick
Occasion Street Wear Height(inch) Specification:2¾
Weight 0.04kg

October 27, 2017
I have used this lipstick for years. I like the quality and the color is right for me. I do not like to change lipsticks with every outfit, and this one goes with everything I wear. Hence, it is the only one I need.

It has not be available in the stores for 2-3 years now, so I was delighted to find it on Amazon.
March 30, 2017
Discontinued color:( I'm a spring & my particular coloring only 2% of world's population has so of course the color doesn't sell. I was able to stockpile a few before they disappeared.....
July 8, 2017
My wife loves her "Matte 660 Touch of Spice" since it goes on easily and stays most of the day, but this "405 Pretty In Plum" was a huge let down. The pigment is much lighter than expected so it takes multiple layers to get it to be the right color. Likely due to the layering it also comes off far too easily.

We'll stick with Maybelline for matte and natural colors, but we grabbed an NYX Purple lipstick and it does everything this one does not.
September 11, 2017
The color looks different in person.... I ordered plumtastic and it was really nice. Then and going by the reviews I bought pinkalicious and didn't like it. It is dull and overwhelming pink not vibrant, shimmering pink like shown ....

That’s what I thought a while ago about the pinkalicious tone but after using it a couple of times and after some compliments I started to like this color very much:)
January 21, 2014
I bought the Red Revivial color and I use it with the Prestige Waterproof Lip Pencil, True Red bought from Amazon as well. I love the red color & it works with my light complexion. It lasts for a while but not after eating :-D
December 22, 2015
I am surprised by the quality of Maybelline products. For a number of years, I would not go near the drugstore makeup brands for fear of getting something cheap and awful on my skin, but the new data shows that these brands have a lot of science and research behind what they put in their products, and while some still don't agree with me, I love the lipsticks by Maybelline. First: the container! I love the burnt orange lipstick cover case. It just makes me happy and it looks expensive, even if it isn't. This color is gorgeous on my not-fair complexion and I even got one for my mom - she really likes Maybelline lipsticks. I do like to reapply several times during the day especially after meals (but only because I brush my teeth after meals). Nothing but good things to say here: Love the feel and functionality of this lipstick. 5 stars.
January 10, 2015
This week, I've been obsessed with finding the right colors for my skin tone/job/life - I'm a graduate student - procrastinating and foregoing the work piling up. So, I'm hoping what I've discovered can at least save others some time! I'm late 30s, golden blonde, very light skin tone - Yes, I'm sad that I've wasted many hours this week, with really just less money to show for it! One thing I discovered, however, is that online photo in blog reviews are not likely to accurately portray what the color will look like on you. Okay here goes the run down on those I've tried (most are slight variations of one another):

Born With It - My absolutely favorite shade is Born With It. It's light pink with some very subtle lavender undertones. I've used this for a couple of years now.

Crazy For Coffee - another that I've owned for some time, it's quite dark and looks red on me. It's a bit too dark on me, but I really like it. I put a layer of Born With It over the top to make it less dramatic.

Warm Me Up (in the neutrals) - On Day One of my lipstick color trials (i.e. "lipstick breakdown") I was aiming to find a darker version of Born With It, and Warm Me Up comes very close, it's a great shade - it has the creamy texture and slight glistening sheen which is true of this all shades in this line of lipstick (with exception of the mattes maybe, which I haven't tried).

Pink & Proper - a very pretty shimmery light rose, great for someone much younger or with dark or olive skin

Pink Me Up - a very nice pink shade - too straight pink for me, but great if you want a straight-up pink! I gave it to my mother in law.

Pinkalicious - a very pretty reddish-pink, but with an orange undertone that is not for me (I personally go for brown or lavender undertones)

Pink Wink - Lighter and more fuchsia/purple than Hooked on Pink, I personally hate fuchsia

Hooked on Pink - A fantastic shade with incredible, expensive-seeming texture - easy to apply precisely, even without a lipliner. Seemed less "greasy" and easier to apply without lipliner than Let Me Pink (below). It's a great color, a very deep pink: fuchsia/magenta (reddish in some lighting) with blue undertones. But even though it looked good on me, I personally just hate fuchsia and magenta, so sadly it had to go.

Let Me Pink - This is a slightly redder version of Hooked on Pink with less fuchsia - so I ended up keeping this one. Both this and Hooked on Pink are very fun, glamorous shades that are great for night but not too much for day (I cannot believe I'm actually writing that! Guys do Fantasy Football, I try out lipsticks. Sigh.)

Make Me Pink - I didn't try this one because it's a very lavender pink - but maybe it's great, I don't know.

Summer Sunset - don't be fooled by the name, this a great daytime blue-based red (has some shimmery gold in it that is not very noticeable) - it's more of a brick red, I read one review of a woman who said she put it on when not wearing any other make up, I can see how that would work out well! I probably should've kept his one.

Ruby Star - Very similar to Summer Sunset but slightly deeper and more dramatic (think nighttime) - I initially really liked the color but it is PACKED with gold sparkles. Had to be re-gifted, but it would be nice for a holiday party. Great if you want a sparkly red lipstick with slight blue undertones!

Revolution Red - I accidentally bought this when aiming for the highly recommended Red Revival - it's a glamorous, bright Hollywood red that looks kind of ridiculous on me. Just too bright, probably great for an olive skin tone.

So, there you have it, the fruits of my "lipstick breakdown" this week - testing 10 new shades. Next winter break I'll suppose I should try out the mauves and browns. Now, I've got to go catch up on my work. May you find the perfect shade for you.
August 18, 2015
Love the color of this lipstick! Bought the 'Get Nutty' Color and I absolutely love how smooth it applies. Has just the right amount of shimmer and probably one of the best lipsticks I've ordered online!
January 4, 2017
Love Maybelline. The color I wanted... funny it took to buying online to find the brown I wanted. 😄 Bit of a shine finish. Color name "barely brown"

Revised.... this is my second order. My mom stole my last one... lol.
March 28, 2016
Been ordering this prodcut for over a year - really like the color. Doesn't go on as thick and creamy as I'd like but the color is great - perfect neutral for many different looks.